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Featured Testimonial:

"Dr. Cole was professional, pleasant, and very informative. His assistant was great! She set the tone for the great experience."
RONNY K. - Anaheim, CA

"Was a wonderful experience. I had knowledge of Bosley beforehand, plus my late dad was a plastic/reconstructive surgeon and began utilizing hair transplantation techniques in the mid 80's for re-construction surgeries. The staff at Newport Beach was outstanding. Thorough, professional, articulate and very personable."
GIDEON D. - Newport Beach, CA

"The doctor and staff were very friendly and enthusiastic. "
ELNORA B. - Orange, CA

"I found the doctor and staff at Bosley Newport Beach, CA to be attentive, friendly and very patient. My only disappointment was that they were not able to harvest the full 2000 grafts (only 1400), but otherwise, I am very satisfied with the whole procedure."
ANDRE R. - Cerritos, CA

"The Bosley counselor at your Newport Beach, CA office was extremely personable. The experience was very helpful."
THEODORA B. - La Palma, CA

"Everyone was very nice and knowledgable. We are going to move forward with the hair transplant procedure."
VICTORIA F. - Rialto, CA

"The receptionist was well-mannered. The physician's assistant was very smart and reassuring. The doctor was friendly and explained the procedure adequately. Looking ahead to a full head of hair."

"The consultation process was comfortable and informative. I was happy that they didn't use aggressive sales techniques with me."
HUMBERTO N. - Fullerton, CA

"The counselor was exceptional. It was a pleasure meeting with her and I appreciated how disarming she made the process. I was definitely intimidated and a little anxious, but she made the experience quite calming. "

"As mentioned, the nurse and Dr. Jeff Cole were awesome. I will tell my hair-challenged friends about the Newport Bosley office and my experience. They also offered hope for the future should I require transplants. I can't say enough about how much the visit exceeded my expectations. It was late on a Saturday, too!"

"Dr. Andrews and the consultant were fantastic and caring throughout the entire process. The team was outstanding and always made me comfortable. They did a great job reviewing postoperative details."
STEVEN E. - Long Beach, CA

"The latest technology and results made me choose the procedure. No regrets!"

"The counselor was really nice and provided an in-depth explanation of the procedures and process."

"I felt that the Newport Beach Bosley office was filled with very professional, relaxed, and informative staff members. Also, the computer forms are easy to follow, including many appropriate links. I even received a personal phone call from the doctor, providing comforting me on what to expect on the actual transplant day."
- San Clemente, CA

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