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Featured Testimonial:

"Very professional and friendly staff. "
CAROL M. - Horton, MI

"Great Staff at Bosley's Troy location!"
JADA M. - New Baltimore, MI

"My counselor was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions. I already have my surgery scheduled."
DEONDRE S. - Richland, MI

"I was happy with my consultation. My counselor was thorough and best of all, I barely had a wait."

"Very quick process. Low level of discomfort following my hair transplant procedure. Everyone at Bosley's Troy office was professional and efficient at their job."
MURIEL R. - Chicago, IL

"I had a great experience at Bosley's Troy office. I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone."
GWENDOLYN G. - Roseville, MI

"Everything was very nice. I feel confident in my decision to do the hair replacement (eyebrows) treatment."
- Cass City, MI

"It was pretty straightforward. I expressed that I was traveling in the next month, but they gave me a limited time discount, which I thought was a bit pushy."

"The lady there was very professional. She was very pleasant and informative. I got all the information needed to make a decision in the future. "

"Dr. Shannon exceeded every expectation I had of my procedure. She listened to my concerns about scaring and put my mind at ease. Now three weeks after the procedure my scar is barely visible. The procedure was not as painful as I had expected. The nurses also were great. They helped to keep me calm before my procedure, and kept me comfortable all day and were very pleasurable to be around during the whole procedure. Even though it is too early to see my results, I have been recommending family and friends to call Bosley for a consultation."

"Dr Shannon has a friendly bedside manner and easy to relate to."

"I had exceptional care during the procedure particularly by the three professionals (in addition to the doctor) who took care of me the entire day. They made me feel at ease and comfortable as they focused on the tedious graft separation and insertion. I didn't experience any negative side effects which would have required medication. I am extremely pleased with the outcome after just one week. I am looking forward to seeing you in November! "

"The staff made me feel very comfortable."
ALAN G. - Bloodfield Hills, MI

"Dr Shannon was great an included me in process all the way through. Staff were very professional an knew their job well! I was surprised how relaxed an private the whole process was. Even had lunch while my husband was comfortable in private lounge. Stacey an Lori were exceptional. I would recommend without hesitation even tho I have black eyes at the moment."
JACKIE S. - Grand Blanc, MI

"Experience was good. Very professional and I'm optimistic that the results will be good."

"The physician was professional. She was down to earth and easy to talk to. The procedure met my expectations. I was comfortable and relaxed. I was most impressed with the staff. They were professional with nice personalities."

"I'm happy with my hair restoration. I've gotten a lot of compliments. "

"They were second to none. Top notch. They were polite. They made it an enjoyable experience. The staff was fantastic. "

"I had a very comfortable experience at the Troy Bosley clinic. My physician was very thorough and the experience fell well above my expectation."

"The staff were great. They need to continue hiring the same kind of people they are hiring. The doctor was excellent and everyone was very talented. They made me feel very comfortable. "

"This is the 2nd procedure and frankly my doctor this time was much better, I can already tell the donor area in the back will have a better healing time and I really like the products given to me for the healing directly after. Since my confidence is higher after working with Dr Shannon I'm considering reviewing a follow up procedure when we meet in October for my review of this procedure. The staff did a wonderful job and I truly appreciate all of their dedicated service. I have already referred Bosley prior, since my experience this time I will refer many more people."
SCOTT C. - Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I am extremely pleased with my decision to have my hair transplanted, and that it was done in the Troy Office three times with the same team. Dr. Shannon is very professional and skilled in her work. I take my health very seriously and having a good appearance is important to me. Prior to coming to Bosley, I began to feel somewhat inferior because of my appearance, especially in regard to my male pattern baldness. I felt that many people felt I was incapable to take on employment, or "too old" to continue my career. Today, I am not certain if people think I look better, but more importantly, I think I look much better than three years ago! I have renewed confidence, and my appearance is no longer a liability, and very happy to have invested in the Bosley Procedure."

"Everything about my experience was excellent; from the aesthetics of the office to the professionalism, knowledge, and skill of the medical team. I especially appreciate the skill of the entire team. I have the utmost respect for the physician! I just can't imagine being in better hands! And the office manager and Bosley consultant are just the best! Just a fantastic, professional, and rewarding experience."
JADA L. - Macomb, MI

"The whole team at Bosley in Troy MI were so kind and professional. Would recommend them to anyone! Felt like they genuinely cared about me. Couldn't ask for more."

"I'm just really surprised at the results. I'm really happy that I did it"

"I came in for a consultation on a Thursday and met with the consultant and the doctor. I had the surgery the very next morning. I was pleased with the whole process. It could not have been easier. The process was designed very well. I was able to drive myself there and back."
SCHUYLER B. - Clarkston, MI

"the entire experience from initial contact to meeting the physician and the entire surgical team was very good and put my mind at ease. The whole team was professional and worked well together. I hope this comment reaches them so they all can get feedback from their patients. Thank you!!"

"My experience was very good. All of the staff members were awesome. I was impressed, I am neophobic, and I was treated really good. My first consultant was outstanding, did a good job with follow ups."

"I am very happy with everything overall. My hair is growing well and hoping to see more growth and thickening."

