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Featured Testimonial:

"Staff is competent and friendly, very happy with final results "

"I was very nervous but Dr. Soto and her staff are amazing!"
JAMES T. - Stafford, VA

"I was very pleased with the ultrasound techs."
MARK M. - Fairfax, VA

" The vericous veins are gone. I feel my energy level as far as climbing stairs is improved. "
CYNTHIA M. - Manassas, VA

"Nurse intake and doctor's review were excellent. The sonogram tech was very efficient and kind."
NANCY B. - Vienna, VA

"Staff were very helpful, answered all my questions, and helped me start the process."
ABBEY J. - Fairfax, VA

"The staff members were friendly and helpful. Thank you!!"
DUNG L. - Annandale, VA

"I am fully satisfied and absolutely happy with the treatment I had at the Center, thanks to your highly professional staff and of course doctors "
ZHANNA A. - Arlington, VA

"Everyone from the receptionists to the medical technicians, nurses and doctors were professional, friendly, and answered any and all questions I had."
MARCIA G. - Burke, VA

"I was very happy with each procedure. The description of what was to be done was well described, and the procedures went very well. "
NORMAN F. - Burke, VA

"The staff was particularly cordial, good-humored, caring, and informative. Excellent experience."
ELLIS G. - Annandale, VA

"Staff are super friendly, and very thorough with explanations."

"I felt very comfortable with the staff."
LARRY K. - Springfield, VA

"Very impressed with everything I experienced."
FRANCINE H. - Fairfax, VA

"Loved Erin especially! She really took my mind off the squeamish side by engaging I conversation"
ANGELA E. - Falls Church, VA

"I can see the good resulted after the surgery. My leg look much better than ever and I am very happy."
LETHI H. - Springfield, VA

"I am very happy with everything! "
ROBERT L. - Mc Lean, VA

"It was oK...people were nice"
ROY M. - Arlington, VA

"Everything went excellently well during my visit."
EDWARD K. - Annandale, VA

"Staff was very friendly and happy doing their jobs. "
DAWN R. - Alexandria, VA

"Chickened out for two years but it really was painless thank you. "
SUSAN A. - Burke, VA

"I will be coming back for sure!"
JERI G. - Springfield, VA

"My legs feel lighter and look much better."
EUGENIA S. - Burke, VA

"I am very satisfied! "
WILLIAM E. - Burke, VA

"Front desk personnel were friendly and helpful. "
DEBORAH M. - Alexandria, VA

"Staff was very friendly, courteous, competent, and professional. I was taken in on schedule, received a thorough exam with satisfactory explanations, offered options, and I felt that customer service was excellent. Loved that I did not have to fill out additional paperwork after registering online. "
LINH T. - Fairfax, VA

"The office itself and all staff were great. "
FRANCES B. - Charleston, WV

"Everything was explained in a clearly. "
REBECCA H. - Fairfax, VA

"Technician, nurse and doctor were all very helpful and thorough in diagnosing my condition and identifying treatment options"
RONALD S. - Springfield, VA

"Very thorough experience! "
CHRISTOPHE C. - Fairfax Station, VA

"The nurse, Irene, was very sweet and knowledgeable !"
GAIL R. - Fairfax Station, VA

"I am extremely pleased and impressed with the high level of professionalism, knowledge, and care of the staff at this center. Monika was wonderful, patient-oriented, and very pleasant. Both the doctor and the nurse explained everything in details to me. Front desk staff were very helpful as well."
BINH H. - Germantown, MD

"The sclerotherapist WAS FABULOUS!"
AMY A. - Mc Lean, VA

"The front desk staff is exceptional helpful. Also I enjoyed speaking with the nurse and the doctor. "
HUONG M. - Oakton, VA

"They were all very pleasant and explained everything, I had a good experience."
HEIDI W. - Burke, VA

"Everyone was so great and helpful. They made me feel at ease !"
ARIANNA G. - Burke, VA

