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Featured Testimonial:

"I'm really happy. I haven't been in for any follow-ups because I am so happy with the results. The staff was all good."

"The entire staff was very helpful and always concerned about how I was doing throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Simmons explained everything thoroughly and put my mind at ease before the procedure. Everyone made me feel relaxed and glad I made the decision to have the transplant done."
ALIZA C. - Blue Springs, MO

"The entire process from beginning to now and the entire staff is incredible across the board. GREAT PEOPLE!"

"I don't remember her name but she was wonderful. She was knowledgeable she answered all my questions she was great."

"Both the front office staff and the clinical staff women were very nice, and very welcoming."
GILBERTO G. - Platte City, MO

"I cannot even explain it. I was having to use the hair fibers to try to cover bald spots on my head. It was embarrassing and time-consuming. As of this month (month 12), I no longer use the fibers at all. I can wear my hair in a ponytail, and I am letting it grow. My hairdresser said it is the best she has ever seen, and she cannot even tell I had it! It is like having my hair before I lost any of it! The physician and the nurse working with him had great expertise and were very supportive and professional. It seemed that the physician really cared and was very personable. When I went for my six-month follow-up, he seemed excited by my good results."
JAN A. - Lexington, MO

"My wife and I drove four hours expecting to schedule the procedure and there happened to be an opening the next day. I was ready to do it, so the staff scheduled us a hotel room and the procedure was completed the next day. The whole staff and doctor made my wife and I feel right at home. It was a wonderful experience and I can't say enough about your KC staff. Great people!"
ROOSEVELT R. - Branson, MO

"I was very nervous going into the office the morning of the procedure, but as soon as the outgoing team introduced themselves, I was already more at ease. Shortly after, Dr. Simmons came in and was very thorough and helpful. Once I was in the operating room, it kept getting better. The doctor and staff were very interactive and made my experience with Bosley a great one. I can not say thank you enough to Dr. Simmons and his team in Kansas City......I will be recommending this office to everyone considering a hair transplant treatment. With that said, I have to say thank my initial consultant in Tulsa, OK. He was fantastic, fun and very, very detail-oriented. Huge thanks for my Bosley experience!"
CHESLEY B. - Oronogo, MO

"i was amazed that i had really no pain at all, just a little tightness with the stiches in back, but nothing to gripe about things have changed since the last time when i did have what seemed to be a lot of discomfort from both the donor area and the top of head. Thanks to all the Kansas City staff for a great time."
MABLE K. - Tulsa, OK

"I have no complaints on everything that was done during the procedure. The physician exhibited the traits I needed to trust him. I have no reason to doubt that I will be happy with my results 8-10 months from now."

"I am able to wear my hair in a variety of ways now and as a direct result, I have way more confidence in my appearance. I do feel my hair is much thicker and young looking."
GIOVANI A. - Broken Arrow, OK

"I had a perfect experience. Just want to say thank you to the Bosley team."
- Grandview, MO

"I thought the senior consultant was very helpful and forthcoming with information. She made me feel at ease with the whole procedure and the expected outcome and I felt confident proceeding with the procedure after months of indecision."
NELLIE H. - Kansas City, MO

"They were fine. It was a pleasant and positive experience. No complaints."
RALEIGH D. - Russellville, AR

"Went exactly as was explained. Everyone was friendly and hospitable! Almost felt like I made new friends."

"Dr Simmons was amazing, I am very pleased with the results. The entire team at Bosley Kansas City was so pleasant and helpful. The Dallas office is closer to my home but it is always worth the extra drive to see everybody at the Kansas City office. I tell all my friends about my hair transplant and what a terrific experience it was."

"The Bosley Kansas City surgical center was wonderful. Can't say anything negative about the whole procedure. Staff was very professional and welcoming. I received the best of care. I loved it, when the young ladies were just being themselves and especially when one of the ladies said, very passionately "I just love my job". That statement gave me all the confidence that I was important and she wanted to be there and it, wasn't just a job to her. Would recommend Kansas City Bosley to anyone considering treatment."

"Overall my experience was great. The nurses were wonderful and Dr. Simmons was very good. Everyone was happy and it was a comfortable environment."

"The ONLY people to go to for hair restoration on the planet!"

