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Featured Testimonial:

"They seemed honest and tried to fit me in before the end of the year!"
NANCY M. - Monroe, NC

"All the staff were excellent! It seems to have worked despite the fact that we did not do the last iteration."
GORDON O. - Rock Hill, SC

"Everybody was very pleasant and easy to work with. "
KATHERINE B. - Midland, NC

"Dr. Harp is very professional. She explains everything that she will be doing so I know what to expect. Kirk and Beverly are also very professional. They are very good at explaining everything as well. Everyone in this office is very friendly and compassionate. Excellent patient care! So far, very satisfied with the results"
DAWN M. - Matthews, NC

"Yes, I would definitely recommend Dr. Harp and the staff. They all made sure I was comfortable. "
ELIZABETH P. - Charlotte, NC

"I love Kim! Throughout my previous treatments, she has always been helpful and friendly! Dr. Harp and the rest of the staff are very helpful and nice too. "
HENDRIKA D. - Charlotte, NC

"The staff is very considerate and the physician assistants are very knowledgeable and helpful with answers to all my questions. Some relieve has been achieved, waiting on complete healing!"
DRINDA H. - Albemarle, NC

"Things were very well explained "
EVELYN H. - Charlotte, NC

"All the staff members were very personable and took extra time and attention to me. I didn't feel like I was just a patient. Great group of people! Pain level is down and I can finally sleep better!"
TAMARA C. - Albemarle, NC

"My surgeon and her staff were excellent! I hope I will have positive results from these procedures! But I would definitely recommend this office. Everyone is very kind. Waiting time was short, questions were always answered in details, everyone was kind and understanding, and I felt like they genuinely cared about me, which is a rare thing these days!"
MEGAN S. - Mooresville, NC

"Very comfortable atmosphere! The procedure was performed professionally and with no sufficient pain to incurred. Very easy approach to easing my expectations of possible pain."
ARTHUR H. - Charlotte, NC

"I would highly recommend Vein Clinics of America in Charlotte, NC. The staff was very professional and friendly. I wish I had decided to look into the treatment years before. The procedure was explained very well to me. The injections were slightly uncomfortable but very doable. After the bruising healed, the appearance of my veins has continued to fade. The nurse who did my injections explained every step. She was very cognizant of her work and explained in detail what she was doing during my visits. "
SONYA P. - Salisbury, NC

"Results were apparent within two weeks. I was always asked if I had any question, that I could call at a later time."
MARY M. - Charlotte, NC

"Everything was exceptional! "
ARTHUR H. - Charlotte, NC

"Very satisfied!"
MILKA B. - Charlotte, NC

"Very friendly and professional staff! I am pretty happy with the procedure!"
LYNNE S. - Cornelius, NC

"Every aspect of my treatment was superb!! The main treatments were completed in only four weeks, reviews in 3 months, 6 months and one year. The treatments were only slightly painful with no pain later. I have already given the name and phone number of the office to a friends who need vein treatment. Highly recommending it!!!"
CAROLYN H. - Charlotte, NC

"I particularly enjoyed talking with Dr. Harp. She is very articulate and knowledgeable, but has a genuine warmness that made the evaluation especially easy and enjoyable. "
CAROL A. - Charlotte, NC

"Just superb in every way. The staff were wonderful, the surgeon very knowledgeable and very human. She spent a ton of time with me and answered every one of my questions. Worth the over 2 hours drive. I feel very comfortable proceeding with sclerotherapy when the summer is over."
MARIEL G. - Southern Pines, NC

"The staff is very caring, explained everything and made me feel very comfortable! I am very happy overall with the results. I would recommend this. After the first treatment the bruising took several weeks to heal, I wore the compression stockings for several days, there was no discomfort. After one treatment I noticed a big difference, just had my second treatment and I can see results already."
DEBORAH P. - Waxhaw, NC

"The nurse that performed the procedure was absolutely outstanding. She is very skilled, explained everything and made me feel completely at ease."
JULIE G. - Charlotte, NC

"Extremely professional team and everybody was always totally prepared. They apparently do this like clockwork and everyone knew his/ her part with total professionalism. Surprisingly, very little pain with the procedures. After the initial numbing injections I felt no pain at all for the procedures. And the numbing injections were almost painless. I had a great experience through all seven procedures."
LUTHER M. - Albemarle, NC

"The entire process has been easy and pleasant. "
BEVERLY H. - Cornelius, NC

"The entire staff was wonderful. Dr. Harp was very kind and understanding. She explained everything to me. I enjoyed coming to this office. The pain I felt during this procedure was very minimal. "
SHELBY L. - Newton, NC

"Very comfortable experience, the girl who performed my procedure was extremely friendly and professional. The office staff were also very nice."

