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Featured Testimonial:

"Everyone was really good. They follow up really quickly. I am super happy."

"They were excellent and helpful. I am very happy with my hair."

"I have had four procedures and Dr. Cary Feldman has been my physician. He is very professional and always makes me feel like i'm in good hands.The whole staff is very courteous and professional. My experience has been very satisfying and comforting at a time when I'm receiving a complex procedure. As a patient, this can be a very intimidating surgical process to go through. That is why your entire staff and physician deserve a lot of credit for making me feel at ease. Thank you so much!!"
MELBA S. - Corpus Christi, TX

"Dr. Feldman was very professional. Very happy with the job, follow-up care, and instructions"
GUILLERMO H. - Houston, TX

"The whole team was great. I'm coming back for 1600 more graphs."
SALVADOR C. - Seabrook, TX

"I was very pleased with the procedure and got to experience a great Bosley staff. They made me feel at home. Thank y'all. "
STEWART L. - Greeley, CO

"Bosley Houston staff was incredibly cordial and professional. I'm extremely happy. My confidence and appearance improved immensely."
LUIS G. - Cibolo, TX

"Dr. Feldman and his team are the most professional people that I have dealt with ever. This is my second procedure."
SHANELLE N. - Conroe, TX

"I was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of the team, there was really no time to sit around and let the anxiety build - the procedure was underway very quickly and I was very happy about that, I thought everything was explained in great detail and I was asked if I had any questions at every stage, which was very nice and provided a comforting atmosphere with the staff. Receiving the info packet and CD in the mail was a great way to prepare myself as well. I thought Dr. Feldman was very professional yet seemed very caring, friendly and genuinely interested in the outcome. The only thing that I would like to have known more about was how much facial swelling there can be, but I do realize that each individual outcome is different. I just would've taken a few extra days off work beforehand instead of after the fact. That's not really a negative, who doesn't want a few extra days off and naturally growing hair? I'll take it! Thank you! Holly "
LUIS Z. - Temple, TX

"Everyone was pretty helpful. I am going to do the Laser Comb. "

"Consultation was great...can't wait to see what I choose from here."

"Liked the professional staff, very easy to work with. They were very focused on pleasing me."

"The procedure was a little more intense than I expected, but the recovery time was surprisingly quick. After the first year, I really started to notice the hair becoming thick and full. It has changed my life for the better and I feel more self confident."
JASON S. - Austin, TX

"The team worked extremely well together. If I have one issue, I would like to have the postoperative instructions written down. While the team's explanations were clear, there was a lot to remember. Thanks to Dr. Feldman and the entire team for making me as comfortable as possible throughout a very long day."
GEO N. - Seguin, TX

"Definitely gives you a self-esteem boost. Don't have to worry about wearing a hat all the time. Everybody in the office was great. They made everything simple, easy and comfortable"

"All very professional. Excellent staff. Dr. Cornwell was very good."
FELIPA C. - Hattiesburg, MS

"I was extremely impressed with the team. I could not ask for better care nor to feel more welcome. I drove 4 1/2 hours to have the procedure done and to this point, it was time well spent. I was nervous, but they did their best to make me relax and it was very easy and the discomfort was minimal... They made me feel like the day was all about me and I was never alone nor neglected. I even commented this to the doctor... Well done."
RYLEE O. - Baton Rouge, LA

"The staff was great. When leaving the office there was a separate door, so I did not have to see other patients in waiting room. Really appreciate the privacy."

"From the consultation to the aftercare, everyone at Bosley was so professional, reassuring, informative, and friendly. Dr. Feldman did an excellent job, called to check on me, and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend the Bosley team and I'm very happy I had this procedure."
ELDRED L. - Galveston, TX

"The folks at Bosley made the entire process easy for me, including the initial meeting, discussing and recommending the best procedures to achieve a good hair transplant, payment plans and the procedure itself. This was my second hair transplant session and I would recommend them wholeheartedly."
EFFIE F. - Spring, TX

"Dr. Feldman is the perfect guy for the job, having undergone the procedure himself. He had explained everything. Though it was a little overwhelming (perhaps an overview page can be given), him and his staff were great. The movies and lunch are a nice tough, too. All in all, I'm pleased with my results but it's only been 72 hours...."
GARFIELD S. - La Place, LA

"The physician was very helpful in explaining my situation and results. I was very, very pleased with his team. They were the utmost professionals in doing what they needed to do. If they weren't, I would have thought that I made very big mistake. Fortunately, they knew what they were doing and they checked on me from time to time. Keep up the good work. Thank you. "
JORDAN S. - Robstown, TX

"Everyone checked on me and make sure I got everything I need. They made sure I was taken care of."

"You will definitely be getting more hair on your head. It will still be natural looking."

"All of them were extremely helpful. Everyone went above and beyond."

"Everything I experienced met or exceeded my expectations. Dr. Feldman was fantastic and the whole staff was great. The woman who washed my hair the next day was great too. I would recommend Dr. Feldman and his team there to anyone. I am confident in a good result and am following the post op instructions to try and insure that."

"Very good team who keep me informed and took care of me while going through my procedure."

"Excellent experience... Can't wait to see the end result."

"The whole team/staff were extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable. They were all are so kind and thoughtful."
ROBERTO H. - Taylor, TX

"The physician was amazing. He explained well. I was very satisfied as well as with the nurses. "

"There was a complete change. Looks much better now."

