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Featured Testimonial:

"They really do care, made me feel comfortable not just a number."
TIFFANY Z. - Oakville, CT

"My ultrasound technician was wonderful. She was very kind and professional. Dr. Alusco was very professional and knowledgeable. "
JESSY B. - Morris, CT

"The process was very efficient. The staff were kind and professional in the actions taken."
JOHN G. - Southbury, CT

"Helpful staff in general, an exceptionally clean facility, and my past experience with Dr. Alosco (and at least one current staff member) all were key in my decision to have my procedures done there."
RITA D. - Woodbury, CT

"Everyone was so pleasant. Wonderful atmosphere."
ELEANOR M. - Waterbury, CT

"I was very happy that the Center for accepted Husky insurance, I have a difficult time finding providers that accept my insurance plan. Your office is so conveniently located within 10 minutes from my home. I got scheduled the very next day, I was very happy. I was experiencing a lot of pain in my legs. Thank you so very much to the doctors and the employees at The Center for Vein Restoration. "
ILIA R. - Waterbury, CT

"I am happy that I went."
SONIA R. - Waterbury, CT

"Great experience "
JOANNE C. - Torrington, CT

"All the staff was professional and great! Dr. Alosco explained everything and made is easily understandable and he is very knowledgeable."
MICHELLE H. - Woodbury, CT

"The nurse was wonderful and helpful. There was an open and honest atmosphere. "
ELIZABETH S. - Southbury, CT

"Prior experiences with them have been positive. "
PATRICIA F. - Unionville, CT

"Happy having no more pain and tired legs."
PATRICIA G. - Wolcott, CT

"I am very happy"
JANE S. - Oakville, CT

"Everyone is knowledgeable and informative to questions being asked. Very friendly and helpful with any problems. Great service. "
ROBERTA K. - Watertown, CT

"Great staff! Can't even tell I had an issue with my legs."
JOSHUA T. - Waterbury, CT

" I found every single person I came in contact with to be very professional and friendly. So I knew I had made the right choice in booking my appointment. It goes without saying the Dr. Alosco is more than qualified based on his experience and credentials. I would highly recommend any person I knew that needed this type of treatment to go to this office."
JANET S. - Watertown, CT

"The staff was very polite and knowledgeable. Thank you for trying to help!"
TERESA T. - Waterbury, CT

"Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. All went well with the procedure."
MARYELLEN F. - Oakville, CT

"I was treated in dignified manner."
DEBORAH B. - Naugatuck, CT

"Very friendly staff."
ROBERTA K. - Watertown, CT

"All the staff made me feel very welcome and relaxed my anxieties. "
LEE M. - Oxford, CT

"I had great experience. The staff was wonderful and the Dr. was great. I was happy with my procedure."
DEBRA B. - Waterbury, CT

"Nice people!"
PAUL S. - Wolcott, CT

"Very considerate of their patients and eager to answer all questions and inquiries."
GERARD W. - New Fairfield, CT

"Dr. Alesco and his team were amazing and professional and most notably happy people. I went in a little anxious about the procedures being painful and let the Dr. know and he kindly explained what he was doing and I had little to no pain. I am glad I had it done. Not being cosmetic I understand how important veins are to care for."
ANNE C. - Middlebury, CT

"Great Physician, Dr. Alosco and wonderful staff!"
JANE S. - Oakville, CT

"Every procedure was done quickly and safely. Everything went as perfectly as I could have hoped."
MICHAEL C. - Waterbury, CT

"Staff and doctor very friendly and knowledgeable as to what needed to be done. Explained everything thoroughly. Very satisfied "
TERI S. - Wolcott, CT

"Tech was very nice. My concerns were answered and I am relieved "
SHARON B. - Cheshire, CT

"Very happy with all the treatment options and looking forward to having that look and feel much healthier!"
HEATHER JEAN S. - Waterbury, CT

"Everyone was very helpful!"
HAZEL D. - Southington, CT

"Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable and really seem to care. My overall happiness with the procedure is very satisfying as of right now."
LINDA D. - Oakville, CT

"I can only again speak so highly of Dr. Alosco and his Staff.They are absolutely outstanding, from the welcome at the desk to the the departure, it is so refreshing to be taken care of so very well by the total department and each of the professional staff personal. Thank you!"
JOHN C. - Naugatuck, CT

"Michela was excellent. Made me feel very comfortable. Very personable. "
ANNE C. - Middlebury, CT

"Very caring staff"
LINDA E. - Burlington, CT

"Liked the service, competent staff ,and friendly nurses. After the procedure my legs feel much better."
JAMES F. - Ansonia, CT

"Staff was prepared for my arrival, and the consult went very smooth, and everything was explained to my expectations."
MARIE B. - Southbury, CT

"The staff and doctor are great, they made me feel really relaxed at every visit. They answered every question I had with good clear answers. My leg has absolutely no more pain."
JEFFREY G. - Thomaston, CT

"Everything was excellent. Professional, courteous, smart staff members. The procedure went great!"
SUSAN G. - Naugatuck, CT