"I am happy and they put in a nice hair line for me."

"I'm very glad that I finally chose to have the procedure done. After the initial consultation I was very comfortable with my decision to proceed with the procedure. The staff was very professional and caring and alleviated any of my concerns immediately. All in all, it was a pretty awesome experience and I'm anxiously awaiting the final results 4 - 6 months from now."
BRANDY K. - Evansville, IN

"I am very satisfied with my experiences. The staff members were nice and treated me very well. The physician was good too."

"I had no hair before, I now definitely have hair. It looks different too, I do want to go in for one more procedure if it is possible."

"I am Happy to have hair on top of my head again. It gives me more confidence and I am not as self conscious about being bald."

"James was very helpful and encouraging to me. He also had the surgery twice and gave me a lot of advice and made me feel better about the surgery I had. Dr. Shannon was very nice and helpful. She really seemed to know what she was doing!"

"Dr. Shannon was very approachable, easy to talk to. She also took her time as well."

"My self confidence is what has had the most impact on me post procedure. I didn't notice the change until I saw the before and after photos. I was shocked by how well it worked."

"The honesty and integrity of the office and staff is what had me come back to complete the procedure with Bosley. They hold a high reputation. The receptionist was exceptional, she helped me set up a payment plan, and she answered all of my questions with ease."

"It started with my initial consultation in Grand Rapids. The expertise, friendliness and finance options gave me the confidence to proceed. The procedure in the Detroit office was first class. Dr. Shannon and her staff were friendly, professional and caring people who did everything possible to make me comfortable. Everything Dr. Shannon said has come true, and I love my new look!"

"I had a really good experience with Bosley and if I could rank higher than a 10 than I would have. The staff were all helpful, Trish at the doctors office answered my questions and I plan on calling her about another procedure hopefully. Dr. Shannon was helpful throughout, every time I called she answered all of my questions and I look forward seeing her again on Jan 7th for my follow up."

"As I stated in a couple of my previous answers I was very pleased with my conversation with my counselor even before I ever went to my first appointment at Bosley. I felt that they cared enough to ask me questions that may have resulted in changing my mind about going. They told me that Bosley was one of the most expensive to receive a transplant. In my experience I have found that you get what you pay for and I didn't want to go cheap and risk having bad results. I felt very confident that I would receive great results and I have! I have had 2 procedures. The staff were very friendly and made me feel at ease. Of course I still was nervous inside even though I didn't feel it so much while I was talking to them. They gave me a shot in the arm which really helped a lot and they explained very well each step that was coming up next and what I should expect. I have absolutely no regrets about having the 2 procedures except maybe that I should not have waited so long to make the call to Bosley! I would highly recommend Bosley to anyone who is considering doing something about their hair loss. Bosley was highly informative and provided me with all the information I needed to understand what type of hair loss I had and what I could expect to receive. I had a goal to reach and Bosley told me what was possible and what it would take more me to reach that goal. I just can't thank them enough!"

"I always enjoyed having hair. I remember when I was 6 years old I didn't want to go and get it cut! As a teen I was "allowed" to have it longer but always told when it was time to cut it. When I started to lose my hair I was so depressed by it that I kind of went into denial about how bad it was getting. Finally when a couple of insensitive people started teasing me about going bald I just knew I had to do something. I saw the Bosley commercials on TV but didn't think I could ever afford such a thing. I sent away for the information packet and when I received it I felt I had such a better understanding of what I could do. After I met with the counselor and had a date set for a procedure I just had so much hope. I prayed to God that I could have this done and that it would turn out the way that I dreamed it would. Now, almost 3 years and 2 procedures later I look in the mirror and see myself the way I remember. I didn't get younger of course but I see the hair that I always enjoyed. I did not do this for anyone else other than for myself. I didn't do this to attract a woman or to feel younger or to impress anyone. I wanted to do this as soon as I started seeing hair loss. I always said that if it would just stop falling out now I could live with it. It was really getting bad just before I had the procedure done and those 2 people that I work with started making comments that I had never wanted to hear. No one says anything to me now, which is exactly what I want. I don't care about compliments about my hair because again I did this for me, for what I see when I look into the mirror. When I first received the packet of information from Bosley I noticed the time frame that these procedures took place. Some of them went over a period of 4 or 5 years. At first I thought to myself that I didn't want to wait that long. But then I pointed out to myself that if I this much hair loss now, what will it be like 5 years from now....10 years from now and more? Of course I wanted to have a full head of hair right away but now that I've had the procedure done and it's been almost 3 years since I had the first appointment, I wouldn't have it any other way. Since so much time has gone by nobody has noticed or made any comments. I can put my hands through lots of hair that was not there 3 years ago. I can wear it the way I want to now because it's possible. 3 years ago it was impossible. Having this procedure done has given me back confidence in myself. I feel like "me" again. "I" always had lots of hair and now thanks to the people at Bosley I have that hair again. I could go on and on but I think you get the point! I am very happy with the results and with the honest and caring attention I received from the staff at Bosley. "

"Laser therapy or non-surgical intervention was recommended. I will purchase a Laser Comb soon. The southfield location had very professional and honest people. It was a very positive experience."
JOHN H. - Rochester, MI

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