"THEY WERE VERY PROFESSIONAL AND MADE ME FEEL AT EASE!! They were very kind and helpful couldn't ask for a better staff !! They again make you feel comfortable !! They were a blessing I can't thank the doctor and staff enough for their professionalism and there comfort I want to thank the whole bosley team in Kansas city and how much I appreciate them !!! I THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART !!!!"

"everybody was absolutely great"

"I am at day three after my procedure, which was a fill in to make my hair more dense. Pain is minimal and the scalp is a little tight but not uncomfortable. My doctor and his staff was very professional and friendly and made sure I didn't experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure. With the movies and the conversation everything seemed to move along at a nice pace. Everything was explained to me and the procedure will give me the fullness I want. My doctor called me that night of the procedure to ask how I was doing and told me to call any time with question or concerns. I have no doubt this was the right thing to do, and since now I will have hair to work with, having a new hair style that makes me look years younger is really a good thing! Now I am looking at ideas the doctor suggested to keep my hair in good shape going forward."

"As a woman it feels good to be able to curl my hair again. This has helped my self-esteem a lot."

"The staff all together was efficient and nice "

"The Kansas City team was great. Great personalities, professional, and phenomenal."

"I don't remember any names but everyone was kind, super nice, and always kept a smile on their face."

"My experience was awesome. They were very friendly and made the day go by quickly. The staff was knowledgeable and continued to update me as the process moved forward. Thanks Bosley."

"They were all great, every time I came in. "

"The results exceeded my expectations. They focused on the front area and it looks great. I may go ahead and get the back done too. "

"The staff was great. Super helpful. They broke everything down for me and answered all my questions. They were as nice as can be throughout."

"The KC staff from the front door to the surgery area are extremely enjoyable people with a real desire to make the outcome and experience from start to finish great. Very hopeful for great results -- I had planned 2700 grafts but they did nearly 2900. I was so happy about that!"

"They were all really nice, from the lady at the front desk to the consultant to the doctor."

"I was at ease the entire time of the procedure. The Bosley team was very professional and easy to talk to. If I had any questions they were able to answer them for me."

"Everything was great. Setting up the procedure time and date, the financing, the consultation and planning for the procedure, the comfort, information, and easy-to-follow instructions given during the procedure, the post-procedure information, etc. All were excellent. The only challenge I had was finding the Bosley office because it was not immediately visible from the street. Overall, a great experience! My January 2, 2015 procedure was my third with Bosley. I was extremely pleased with my first two procedures and I cannot wait to see the results of my third procedure. The results are life-changing!"

"All the staff members were helpful and professional. The sales contact was exceptionally helpful. The Doctor's incision pattern gave me a really natural looking hairline."

"The staff was exceptional and explained every step of the way. Each staff member went out of their way to make sure I was at ease, comfortable, and aware of what was going on. They were extremely kind and informative with everything going on, the steps I needed to take following the procedure, and also what to expect for the next few weeks. I could not have asked for a better crew and I have no regrets having this procedure done. Thank you SO much Bosley KC!"

"Wasn't sure what to expect but I was very comfortable to entire time I was having the procedure done. staff and Dr. Duncan very professional. Almost felt like I was in a day spa, I was so comfortable!"

"The assistant named Tasha was exceptionally helpful through the entire process before and after the procedure. She made is feel at ease and answered questions from her phone by text immediately before and after. Even after hours. I can't say enough nice things about the Kansas City staff in general. It was a great experience!"

"My procedure was done at the Kansas City location. The doctor and staff was amazing throughout the whole process and made me feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Simmons was very approachable, explained the procedure and encouraged me to ask questions so that he could provide me with answers. He was fantastic. The staff that worked on my procedure were so conscientious to do a good job for me that I told them I wanted to make sure I did a good job following the post-op instructions when I got home after all their hard work to implant my grafts. I felt very fortunate to have had these professionals work on me."

"Great people to deal with. It was a great experience . The staff and dr were really friendly. Fabulous!"
LUCIOUS A. - Outer Cove, NL

"Facilities were first-rate and an improvement from what I can remember in Dallas 25 years ago. Lots of attentive staff to make the procedure as minimally disruptive as possible. Doctor was very professional, knowledgeable and a true artist. He repaired some of the scarring of my previous procedure and appears to have been able to harvest many more grafts than I had anticipated. I look forward to seeing the full results in a few months."

