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Featured Testimonial:

"All three people (tech, nurse, doctor) were thorough and professional."
DAVID D. - Locust Grove, VA

"Very good."
KYLE D. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Staff and doctors were personable and professional. "
KENNETH C. - Stafford, VA

"Appreciate the step by step discussions during the procedure, telling me what was going to happen next, what was happening and then, finally that procedure was reaching the end. The pain gradually went away."
LAURA R. - Culpeper, VA

"Always courteous, amp, and professional. "
SHARON H. - Spotsylvania, VA

"Bridget, Kathy, and Dr. Sota were all professional, and made me feel comfortable. Front desk staff were efficient and friendly. "
BELINDA B. - Fredericksburg, VA

"I was very pleased with my visit. The process was thoroughly explained, all of the staff was polite and professional. I highly recommend this office!"
AARON G. - Spotsylvania, VA

"Staff were very professional and explained every procedure well that led to my confidence in a good outcome."
SUSAN L. - Stafford, VA

"Loved Dr. Soto and entire office staff. Most helpful and friendly staff. I wish all doctors offices were like this one"
ROBIN C. - Spotsylvania, VA

"Everyone was pleasant the office felt homely all the staff was very nice. I would recomend to all friends and famil."
TANA G. - Stafford, VA

"Be assured I felt everyone there was great to me, and very helpful. Thank you."
SANDRA F. - Locust Grove, VA

"Everyone was great, and I am so happy I went there."
BARBARA H. - Orange, VA

"Staff is great to work with and very friendly. "
MARIE Q. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Good experience "
CAROLYN T. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Very good clinic."
FRANCIS O. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Wonderful staff. Everyone is very nice. Steven (Stephen) made me feel @ ease. My experience was very comfortable"
HELEN B. - Locust Grove, VA

"i am very happy with with my treatment"
GLADYS D. - King George, VA

"I was more than content with the testing I received. The nurse was informative and helpful. The doctor was great, knowledgeable and kind to me."
T. F. - Bowling Green, VA

"Very pleased with all the staff an informations they they explained"
DEBORAH G. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Dr and staff members were very polite and fast. Answered all of my questions. "
BRYAN W. - Fredericksburg, VA

"My sono tech was amazing! This was the first time I have not experienced pain with a sono of my veins. I wish I could remember his name. "
CRYSTAL V. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Appreciated the warmth and professionalism of the Ultra Sound tech. She explained things to my satisfaction and went the extra mile in making me comfortable. I appreciated the doctor's explaination's of the issues and options. I didn't feel pressured but knew the options available so I could make a quality decision about the next steps. The nurse did an excellent job of explaining things and was warm and friendly. "
DEBORAH H. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and professional !"
MARIE Q. - Fredericksburg, VA

"My legs look and feel better!"
SANDRA H. - Locust Grove, VA

"Very happy with everyone !"
SANDRA F. - Stafford, VA

"Everyone was very helpful and friendly!"
ROBERTA P. - Colonial Beach, VA

"Everyone was helpful and professional."
JOYCE F. - King George, VA

"The most thorough ultrasound I've ever had performed on my legs, revealed the causes of my long-term venous disease. I'm so pleased that the medical community is finally taking leg vein disease seriously, as I've been paying out of pocked for 30 years' worth of sclerotherapy, which insurance merely considered cosmetic when in fact, the problems I've had with my veins have affected my mobility and quality of health and life."
BEVERLY S. - Spotsylvania, VA

"I was truly amazed how the Office Staff as a whole was professional, knowledgeable, and very explanatory with all avenues."
VALLERIE K. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Very professional & kind! They have much improved quality of life with less pain & swelling."
LAUREN P. - Spotsylvania, VA

"I am very pleased with my procedures. My legs look amazing and feel great! "
BRENDA B. - Colonial Beach, VA

"Very nice staff!"
DEBORAH T. - Spotsylvania, VA

"Pleasant staff, they made sure all my questions were answered."
LISA S. - Reva, VA

