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Featured Testimonial:

"My experience for my consultation was very pleasant. It was a very comfortable environment and the staff were very friendly as well as Dr. Laurence. All of my questions and/or concerns were very well addressed without feeling rushed. I look forward to having my procedure completed in the near future. "
TAMMY P. - Troy, TN

"I was satisfied and very pleased with the staff and Dr.Lawerence I am most confidient I will have my procedure done by Dr.Lawerence."
RONDA W. - Bartlett, TN

"My friend had the same surgery for a lot less, so I am going to check into it further. "
ANDREA B. - Brighton, TN

"i would like a lower rate - i was expecting to pay around 2,000 - 4,000 for a tunny tuck not over 7,000. but on the other hand quality does make a difference in price."
MELISSA C. - Walls, TN

"I was very pleased with Dr. Greg Laurence's whole medical practice. From the minute I walked into the office I was treated very nicely, and felt very comfortable. As soon as I met Dr. Laurence I knew he was the one who I would want to do my surgery...I wish now I would have found him first and saved all of that wasted time with the others. I have never had a doctor spend as much time going into detail like he did to make sure I understood everything, and it's made me think very highly of him.... I am no longer scared of the procedure after he talked with me, and I'm actually looking forward to it... I will tell anyone who is considering having this surgery that Dr.Laurence is the one you need to go see..... he's got an office full of wonderful people who actually care about you as a person."
CYNTHIA A. - Medina, TN

"Waiting on Doctor to agree to do the procedure."
CANDICE C. - Milan, TN

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