"Professional staff members! The procedure was excellent! "
CAMALDIN R. - Waterbury, CT

"Everyone was very professional. Have a good idea what is involved."
SUSAN T. - Waterbury, CT

"Everything was perfect, they made us feel very comfortable."
DAVID G. - Naugatuck, CT

"Very happy with outcome and I plan on coming back in the fall to eliminate spider veins in the front of my legs."
SUSAN P. - Prospect, CT

"In and out in under an hour with minimal swelling or pain."
DAVID T. - Cheshire, CT

"Excellent experience and care start to finish during my visit. Great staff and a doctor who did a fine job of communicating my medical condition to me. Thank you!"
CHARLES D. - Goshen, CT

"Dr Alosco and all the staff members were professional friendly and informative. "
KATHLEEN S. - Waterbury, CT

"Very thorough ultrasound!"
NANCY J. - Watertown, CT

"Everything was very professional."
LILJANA L. - Waterbury, CT

"They make you feel comfortable."
SORAIDA R. - Waterbury, CT

"The team, especially, Doctor Alosco are patient and accommodating. "
ALTHEA B. - New Haven, CT

"Very happy it’s working. "
THOMAS R. - Waterbury, CT

"It was a very professional visit and I was totally impressed."
JOAN B. - Cheshire, CT

"Doctor Alosco was wonderful !"
VIRGINIA C. - Waterbury, CT

"Everyone was friendly and moved the process along smoothly and swiftly. All of the procedures thus have gone smoothly. "
MICHAEL C. - Waterbury, CT

"Seemed to be very efficient trained staff, very little wait time."
GARY L. - Watertown, CT

"They explained everything very well and all the staff all were very nice."
KELEE C. - Torrington, CT

"The visit was perfect. Nice office and nice staff."
IRENE M. - Waterbury, CT

"So far so good. It has only been a month but I am satisfied so far."
MICHAEL C. - Wolcott, CT

"They were all professional friendly and kept me informed of my treatment. Very positive experience. So far so good. It has only been a month but I am satisfied so far."
MICHAEL C. - Wolcott, CT

"Everyone was very friendly and the process was smooth and fast."
MICHAEL C. - Waterbury, CT

"Very friendly, professional, and through staff!"
ANTHONY S. - Watertown, CT

"Everything was great."
RICHARD R. - Prospect, CT

"Felt very comfortable."
DARLENE B. - Wolcott, CT

"Very helpful and friendly staff."
ANA D. - Watertown, CT

"Pleasant staff."
DIANA C. - Waterbury, CT

"Very friendly staff!"
MICHELE S. - Thomaston, CT

"The staff was very friendly and easy to deal with !"
STEPHEN B. - Wolcott, CT

"Very friendly staff !!"
ROSA D. - Waterbury, CT

"Procedure was effective and what was done so far has been very good. The staff were all very very good ."
AERIN B. - Torrington, CT

"They are the most pleasant and understanding staff. They take the time to help you understand everything and they always have a smile!"
LYNNE W. - Wolcott, CT

"My experience was great."
STEPHANIE M. - Waterbury, CT

"Staff was wonderful, very accommodating and super friendly. Procedures went really well. "
ALLISON S. - Shelton, CT

"I found the specialist to be exactly as recommended by another physician. I felt confident that my needs would be addressed and they were to my delight. "
CYNTHIA C. - Bethlehem, CT

"I felt very comfortable going to Center for Vein Restoration. As soon as I walked in, everyone was so nice and helpful, very professional. I felt very relaxed and I knew, I was in good hands."
DEBRA L. - Waterbury, CT

"Treatment performed fast, efficiently and on time. Total time in office including procedure was less than an hour!"
GARY O. - Watertown, CT

"The doctor and everyone at the clinic were very professional!"
ERNEST A. - Wolcott, CT

"The staff was very Informative!"
CARLA K. - Prospect, CT

"I like the staff, all are awesome!"
GERMANIA B. - Waterbury, CT

"All the staff were very good, very professional, attentive to my needs. Very positive experience. I did what they told me to do and it was a manageable, smooth experience!"
MICHAEL A. - Waterbury, CT

"Everything went well and everyone was very professional! "
LISA R. - Watertown, CT

"I felt very comfortable with the doctor and the staff."
SHERRI P. - Litchfield, CT

"I am very pleased with the services! "
DENISE S. - Beacon Falls, CT

"Great and professional staff!"
ERNEST A. - Wolcott, CT

"The staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease!"
MELISSA A. - Waterbury, CT

"Very professional!"
TRICIA M. - Derby, CT

"Very satisfied"
MARK M. - Wolcott, CT

"Great doctor and staff. Meets all my expectations!"
THOMAS D. - Woodbury, CT

"I cannot wait to proceed with the treatment at the Center for Vein Restoration in Waterbury. I have to wait until other procedures are completed, so that it doesn't interfere with the procedure to be done by Dr. Alosco. "

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