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Featured Testimonial:

"Dr. Nguyen put me at ease, was professional, as well as warm and friendly."
DAWN S. - Manassas, VA

"Friendly staff"
PAMELA B. - Warrenton, VA

"Dr. was very friendly"
RICHARD H. - Manassas, VA

"Everyone has been very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions, and I don’t feel rushed or unimportant. Most recent visit was great. I was worried about going due to Covid, but when I saw the steps they take to ensure cleanliness, I was put at ease. My legs are already looking better!"
BARBARA M. - Manassas, VA

"Dr. Nguyen and her staff In Manassas are wonderful. They try to be super accommodating. Kathie was fantastic as well. They try to make the procedures short and sweet so you barely know what they are doing."
DIANA P. - Gainesville, VA

"Hopeful with the treatment."
MARY I. - Warrenton, VA

"The most professional, understanding, patient, compassionate and caring by far, was a young lady named Julie. She is a huge asset to your organization. Please commend her on my behalf. "
IVAN O. - Manassas, VA

"The staff are good and helpful "
JOSEPH D. - Manassas, VA

"The technician Julie who did the ultrasound was great. She explained everything as she did the procedure. "
PATRICIA C. - Manassas, VA

"Doctor was very nice warm and polite so was front desk staff but greeting at front desk was good/polite and welcoming and so was doctor that's all that matters "
MERY A. - Manassas, VA

"Everyone at CVR were very professional, warm and friendly. The ultrasound tech explained everything she was going to do before doing it. The doctor gave me a diagnosis I wasn't expecting. I was sure I had bad veins, but instead it is my lymph vessels. Dr.Nguyen made me feel she would do everything she could to help me with my problem. "
BETTY A. - Manassas, VA

"The staff at the office was very friendly and helpful. "
MICHELE E. - Bristow, VA

"All the information helped me make a good choice."
JOSEPH D. - Manassas, VA

"The staff was friendly and attentive!"
REGINA K. - Front Royal, VA

"Doctor Nguyen was very friendly and made me feel a more at ease."
DEANNA G. - Gainesville, VA

"Everyone at your office is so friendly and welcoming!"
DIANA P. - Gainesville, VA

"Staff Members was very helpful and answered all my questions."
REGINALD C. - Gainesville, VA

"Good office ambiance ,very helpful staff and experienced specialist !!!"
SREEKALA S. - Manassas, VA

"Questions were answered without making me feel as though I were imposing on their time."
REBECCA C. - Bristow, VA

"My procedures at the Center went well and I found the staff to be professional, friendly, and efficient."
FRANCIS M. - Warrenton, VA

"The exam was thorough and my condition was explained very well "
SALLY R. - Haymarket, VA

"The explanations were clear and transparent. The staff were very friendly and helpful; the office and the waiting room were nicely appointed!"
VICTORIA A. - Manassas, VA

"The doctor and staff were very friendly and easy to talk to."
LYNN R. - Bristow, VA

"The staff in Manassas was excellent. Highly professional and coordinated. "
JOEL B. - Haymarket, VA

"I liked both the vascular sonogram specialist and Doctor Michelle Nguyen a lot. Both were outstanding."
LINDA K. - Gainesville, VA

"I'm so glad I found Center for Vein Restoration. I believe my treatments will be very successful with Center for Vein Restoration. "
MICHIELLE O. - Manassas, VA

"Everyone that I met has been fantastic!"
JOAN S. - Nokesville, VA

"I have been experiencing various Dr offices over the last two year, I was referred to to Dr Nguyen by a great Dr. I trust Dr Nguyen and I think she will do a great job helping me with my bad veins. "
JANE T. - Nokesville, VA

"Informative and helpful staff!"
DENISE O. - Manassas, VA

"Thank you for making my visit a pleasant one, my father having vein problems and with a few issues of my legs had me concerned about maybe a problem for myself. "
DELORIS H. - Catharpin, VA

"Very friendly atmosphere, was mostly relaxing. Thank you so much for all the helpful information."
DORABELLE D. - Haymarket, VA

"All was good overall."
LINDSAY B. - Warrenton, VA

"I was very pleased and impressed with all the people I dealt with."
LYNN E. - Manassas, VA

"The staff made me feel I finally have an answer to my illness."
JEANETTE B. - Woodbridge, VA

"They were very professional and knowledgeable. They were very thorough with the procedures as well as the pre and post evaluations. I was surprised how basically painless it was. Would (and have) highly recommend!!"
KATHLEEN H. - Amissville, VA

"A really nice experience!"
BARBARA M. - Manassas, VA

"Staff are very polite and courteous and are interactive with patients. This adds to the friendly atmosphere of the facility. Everything appears to be going well at this point. I would like to see the swelling go down in my legs but I guess time will tell."
CHARLES M. - Manassas, VA