"The technician was especially thorough in doing the ultrasound."
LAUREN R. - Fairfax, VA

"I have never had such a pleasant experience in a medical office as I did at Center for Vein Restoration. From the front office staff to the tech and then to the nurse and finally the doctor, everyone was very pleasant and put me at ease throughout the entire consultation. Everyone took the time to answer my questions, and I left the office feeling relaxed and ready for my next steps. "
ELIZABETH P. - Annandale, VA

"Doctor Arun Chowla is awesome. "
OLENA S. - Springfield, VA

"Staff was very kind and welcoming. The provider gave great recommendations. "
BARBARA O. - Annandale, VA

"Te procedure was done very well! My legs don’t feel heavy or hurt anymore. "
LOUISE L. - Burke, VA

"The staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable. "
SARA P. - Fairfax, VA

"The procedure was very thorough and work that was done showed procedure had worked."
SUSAN S. - Mc Lean, VA

"Everyone was very welcoming and helpful."
CORINNE B. - Vienna, VA

"Support staff were very good and the technicians etc were all very pleasant to deal with. Office was nice and clean too."
JOSEPHINE D. - Falls Church, VA

"Every thing was perfect "
MARIA D. - Burke, VA

"Great professional staff and excellent doctors."
STANLEY E. - Bethesda, MD

"I thought Irene the nurse did an outstanding job. The ultrasound technician seemed very skilled as well!"
JILL B. - Sykesville, MD

"The staff is extremely friendly, cordial and efficient."
JOYCE E. - Alexandria, VA

"Everyone was very nice and I am extremely happy!"
ANGELA H. - Burke, VA

"I am very happy with the results and the procedure. Everyone was great. They made me feel comfortable. The doctor was concerned about me and he took his time with me."
ROSEMARY K. - Fairfax, VA

"This is the happiest bunch of people I've ever encountered at a physician's office. As well they are knowledgeable and interested in customer service. My legs look a lot better, but I can't give a final happiness review because it has only been a month since I completed treatment. So there's lots of healing to still occur."
ROBYN W. - Clifton, VA

"Excellent staff! The procedure helped me very much."
ANNE A. - Lorton, VA

"Very impressed with Doctor Chowla and the staff."
JON B. - Centreville, VA

"Nurses, technicians, and support staff were super. Especially the ultrasound techs. I am very happy with the results."
WILLIAM B. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

"The staff is very attentive and friendly, they moved me thru the treatment process very smoothly and in a timely manner. My leg discomfort is gone, and I like the fact that I have 3 follow up appointments to make sure that things are still going well."
JUDITH L. - Clifton, VA

"Both the sonogram technician and the specialist I spoke with were amazing! They were extremely helpful, informative, and seemed to put my best interest first."
SARAH F. - Arlington, VA

"All staff members were very professional and helpful. The results are so far so good. Waiting for final outcome in several months."
JACALYN A. - Fairfax, VA

"The staff members were very helpful and easy to talk too. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but felt comfortable around the staff. Thank you! "
MARGARET J. - Fairfax, VA

"I am very happy with results."
DIANA N. - Burke, VA

"Front desk staff, nurse and sonographist staff were awesome."
LENNY V. - Ashburn, VA

"It was easy to see that everyone was dedicated to providing excellent service to me and together, they were an admirable example of professional teamwork. "
JOYCE W. - Falls Church, VA

"All the staff were friendly and professional. I am very satisfied with the results at this point. My main reason for seeking treatment was not as much cosmetic but because of the physical discomfort I had in my right leg. The discomfort is gone."
GEORGE S. - Falls Church, VA

"Positive experience, staff was very informative."
ANNE A. - Lorton, VA

"Great staff, they were all very kind. Happy with results, the pain went away! "
SARAH B. - Dumfries, VA

"Great staff! They are doing a great job!"
GHULAM B. - Chantilly, VA

"The staff was very friendly. Regarding the procedure, so far so good."
TIMOTHY P. - Springfield, VA