"Everyone from the front desk to the doctor and all in between were wonderful, pleasant, polite, courteous and caring. Doesn't get any better than that. "
KENNETH I. - Woodford, VA

"Everyone was very knowledgeable !"
DOREEN G. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everything went very well!"
DIANNA M. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone was friendly and remembered my name. They were helpful and helped me feel confident in what they were going to do. They explained what was going to happen and what to expect."
DEBBIE R. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone was very nice! From the receptionist to the doctor and nurses and technicians !"
DENISE P. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone was very professional, and always explained each procedure thoroughly!"
BARBARA G. - Stafford, VA

"They staff were all very friendly ans answered all my questions and concerns"
BETTIE S. - Spotsylvania, VA

"Very kind staff. I really like the Doctor!"
BILLIE K. - King George, VA

"Everyone was really nice. Kathie was awesome. She was encouraging and made me feel good."
TAMMY P. - Roanoke, VA

"Very pleasant, professional and helpful. "
NINA D. - Stafford, VA

"Staff was helpful in determining that I could attend appointments in the Woodbridge clinic since it was close to my job."
CATHLEEN H. - Stafford, VA

"Seems to have done the job with little discomfort."
DAVID B. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Very friendly, explained everything, cared about how I was feeling and my recovery. Seemed to have done the job with little discomfort."
DAVID B. - Fredericksburg, VA

"The staff was very helpful. Nurse Kathy was very knowledgeable in explaining treatment options for my particular case. Dr. Soto was through in explaing how we should go forward with referrals and return in three months for a follow-up appointment to discuss further treatment if necessary."
ELISE B. - Fredericksburg, VA

"The consultation was good and I had a good experience!"
MARIA P. - Spotsylvania, VA

"My leg feels so much better after surgery and looks better too."
MARTHA M. - Fredericksburg, VA

"I had a positive experience with all I interacted with!"
MARY P. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone was professional, informative, and very nice."
JUDITH K. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Appreciate your expert help and guidance. "
MARTHA C. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone was very nice and answered all my questions."
LURA S. - King George, VA

"Very professional staff, very kind & helpful. Doctor was very friendly and professional. Office very clean & comfortable."
MAUREEN L. - Stafford, VA

"Both the nurse and the doctor were very helpful. The Front Office were pleasant and welcoming!!"
VIRGINIA G. - Spotsylvania, VA

"Doctor was really good, very respectful made me feel comfortable, whole staff was nice and they made me feel comfortable. My veins do look a lot better."
MONICA V. - Fredericksburg, VA

"CVR in Fredericksburg, VA was exceptional! Dr Soto and her staff made my first experience with vein disease treatment better than I imagined. I felt the medical management was excellent and I was confident that Dr. Soto would ensure best care throughout my course of treatment. Symptoms of my vein disease have improved tremendously as well as the appearance of unsightly varicose veins! "
NANCY Y. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Great staff! They were very informative, patient and friendly. The atmosphere was relaxing. I felt no pain just a pinch in the procedure."
CAROLYN W. - Stafford, VA

"From the front desk, tech, nurse, doctor,lab tech and scheduling department, all were very helpful, friendly. They made sure I was comfortable in my decision."
DEBORAH B. - Ruther Glen, VA

"The whole staff was very pleasant and informative."
JERRY N. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone was very professional and friendly. "
MARYELLEN M. - Colonial Beach, VA

"Pleasant visit with friendly staff. Very important since I am new to the area."
BRENDA W. - Stafford, VA

"I am very pleased with the provider."
LESLIE J. - Stafford, VA

"The staff at the Fredericksburg office are among the most friendly and helpful that I've experienced at any doctor's office. My legs began feeling better almost at once. I'm very pleased with the outcome. My legs feel much better at the end of day."
KATHLEEN K. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everybody from the staff was very friendly and helpful!"
ROY H. - Fredericksburg, VA

