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Featured Testimonial:

"The nurse who performed the procedure was warm and friendly. She explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. Dr. Kirsch took the time to talk with me during my follow-up even though he didn't have to be involved in the procedure."
LISA B. - Pottstown, PA

"The physician was very descriptive in what was going to happen at each step. Cannot wait my next check-up to continue on-going treatment ."
BERNADETTE R. - Coatesville, PA

"The whole staff were outstanding, as well Luke, the gentlemen who does the ultra sound! Procedure was excellent and I would not think twice about doing it again, and I won't hesitate to go back. I recommended Vein clinics of America in Exton to few people already. "
JESSICA S. - Elverson, PA

"Everyone is so helpful and professional! My legs feel so much better!"
MARY ELLEN C. - Douglassville, PA

"I felt comfortable with the knowledge of the staff and looking forward to seeing the finished results."
VIRGINIA C. - Malvern, PA

"All of the staff I interacted with have been great. The whole office has such a positive attitude and very knowledgeable. "
MICHAELA M. - Glenmoore, PA

"All the staff were great."
MICHAEL B. - Thornton, PA

"Now that it has been a month or two since all procedures were completed I have an excellent result. My leg pain during exercise has been reduced to very little to none. There was little to no pain during the procedures. "
LYNNE H. - Pottstown, PA

"My legs definitely look better. They were friendly and helpful, especially when I first had some problems with my health insurance."
CECILIA L. - Downingtown, PA

"I really liked everyone there. I thought it would be uncomfortable but they made me feel at ease. "
JENNIFER R. - Gilbertsville, PA

"The Exton office is lovely and the staff both friendly and highly professional I enjoyed meeting Paula and Monika. Michelle, the personal assistant, explained in detail my treatment plan, the procedure and follow-up. And, of course, Luke and Doctor Kirsch supplied the expertise which gave me confidence that everything would go well. I am so glad I chose this medical team! The results have been truly life enhancing.All together, my association with this office has been pure pleasure! I am without any of the discomforts associated with varicose veins. Doctor Worthington-Kirsch and Luke were sensitively concerned about my well-being. At times, I was so enjoying the conversation that I regretted when the session was over! I have already recommended the Exton, office to friends and neighbors. "
JEAN A. - West Chester, PA

"Pleasantly surprised that I have less pain and feeling great !!"
ERICA W. - Reading, PA

"Everyone was pleasant to be around and very knowledgeable. Also the procedure has amazing results which makes me so happy!!"
DEIDRE D. - West Chester, PA

"The gentleman who performed the Ultrasound on my legs was very professional, explained everything as he went and answered all questions. "
LINDA S. - Boyertown, PA

"Full explanations were given prior to each treatment with after care instructions clearly made at the end of the procedure."
LYNN M. - Exton, PA

"They did what they said they would do and that is perfect. Everyone was professional and very pleasant."

"They have very knowledgeable clinical and office/financial staff. Overall, very efficient!"
PAULA K. - Reading, PA

"All the staff were very, very friendly and helpful."

"Everyone was very professional and caring. Dr. Kirsch was wonderful and explained everything before he did the procedure. "

"Doctor was really helpful. He really understands each patient needs and treats them with care."

"Everything was professional as it should be."
MARGOT G. - Chester Springs, PA

"I found the staff to be really supportive. My overall experience was very positive."

"Staff was very pleasant!"
YVONNE B. - Reading, PA

"At present I am very satisfied. I will have to wait for the treatment to be completed for further comments. "

"Very convenient to have consultation, ultrasound and treatments all in one location!"
ERIN M. - Gilbertsville, PA

"I’m totally ecstatic about how much better my legs not only look but the lack of pain I’d experienced prior to vein surgery!"

"All visits and procedures were handled very nicely and professionally. Staff is great and friendly. "
CHERALDINE S. - Birdsboro, PA

"All staff members were outstanding and kind. Procedures were completed with minimal discomfort."
AMY H. - West Chester, PA

"Very nice, friendly and professional!"

"The staff is very kind and competent, they went into details of the diagnosis and the subsequent procedures. I was very healthy most of my life till I turned 60. I was fully informed, otherwise I would not accept any treatment but now I feel confident."

"Completely satisfied with everyone at Vein Clinics of America in Exton, as well very happy with the results!"

"The staff is very caring and kind. Everyone I met was pleasant and knowledgeable! I play sports and I would experience severe pain and discomfort every time I played. Having the procedure done put a stop to that and I am very happy."

"Procedure was quicker than I thought and very efficient! All the staff did a great job!"
JOHN W. - Chester Springs, PA

"Everyone was very professional and kind!"

"Awesome doctor! Great staff! They are the best!"
PATRICIA H. - Honey Brook, PA

"I was happy with my consultation. Looks like a very busy location. "

"Everyone at the office was delightful. I am 100% happy with my results and everything is great."

"The staff were great and always willing to answer all my questions. Although some procedures were uncomfortable, the staff were great and caring and did all they could do to minimize the discomfort."
CECILIA L. - Downingtown, PA

"Pleasant and professional office staff. Well organized and on time. "
CARLA W. - Chester Springs, PA

"Very knowledgeable and friendly staff and I am very happy with my results."