"It is very noticeable--I am wearing a hat a lot less. I used to wear a hat whenever I could! And this morning at the follow-up the doctor pointed out that there were still some hairs that hadn't even come all the way in yet. I am very happy with how this all turned out."

"I am very happy, I have some very good results. They fixed my issues, and did a beautiful job with it. Now I don't have to worry about my hair. And the doctor was very good with explaining all the shampoos and all of the post-procedure information."

"Excellent staff! Process was easy, painless, personnel make my procedure simple. Wish I would have done it years ago."

"I give the entire team two thumbs up! I felt as ease and was given a lot of attention. Anytime I needed a drink, food, or even a laugh, they were more than willing to help. I have never been to a spa, but I imagine it would be similar to the treatment I received. I liked how I had my own table, snacks, tv, and a view. I was so relaxed I fell asleep a few times throughout the eight hour procedure. I was glad they didn't tell me I had to stay awake. It was clear that my comfort was very important to the team."

"They were all very kind and great! The day of my surgery we had a big snow storm and I could not even get out of my drive way but they actually sent a truck for me and even dropped me off. The skill of the doctor was also very good and I like the quality of the stitching."

"Still just a few days out from procedure, but, I am optimistic! Everybody was very professional and my friends results are encouraging!"
ENRIQUE G. - Smithville, MO

"I'm thrilled! The way it worked out and blends in with the hair is great. The surgeon I give him 5 stars!"

"The physician was great I give him 5 stars. I call them all my heroes."

"I am very happy with the results. People are noticing my hair looking better. Even total strangers noticed. I couldn't more happy with it."

"The Dr. and his team were very professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I had a lot of anxiety prior to my procedure, and they did everything possible to help me feel at ease (they answered all of my questions and treated me as if I was their only client). I enjoyed meeting each of them and would highly recommend this office to others. Please let the team know how much I truly appreciate them."

"Very warm and likeable. Felt very confident in Dr. Simmons ability to achieve the anticipated results. Great Staff liked the whole team. Made our visit as good as could be."

"Overall, the experience was better than expected! The staff was awesome and very friendly, made you feel at home. Lunch was great!"

"Everyone was very really courteous and nice. I couldn't ask for anything better from the team of individuals I worked with. Each person made me feel comfortable and had legitimate concern for my well being. They also did a good job with follow ups, exceptional service."

"I had really good results, I just wish I could possibly do another procedure."

"I was very pleased with the professionalism i felt comfortable could not have asked for better staff that you had I would recommend Bosley to any one the people were great."

"Everyone at the KC office was extremely pleasing to work with! They made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed their company."

"I was very impressed with Dr Simmons and his entire staff in regards to my procedure. I know it was a difficult decision to commit to the procedure but I am very pleased with my decision and a big part goes out to Dr Simmons and his staff for making the process happen the way it did. I am looking forward to visiting back in 8 months to see how far I have come. A big thanks to the KC team!"

"Good experience overall. Was impressed in the process once I saw how it was actually performed. I think its a little pricey, but results were amazing. Staff was awesome and made you feel comfortable."

"Procedure was very interesting and worth the time and effort."

"Everything about this procedure exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical going into my consultation, but the physician and the doctor answered all of my questions. The only small complaint I have is that my physician has yet to contact the pharmacy with my prescription for Propecia."
LANCE L. - Windsor, MO

"Everyone at this office was friendly and great! I had a good time doing the procedure. The physician was great! He was always available when needed."

"Dr Simmons and his staff in the KC office are very professional. I appreciate Dr. Simmons compassion and concern for me. As far as the procedure and my expectations, the recovery time and the time needed to heal and go back to work is a little longer than I expected. I'm not certain I would have been comfortable going to work or out in public until at least day 3. Overall, everything went well, the staff was very professional and accommodating. Dr. Simmons was great."

"I had a transplant back in the late 1980's. There is no comparison between the two procedures. I had light cover at the start of this procedure and four days later the surgery it is hardly noticeable. The last time I had light cover (natural hair) and the surgery looked bloody with the harvest area being a bleeding mess for two weeks. I looked fine after two months. This procedure is good to go. I plan to go back in the next six months to cover additional areas."

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