"Very pleasant and client-friendly experience."
COURTNEY W. - Manassas, VA

"Dr. and staff were very professional with good bedside manners. Soft spoken and clear on all information provided. Great staff!"
SCOTT N. - Manassas, VA

"The doctor was amazing and wonderful, explained everything. Very thorough and very pleasant nurses were also lovely and very helpful. I feel better legs don't feel so heavy and i'm glad I went."
PHYLLIS B. - Gainesville, VA

"Everybody from the office was great! Showed that they truly cared."
ARTHUR E. - Bristow, VA

"Great staff, they were very friendly and knowledgeable!"
JOHN L. - Warrenton, VA

"Really friendly staff, they were very knowledgeable (inspiring confidence), comfortable but respectful demeanor. Really impressed with ultrasound tech, nurse and doctor I saw. They were each great. Thank you for a positive experience. I've been putting this off because of a miserable consultation I once had elsewhere."
MARGO D. - Manassas, VA

"The appointment was smooth and easy. I did not know what to expect but the staff made me feel at ease right away. "
LEILA K. - Manassas, VA

"My specialist made me feel at ease with the process on a day that I was very out of sorts. She also was very open to educate me on the cardiovascular system when I asked questions. I feel better about my health when I have an understanding of the issue. Thanks, CVR."
JUSTIN G. - Manassas, VA

"The friendliest and most helpful Doctors' office I ever dealt with. I would be honored to have any member of the staff on my team. Love the results, my legs look great!"
ERIC K. - Manassas, VA

"They are wonderful! My legs feel years younger! I have energy and no leg pain!"
ELIZABETH K. - Warrenton, VA

"The doctor we spoke to was helpful, gave me useful information, made sure I was completely comfortable with the process. "
ELAINE S. - Haymarket, VA

"Staff was very informative!"
MARTHA M. - Gainesville, VA

"As you walk in the office staff was very friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the procedure."
VIOLA E. - Bristow, VA

"I found the staff to be really helpful which I really appreciated!"
MINU S. - Haymarket, VA

"Quick, efficient, with little wait time. I was pleasantly surprised"
SANDRA J. - Manassas, VA

"I hadn't been aware there was any treatment for varicose veins. I am glad my doctor's office recommended your establishment. "
KATHERINE L. - Manassas, VA

"Overall proficient, polite, knowledgeable, very professional."
PHYLLIS D. - Bealeton, VA

"They were all very patient with me as I was nervous."
ELIZABETH K. - Warrenton, VA

"Great staff. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. Doctor Nguyen is really wonderful!"
SUSAN N. - Bristow, VA

"I am very happy with the outcome of my vascular surgery. Both in terms of appearance and feeling in my legs.Your comfort and care accomplished a minimum discomfort. I would like to thank both the doctor and the all the staff."
JAMES S. - Manassas, VA

"I have a very positive experience with everyone! From the front desk, Technician and the physician!!"
KHALED A. - Burke, VA

"The staff was very friendly with me which made my experience even better!!"
AMANDA C. - Manassas, VA

"Great staff and excellent service! "
SUSAN N. - Bristow, VA

"The technician and Doctor Michelle were very professional and very informative. They put me at ease which I really appreciated!"

"Doctor Nguyen was very professional yet personable. She made me feel at ease while taking time with me, and not making me feel like she was in a hurry."
RACHEL M. - Warrenton, VA

"It was a great appointment. "

"The experience that I had at the Center for Vein Restoration was very positive. I appreciated the care and time that each of the professionals there spent making my experience a very pleasant one. They were extremely helpful in making me feel comfortable before, during, and after the treatments that I received. I had no problem trusting them, which made the experience very pleasant. They were very clear on the explanation they gave about the procedures themselves, and the things that I could expect to happen or possibly not happen as a result. I have been very satisfied with the process of healing and improvement that I have experienced to date. I have and will continue to highly recommend the center to others with problems such as mine. They are very good at working with individual schedules to make it as easy as possible to receive the care that is needed. That was very helpful to me. Thank you for your sincere caring about what you do for others and how you express it so well!"

"Well satisfied with the procedure administered by Dr. Nguyen. The staff and doctor are caring, concerned, and professional."

"It was great! My leg doesn't hurt like it did and overall, everything went well."

"Excellent care and communication from the Manassas office."

"The care that is given by this company is very complete. They express deep concern for the comfort and wellbeing of their patients. Their primary concern is for that. The results of their practice have made my life much more comfortable physically, emotionally, and mentally. I have always been cared for in a very kind and caring manner, promoting a deep trust in their care as well as them as caregivers."

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