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Featured Testimonial:

"I was pleased with the whole experience. The entire staff was friendly, polite and very professional. I would recommend the Seattle Bosley office to anyone."
JULIET N. - Oroville, WA

"It was a very pleasant visit, he was really knowledgeable and made feel right at ease "

"It was very pleasant. Very knowledgeable and professional staff."
MINNIE M. - Seattle, WA

"What a great consultation! Definitely a valuable use of my time since I learned a lot about my hair situation."

"My consultant was very helpful and answered all of my questions. As a former patient, he was very knowledgeable about the procedure and all my options. I really appreciate all of the time that he dedicated to helping me out!"

"The doctor and staff were all very professional and hard-working. Everyone was pleasant and well-versed in the procedure. I was very grateful to the doctor who had some extra grafts and placed them at no charge. I know this is a very time-consuming procedure, so this was very appreciated! The doctor did a great job randomly creating a pattern that looks supernatural! Great experience, I will refer many people!!!"

"The entire team was very professional and they made the experience as comfortable as possible. They encouraged me to see the grafts under the microscope and explained the entire process. Great team!"
KAROLANN M. - Ridgefield, WA

"The procedure was painless and went very fast considering everything that I had done. My doctor explained in detail what was going to take place and was able to get even more grafts than I thought he'd be able to."
VERLA U. - Lake Oswego, OR

"I know it's hard to explain how well it has changed my life. Thanks, Bosley."

"Dr. James Aachen-Winans had great bedside manners. He made me feel at ease. Then he explained everything to me. He gave me hope about the procedure and explained the number of grafts we thought we could harvest to cover the full area. We were a little short of the amount, but got 90% from the best case scenario. When he left the room, he had made me feel that I did in fact make the correct decision in doing this procedure. Then when I was sitting in the office by myself, I was looking at the picture frame of others that had before and after photos. All of the people in it looked great and you could tell they had restored self-confidence. I was completely sold at this point, leaving no doubt that this decision was going to be a great decision and went into the operating room gung-ho! The team was great and the day was enjoyable, or should I say the best experience I could expect to have under the circumstances. I want to give thanks to the doctor and team for everything they did for me, making my experience the best that it could possibly be."
- Spokane, WA

"Very friendly Bosley team in Seattle. Good experience undergoing a FUE hair transplant."
COLTEN P. - Everett, WA

"The group at the Seattle office are terrific. This was my second session."
LACEY S. - Staten Island, NY

"After 6 months you really notice the difference. Looking back at pictures you can see the difference."

"The doctor was really good, all the nurses were helpful and kind. They have been good with calling back about my questions."

"It met my expectations so I'm happy."

"They were really professional. They walked me through everything and made me feel comfortable "
REBEKAH J. - Meridian, ID

"Brenda was great and the entire surgical team was very professional and organized."

"Physician and staff make you feel very comfortable and take care of any issues and answer all questions."

"Great experience. Wish I had done it sooner! Excellent staff - great treatment. I have no complaints whatsoever about the experience."

"Seattle office staff were exceptional. Very helpful and professional. Greatly impressed by everyone."

"Very professional and courteous staff. Operating rooms were very tidy and clean. I was made at ease throughout whole procedure. Fantastic!"
ABIGAYLE H. - Seattle, WA

"Everyone was wonderful. Please thank the staff for their great service! A special thank you to Brenda at the front desk. She took great care of us, along with everyone else!"

"The procedure was easily handled by me, in fact I found myself dozing for a time. The doctor was very professional, thorough, and friendly. I felt that he had best intentions for my procedure. In fact the whole team working on my procedure were professional, friendly and made me feel at ease. Thanks to all involved."

"Everyone was pleasant to talk to. It was like a well-oiled machine. I had a couple of questions afterwards, so I called up, and they were all very happy to fill me in and put me at ease."

"Dr Winans was professional and personable throughout all phases of the hair restoration procedure. I was particularly impressed with the time and concentrated effort he made to design the procedure to meet my requirements. Compared to a previous restoration experience many years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of nearly any discomfort during the procedure itself. The kindness and attentiveness of Dr. Winans' staff was also impressive. They were constantly attentive and were instrumental in making the procedure comfortable and almost enjoyable."

"AMAZING and highly qualified staff! All were incredible and professional and knew what they were doing. Staff stayed into the evening to finish the procedure in full. Had a followup visit the next morning and a hair washing to cover post-steps to follow. Amazing experience, and can't wait until my hair is all grown out to see how improved I am. I ended up getting 2570 grafts, and just the feel of the new hair stubs tells me that I will be happy with this when it all grows out. The ONLY suggestion I have would be to invest in BETTER chairs. The chair I was in all day/evening was rather uncomfortable. It was leather and all, but very uncomfortable in the butt/lumbar area. So after sitting all day it was uncomfortable, but the top customer service far outweighed any chair discomfort! lol"

"I was kind of overwhelmed by how everything was so smooth, so planned-out. Everyone was really nice and forthcoming with answering my questions, even after the treatment."
ROGELIO L. - Corvallis, OR

"Everyone was helpful and the doctor was very nice."

"knowledgeable and helpful assistance before, during and after the procedure."
KELSIE K. - Portland, OR

"I read the Bosley patient mandate hanging on the wall at the Seattle office and I felt that the Bosley office fulfilled this patient mandate extremely well. I have nothing but praise for the Seattle office physician and assisting staff! No matter what I am happy with my transplant procedure that I had done but I wish that I was told before my first session that there would be scars left after the procedure. I was not told that I would not be able to have short hair if I wanted to conceal the significant scars left. This was a bit of a shock/surprise to me after my procedure and something that I had not planned for or mentally prepared myself for. Like I said above, I would still do the procedure I just wish that I had been more prepared for the scarring aspect of the procedure."
ISOM H. - Terrace, BC

"I'm just really happy with the results. That's why I am having more done to make it fuller."

"They were all wonderful. Very helpful and very concerned."

"I was pretty much sleeping most of the times and I am very thankful for all the staff for being professional. The procedure went smooth and I myself didn't feel any pain even though I had a medicine to take home. Thank you all so much :)"

"This was my second procedure with Bosley. Dr. Winans and his staff are so professional and the process is so seamless I find the procedure much like an unusual day where I just sit and relax. I recommend Bosley to others without the least hesitation, because I know how satisfying the results are."

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