"The whole staff are excellent! I usually have a fantastic result from all the treatments at VCA, which I have had so far! "
CONNEE S. - Uwchland, PA

"Nurse practitioner was very knowledgeable, professional and described my vein issue and the treatment plan well."
ANN MARIE B. - Chadds Ford, PA

"Good descriptions of procedures was provided to me. I would recommend Vein Clinics of America in Exton to others."
STEPHEN S. - Glenmoore, PA

"I am very satisfied with my consultation. I will definitely recommend this office to my friends and family. "
SHANNON M. - Reading, PA

"I am very happy with the treatment options offered by the physician and all the help from the staff members to complete my visit at the office. "
LILIAN C. - Reading, PA

"Dr. Worthington-Kirsch was very informative! The staff were also very helpful, especially with insurance filing."
KAREN S. - Peach Bottom, PA

"I felt very comfortable with the staff. I would definitely recommended!"

"I am fully satisfied with all the staff members! My questions and concerns were answered to my understanding. I am happy to move forward with my next treatment. "
MARIA J. - Elkton, MD

"The doctor was very informative about the entire process from start to finish. Looking forward to proceed with the treatment!"

" They all make you feel so comfortable and are so pleasant. Any questions I had were very well answered. Discomfort from treatments is minimal. "

"The staff could not have been better .It would be great if there would be a facility closer to my home. "
CHARLENE S. - Reading, PA

"The staff was very helpful to me during my consultation. "

"Extremely friendly office staff, from check in to the initial assessment. Dominique followed up to discuss plan and costs, which was great. "
PATRICIA H. - Honey Brook, PA

"During my consultation Michelle was very professional and made me feel at ease."
CHRISTOPHER M. - Downingtown, PA

"All staff at the Exton are way above standard. This gave me a feeling of ease. "

"All the staff are professional!"

"Everyone at the Exton site is great, the Doctor is awesome!"

"I was VERY impressed with the thorough, clear explanation of all procedures. I was also impressed with the actual procedures. I would HIGHLY recommend Vein Clinics of America. In fact, I already have."

"The staff was very helpful. The knowledge of my diagnosis was a relief that they understood."

"Everyone I met at the Exton office was wonderful!"

"They were awesome!"

"All the office staff in Exton was very helpful and friendly."
BRADLEY C. - Pottstown, PA

"The staff was very pleasant, confident and personable. Everything was explained thoroughly to me and they were attentive to my comfort."

"By the time I was done with the 6 procedures and the vein scans after each procedure I felt I knew the staff so well. Luke, the ultrasound tech and Dr Kirsch are a great team and did a great job on my legs!"

"Of course I was nervous to begin with, how painful the procedures would be but the pain was less than having a tooth filled. I believe the key is exercising and wearing the compression stockings as you are told to do."

"Pleasant experience all the way around. Doctor very informative - Staff very pleasant and courteous . Professional . "

"All procedures were done with concern for comfort and their experience was very evident. Joyce does a really nice job with the spider veins,gentle too."

"All staff is very concerned for patient comfort and their experience is very evident."

"An A+ overall the staff was Superb !!!"
ALICIA C. - Parkesburg, PA

"Everyone was friendly and helpful."
AUDRA R. - Perkiomenville, PA

"Very nice and clean. "

"All staff members were very friendly and helpful."

"The PA I met with was so friendly and informative I decided to have my procedure done immediately!"

"I liked everyone at the Exton office."

"The staff was (is) accommodating. Knowledgeable. Current. "

"I was very pleased with every part of my visits. The whole staff was very friendly and helpful."

"When I had a reaction to the medication, the staff checked on me frequently to ensure I was OK. They even called me the next day to follow up. Procedures were fairly quick."

"The process was very easy. I was informed of the procedures before it was done and I am still in the process of receiving treatment, but everything seems to be going well. The staff and doctor were very nice and welcoming. They informed me of what to expect during and after my procedures, putting me at ease."

"Dr. Singh and Dr. Kirsch are consummate pros. They could conduct training sessions for others, so they would understand how to really make a patient comfortable and confident. Dr. Kirsch is outstanding in his personalized medicine approach. Dr. Singh has a great bedside manners that is unparalleled."

"The staff was proficient, polite and knowledgeable. Some were extraordinary, all were at least proficient."

"Dr. Singh has eliminated any hesitation or fear I had about going to VCA. My leg no longer hurts and looks 1000 times better!! I am so pleased with my result with my varicose veins on my right leg. I look forward to having him treat my left leg as well. Although not pleasant, the pain-level was very tolerable. There was minimal pain post-treatment and my results were noticeable within days! I had avoided treatment for years thinking I would have to have my veins stripped and heard that was very painful and could cause additional problems. This procedure was simple, offering minor discomfort with major results. Dr. Singh is a very knowledgeable professional with a great bedside manner. He always answered any question I posed thoroughly and in a way that I understood and was comfortable with. My results for my varicose veins are tremendous! I am recommending Dr. Singh for everyone who has varicose veins."

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