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Featured Testimonial:

"The hair transplant surgery was very valuable to me. Excellent opportunity."
MISSOURI B. - Grundy, VA

"I am very satisfied. This was my second procedure and I am planning on having a third. "

"She showed me before-and-after photos of herself on her iPhone. This let me know that I was not alone, which was very comforting. My consultant really cared about whether or not I get my hair back!"

"Dr. Epstein already performed three transplant sessions on me with excellent results. His artfulness and knowledge changed my life for the better, significantly."

"Competent physician. Though they mentioned a limited time special offer, I wasn't talked down to or in to any direction. My decision without being pushed is important to me. I was pleased that there was so many options to pay and finance if necessary."

"The staff was great. I plan to move forward after working out my financial issues."
GRETA K. - Bowling Green, VA

"The consultant was truly a pleasure to deal with. Extremely professional and made me feel at ease during our entire meeting. She is truly an asset to the Bosley organization."
SYDNI S. - Chesterfield, VA

"Physician and support staff were extremely professional. They made me feel comfortable from the initial consultation through the procedure. I would highly recommend this office to others."
MADILYN O. - Richmond, VA

"Glad Dr. Epstein was my surgeon, with his years of experience he was able to guide me to select the procedure that worked best to my satisfaction 2 days ago. Now I am hoping nine months later the grafts hold."

"Dr. Epstein is a highly skilled professional with advanced people skills."

"Everyone was great at all times, inspired confidence, and made the whole procedure quite effortless."

"This was a great thing to do... it's hard to describe how I feel following the two procedures. Greater confidence, for sure, and I just like the way I look more... I wasn't losing that much hair originally though, so most folks don't think I look too different."

"My results are very good, it looks like it is coming in fine."

"All very nice and helpful people. I would give them a ten."

"It's been great results so far. The doctor recommended I take a pill called finasteride. That has worked miracles, it's amazing how my hair thickened up. I know the grafts worked too- it is my 3rd or 4th time- but the pill made my existing hair thicker, giving me great results."

"Dr. Epstein was friendly, totally professional, straightforward, both knowledgeable and informative, highly skilled, and attentive to detail. He worked, spoke and acted with a self-assurance and mastery that fully convinced me that I could not have been in better hands. I felt the same way about each and every member of his very competent and understanding staff. I cannot think of anything even remotely negative about the entire experience."

"Everyone was attentive and very knowledgeable in every aspect of the procedure."

"My experience was good. The treatment I received was great. The staff did a good job with advising me what the pre and post would look like. The guidance I received was appreciated."

"It was a comforting and relaxing experience. The staff members were nice! My physician was honest and always kept me informed which I really liked. "

"My overall experience with the Bosley office was just fine! I liked how I was able to see what goes on behind the scenes during the procedure. The physician I had was very capable, professional and friendly."
IMMANUEL C. - Glen Allen, VA

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