"The Charlotte clinic has excellent staff!"
TANYA V. - Concord, NC

"The staff were helpful and made the process very easy, Im only sorry I waited so long to seek help for spider veins. So glad I made the appointment. "
DEBORAH P. - Waxhaw, NC

"Everyone was very friendly. It was relatively painless."

"Great staff, very helpful."
KRISTIN B. - Cramerton, NC

"They were all professional and personable. From the front desk to the doctor they were all nice and made me feel like family. "

"The staff are unbeatable, I really appreciate them for every aspect of their commitment to me. Very good! "
LAURIE H. - Davidson, NC

"They were awesome. The woman who did my procedure the first time was training and the second time she was able to do it by herself she was great. Very happy with everything my legs look better so I can wear dresses more. My legs look great! "

"I had a very good experience with everyone. I was very comfortable and will be returning."
ANDREA A. - Charlotte, NC

"Very thorough and detail oriented.The physician made me feel very comfortable and explained everything. She was awesome!! Staff are excellent! "
SARAH N. - Charlotte, NC

"The nurse who worked on me was WONDERFUL. I also liked having the same person each time as it made me feel really comfortable. As for the results I am definitely looking forward to improving my vein problems."
KRISTIN R. - Harrisburg, NC

"Excellent job in keeping me comfortable and happy during procedure."

"The doctor who performed the sclerotherapy was wonderful!! She made me feel at ease and talked to me the whole time. Answered questions and kept me from thinking about all of the needles!! I would highly recommend her."
ANITA B. - Matthews, NC

"I am very happy with everyone, from the front desk to the doctor!"
ANDREA A. - Charlotte, NC

"Excellent staff and excellent results so far!"

"The consolation was very informative and the staff answered all my questions regarding cost and treatment. The Physician was very helpful as well with all the additional information. I really appreciate the fact that they had scheduled me for the follow up and treatment of all the veins, and it was actually what I expected. I am very satisfied about the procedures and the professionalism of the physician and the staff."
PHILIP N. - Fort Mill, SC

"Very happy and satisfied! The staff and the two ladies at reception were extremely pleasant."

"Efficient, friendly, kind, always helpful and show personal concern. The wait is always short. I drive for 45 minutes one way for the good care I receive! I am grateful to the staff for the way they have taken care of me over the last year. The doctor’s quick action to diagnose DVT and PE’s sent me straight to the ER for much needed treatment. I am very happy to have Dr. Christie Harp and her staff taking care of me."

"The Doctor was very competent and confident that the treatment would be effective for my situation."
MARY M. - Charlotte, NC

"All the staff were very professional and made me feel very comfortable during the procedures. "

"Everyone was extremely kind and professional."

"The entire staff could not have been nicer. Everything worked out much better than I expected. I am very happy with the results!"

"The Doctor and staff bedside manner is really great. I'm doing very good and I am so happy with my results. No longer in pain!"

"Any concerns I've had have been thoughtfully answered. The entire staff is amazing."
JENNIFER E. - Harrisburg, NC

"My doctor, the tech and also the front office staff were excellent. They made me feel very comfortable just like I was their family member. Nothing but love and I told my doctor how incredible her staff was to me. The procedure was much easier than I thought it would be. My doctor explained everything to me before each procedure and as she was performing the procedure. I followed all of the instructions each time that was given to me, and the results were perfect. My legs feel so much better when I walk and also when I stand. I have already recommended it to my family and friends. "
SHIRLEY C. - Matthews, NC

"All the staff were accommodating and very knowledgeable. I had the procedure due to pain and discomfort. I also had restless leg syndrome and a numbing and tingling sensation. All that has been treated and corrected. I am very happy and satisfied!"

"Excellent Physician and very knowledgeable! Dr. Harp knows what the patient's needs are and explained what procedures would be best done and what I would entail."
MICHELLE S. - Indian Trail, NC

"All staff members were very helpful and knowledgeable. I have already recommended to a friend and will definitely recommend Vein clinics of America again! All people in the office are excellent! "
JENNIFER E. - Harrisburg, NC

"The doctor, ultrasound technician and the office staff were all very knowledgeable and friendly. "

"The front staff and the doctor was awesome. I feel confident in moving forward with the suggested plan in October."

"I really like the the doctor and all the staff. I just need one more treatment on my leg and then I'm all set. I am really pleased with my results. My legs look great!"