"I was very pleased with everyone, and I am very excited to begin treatment!"
MARY P. - Fredericksburg, VA

"I felt comfortable with going forward."
SUZANNE F. - Fredericksburg, VA

"I wish I could remember everyone's name because they all were most helpful. The technician (forgive my memory) was wonderful. She told me exactly what she was going to do and it was just that. I believe it was the nurse Megan who measured, told me what types of procedures they would be doing, and explained just what was wrong with my veins. Then Doctor Soto came in, and she could not have been nicer or more professional. I asked about risks and she allayed my fears. I'm happy my PCP referred me to Doctor Soto. I felt completely comfortable with her as my Doctor for these upcoming procedures."
LINDA S. - Stafford, VA

"All the staff was very pleasant and nice!"
GILBERT C. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Very friendly staff! I liked how they treated me! Very happy with the results!"
NANCY H. - Bumpass, VA

"Everyone in the office is extremely nice and friendly. "
KATHLEEN K. - Fredericksburg, VA

"All staff were kind and courteous during both surgeries and follow-up visits. The results are amazing and I am feeling great!!"
RHONDA S. - Ruther Glen, VA

"Treatment only consists of wearing compression hose, exercise at this time. Very pleased with everything and all the personnel at Fredericksburg, VA Centre for Vein Restoration."
STEPHANIE W. - Locust Grove, VA

"I was very well satisfied with the Dr.and staff. Very knowledgeable,friendly and professional. The environment was perfect as well."
ALICE T. - Fredericksburg, VA

"The well trained and organized staff makes one feel confident in the expected outcome. I previously had one lower leg done at another facility and the outcome was less than I expected. I couldn't be happier with the results and staff. "
WILTON D. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Great staff!! Dr Soto is wonderful and makes you feel very at ease about the procedure!! "
ALMA B. - Spotsylvania, VA

"I am so happy. All the staff were very friendly!"
LAURA S. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone is very friendly and helpful! I look so much better!"
MARTHA M. - Fredericksburg, VA

"I felt like I was given the proper care and attention! I really had a positive experience!"
EDWARD H. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable, professional,explained the problems well and making the patient at ease."
MARGARET S. - Fredericksburg, VA

"Staff was wonderful with brilliant attitude towards me. I am very satisfied!"
MELISSA H. - Partlow, VA

"Doctor Soto, the technician and nurse were all very informative and helpful with my diagnosis and plan for future treatments. After several months of searching for an answer to my problem, I finally have an answer for my problem and a treatment for it."
CATHERINE C. - Montross, VA

"Everyone was friendly and professional !!"
BARBARA P. - Mineral, VA

"Very friendly staff!! "
KATHERINE S. - Ruther Glen, VA

"Staff was really great, very friendly and helpful. The waiting time was extremely brief which I really appreciated!"

"Everyone was spot on. Especially the doctor, who was really great!"

"Everyone there was always friendly, professional, and very informative. Doctor Soto is great in making you feel comfortable and talking with you when she is doing the procedures. She helps you to relax and feel nice."

"Everyone was very friendly and answered all questions I had!"

"Friendly staff.. Dr. Soto very kind and gave me additional education and material to read. "

"I think that the Fredericksburg team made it easy to understand my procedure options."
PATRICIA P. - Ashburn, VA

"Staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease. The place was very neat and clean and provided a welcoming environment. I would highly recommend your center to my friends. I wish this center had been here five years ago when I was having some additional issues. I ended up going to a center in Maryland because there wasn't one here in Fredericksburg."

"Extremely friendly team in the Fredericksburg Center for Vein Restoration clinic."

"I think this office and the staff were very helpful, nice, and respectful. I have scheduled my next appointment for treatment very soon. The only con to this company is that I was unable to do a payment plan; the entire amount is due upfront. I am sure I will get the utmost care at this facility. Thanks."

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