"Everything was very good."
GILBERT L. - Fairfax, VA

"The entire staff treated me with utmost courtesy, took my issues seriously, and were obviously very skilled and knowledgeable. "
ELIZABETH S. - Warrenton, VA

"Taken in promptly, minimum wait time. Courteous staff."
RUTH G. - Fairfax, VA

"Always excellent, professional, courteous and pleasant staff! The results have been amazing as well!!"
MARY F. - Clifton, VA

"Everyone was excellent !!!"
WILLIAM M. - Centreville, VA

"The staff is very competent and helpful. The procedure was very successful."
KAREN P. - Vienna, VA

"They were all very knowledgeable and willingness to answer all my questions. Professional and to the point"
RAEL N. - Springfield, VA

"The staff in the office were all great and knowledgeable. They made me feel at ease. I would definitely like to have my procedure done at this office!!"
MELINDA M. - Woodbridge, VA

"Vein Clinics of America treated me perfectly! I was well accommodated!"
QIUFEN C. - Mc Lean, VA

"The whole experience was a pleasant one from start to finish."
JENNIFER C. - Woodbridge, VA

"Very professional and pleasant staff. They made me feel very happy!"
WILLIAM M. - Fairfax, VA

"Everyone was especially friendly and professional. "
CHARLES C. - Reston, VA

"Everyone was simply fantastic!!"
KEITH E. - Alexandria, VA

"I am really happy with my consultation experience. They definitely provided good service "
SANGITA K. - Springfield, VA

"Everyone was courteous and professional. My experience was amazing."
EDWARD S. - Fairfax, VA

"Everyone was personable and professional. My treatment was really quick and painless, which I felt glad about!"

"Doctor Chowla is very good, he was able to remove my varicose and spider veins. I don't feel pain on my leg anymore unlike before especially at night. I am very happy with the procedure! Also, the staff was courteous, knowledgeable,understanding and accommodating. Everybody has good attitude! "
THERESA G. - Burke, VA

"I thought the staff I met gave me a very warm and helpful experience that made me feel at ease before I saw the Doctor. Everyone knew their job and did it well, and moved along with efficiency. I have no problems continuing with the procedure in two weeks. "

"I completed this survey in the office on Tuesday, June 7. Very pleased."

"The staff at Center for Vein Restoration Fair Oaks was professional, very knowledgeable, and caring. The varicose veins are gone. I can wear my bathing suit without worrying about my legs. "

"All of the staff members are wonderful and the doctor is even more so! The shorts are designer quality."

"I was prescribed treatment for both legs, but it really only was my right leg that was bothering me. Perhaps the left leg treatment was more preventive. Generally everything was/is fine. Recovery is a bear, and it is compounded by meniscus surgery. So it's going to be some time before I really know the outcome."

"Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Everything was explained to me in a very knowledgeable comprehensive manner. All my questions were answered. The person who performed the ultrasound and the nurse were extremely helpful and provided excellent explanations and descriptions of the procedures. I'm very pleased with the Center for Vein Restoration and the staff."

"I am well now. I couldn't ask for more!"

"Everyone was very polite and very clear in their explanations of either treatment or insurance. "

"Happy for the progress, though likely not done."
RONALD Z. - Woodstock, VA

"Very professional and personable, but there has to be a less messy way to do the ultrasound. Being splattered with gel and not providing moistened and dry cloth towels can certainly be improved. Overall, I'm happy with the progress, though I'm likely not finished."
RONALD Z. - Woodstock, VA

"I had painful, bulging veins. Procedures completely relieved pain and reduced vein appearance."

"The staff were all very knowledgeable, friendly, and pleasant."

"I thought that the staff members were very nice when I went in for a consultation."

"They could say my name correctly without me telling them. I like the little details like that."

"Staff answered my questions and concerns. Worked with me on scheduling to fit into my varied schedule. So glad I did this, but am happy I only have 2 legs."

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