"Everyone was knowledgeable about their job. Dr. Harp was amazing, reassuring and comforting. She and her staff are well trained professionals. Kirk the technician who did the ultrasounds was excellent! Initially, I had some problems with my insurance, and Beverly made an extra effort to make sure that the insurance company knew I had followed all the guidelines before the procedure. Results were not immediate, but now my legs look really great. I also no longer have leg tiredness and restless leg syndrome at night. "

"Dr. Harp is very good at explaining everything regarding my veins and the process. Staff was very friendly! Great scheduling and no waiting time."
JAMES S. - Charlotte, NC

"The doctor was very professional! He sat down and explained everything so that I would know what to expect from future treatments and also explained what the Medicare insurance would cover."
SHIRLEY C. - Matthews, NC

"The team is very professional and explained the procedures well. I noticed good results from the second appointment."

"The staff is extremely helpful and informative. "

"Staff was very helpful and polite.The doctor on staff explained in detail and with patience and answered all my questions."

"Was very nervous to be there but the staff was awesome to help me feel at ease. "
MELINDA B. - Monroe, NC

"Everyone was welcoming and helpful. All of my questions were answered and I did not feel rushed by the Dr. "
KATIE R. - Waxhaw, NC

"Questions were answered. Very knowledgeable."

"Dr. Harp was wonderful. Each visit was handled with professionalism "

"Did a great job!"

"Beverly was prepared for any and all questions in advance and was already looking for my next appt with several options to suggest after my consultation with the Doctor. I was introduced to all staff members upon arrival! I am very comfortable with Dr. Harp ~ she was very warm and took all the time I needed to explain what happens and when."

"The staff and procedure were excellent!!"

"I was very pleased with my consultation at the Vein Clinics of America-Charlotte location."

"Staff are all very friendly and professional!"

"Very friendly, professional and helpful staff."

"The Doctor was nice and very informative. "

"The physician, sonographer and office staff are wonderful. It's certainly not the 'dreaded' experience I was expecting - far from it! "

"Very nice staff and they make you feel comfortable."

"All the staff were very friendly and pleasant. Beverly and Kim were very nice and helpful in scheduling appointments."

"The doctor at the Vein Clinics of America- Charlotte is very knowledgeable. "
SUSAN H. - Kennesaw, GA

"The staff was very nice on the day of my consultation."

"Thought everyone was very professional and courteous at the Vein Clinics of America- Charlotte. "

"All the staff at Vein Clinics of America- Charlotte are very professional. Everyone was great and my consultation was pleasant. "

"Doctor and staff made sure that I was comfortable during the treatments"

"Legs look better and pain free!"

"Great facility with friendly staff. "

"Procedure not painful in office"

"Satisfied so far. Not happy with my insurance co. "

"I found the front office staff very pleasant."

"Very professional staff (physician, tech.and office)."

"The receptionist was very pleasant and attentive...the doctor was awesome and informative...a GREAT visit..."

"Every staff member was very pofessional , understanding , very helpful and patient . I had a great visit!"

"Felt very confident in the surgeon - she seemed experienced and explained the process well."

"It was a very smoth process and recovery time was within 1 to 2 weeks. "

"Staff is very nice and friendly. "

"Very pleasant staff, willingness and helpful in answering questions."

"They are really such a great group of professionals who are truly concerned for your well-being."

"Everyone was very polite."

"Very comfortable, quick, and easy."

"Very personable staff at the Charlotte location."

"Comfortable during procedure. Very satisfied -- Staff were professional, friendly, and helpful with answering all questions."

"I would definitely recommend it. Such a bummer that I couldn't tag VCA on Facebook and Instagram to show the actual procedure. Again, would have loved to give a shout via Facebook to my awesome nurse who performed my service."

"Everybody was helpful and professional. I especially appreciated how Dr. Harp made sure I understood stuff by looking for a brochure and writing on it my diagnosis and circling the picture that was closest to what is going on with me. I appreciate also that Dr. Harp is making mothering choices that I believe in. It is icing on the cake to get good care and good people to do it as well:)"

"My initial consult 2 years ago estimated a very high cost, prohibiting me from following through for an extended time. The physician was great. She clearly enjoys her job and made the experience very pleasant."

"I am very pleased that the varicose vein procedure has helped with my spider vein concerns/issues. I am quite happy that I have had the procedure done. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful especially with appointments and insurance."

"Everyone in the office was AMAZING. I was Very Blessed to meet all of these wonderful people. They work with you to make you feel so comfortable."

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