"I do professional presentations quite often and have been self conscious about my hair. I used to wear caps regularly when not working. Now I am very confident and no longer worry about my hair appearance."

"Staff was awesome. Doctor was very cordial and informative throughout process."

"This was my 2nd procedure & can not explain in complete fairness towards my entire Bosley team & staff how great they were starting from the warm good morning greeting I received the moment I walked through the door! I was treated as if catching up with an old friend or family member during a holiday visit! Even other staff members who were not working on me would come into the room from time to time just to talk about anything from food & restaurants to sports & the weather just like friends might do over a beer at a favorite local pub! You always hear the phrase time flies when your having fun & I must say my experience definitely falls into that category because my Bosley team & I laughed & joked the whole time & as glad as I was to finish up with my procedure I was almost as sad to have to say goodbye! Yes the cost may seem costly but what it does to your overall self esteem & confidence is priceless & that's something I know you can kinda visualize & relate to but still I do not believe you can truly grasp the reality & magnitude of it unless you experience it for yourself first hand! So I believe with all that said its a given to say that I highly recommend Bosley to anyone!!!!!"

"The physician and the staff were amazing. They were very thorough and caring every step of the procedure. Thank you."
CURTIS B. - Houston, TX

"Everyone was very helpful and professional. They made me feel welcome and at easy. I really appreciate Dr. Feldman's work, and time he spent with me the day after the procedure explaining and reinforcing some last minute questions I had. Thank you very much to the complete team!"

"I'm happy with my FUE hair transplant and would consider recommending Bosley to others."
CARMEN G. - Baton Rouge, LA

"The staff was very helpful and courteous and the process was quick and easy "

"My physician, Dr. Cary Feldman was very personable and professional in every way. His medical assistants and nurse were also very friendly and professional. The nurse informed me of all medications or local anesthetic injection given to me. The staff provided me with snacks and lunch and made sure I was comfortable and at ease during the whole procedure. With every aspect of the procedure; before, during and after being top notch, I expect the end result will be to my satisfaction if not exceeding that, as I will follow all post operative instructions exactly as given to me."
BENNETT P. - Brusly, LA

"They were all really nice, and the consultant had the surgery himself so he was relatable."

"Doctor Feldman, Danielle, Priscilla, and Sarah Jane plus the rest of the team were great!"

"Over all a very good experience. I have recommended this to friends and had one do the procedure this will be my second procedure would do it again if I see the need for it But I am very pleased with the results of what I had done. Bosley has always exceeded my expectations."

"Very satisfied with the entire experience. I have hair!!!"

"Everyone was very courteous and professional, from the initial consultation to the moment I left after the procedure and still with my follow up phone calls and emails!"

"This is my second procedure after 7 years. My first experience was excellent and the second time round the actually did even better. They have made a few changes that that made the surgical and post surgical experience and healing better. Highly recommend this facility. Everyone is a class A act. Thank You."

"I have had the same doctor all three times. He was fantastic. It was fantastic overall including consultation and follow ups. Everybody was fantastic."
EDD H. - Houston, TX

"Everyone from Janessa Kaiser (financing person), the scheduler Ms. Blanca Molina, The RN - Ms Sarah, and all the techs and Dr Feldman himself in the Houston office...What a Great Team! Thank You very much!"

"Dr. Feldman and his staff were very professional throughout my visit. They were sensitive to my feelings of uneasiness and insecurity that I experienced during the process."

"While I was a little nervous going into this, the physician and team did a good job of keeping me at ease, explaining everything, and letting me know what to expect along the way. I am happy with my decision to use Bosley and am looking forward to seeing the results."
GREGORIA M. - Houston, TX

"I enjoyed very much the entire procedure from beginning to end. Was kept very comfortable throughout the entire process! My physician listened to my concerns and express his concerns. In the end he addressed my concerns and his concerns. [I am glad he gave me his opinion and I agreed to address my baldness in the frontal portion of my hair line and not just the balding toward the back of my crown, both were addressed. Yeah!] Selection of movies, music, light breakfast, extra blankets and a delicious lunch was a perfect touch to making me feel relaxed and comfortable, making the day extremely enjoyable!!! Looking forward to getting more done in the near future!!!!"

"It was something new and a little scary. Interesting and and am glad I took advantage of it. Little too expensive but if you think you need it, well, get it done. The whole staff was helpful and talkative to help you forget about all in between."

"Everyone was real friendly and easy to work with. I've never had any gripes with you guys. Really like the sales guy Armin - he's an amazing guy and a big factor on why I go with you guys. He understands what look I want and has been real helpful. He's outstanding."

"The staff was very nice. They even provided me with lunch! Very helpful and resourceful. Overall I was very satisfied."

"There are too many good things to say that can't be summarized in this short note. But, the staff was very attentive, always kept me informed of what was going on, and answered all of my insanely curious questions."

"I've got hair where there were balding spots. Wonderful, makes me feel 10-15 years younger. That's the biggest benefit..... you feel younger, which adds to your confidence in life."

"I think I made the right decision to have this done. I have seen a positive visual effect and I have also gotten compliments for people about how great my hair looks!"

"I'm really happy with it. Everything looks great! I'm even considering going back for another, even through I don't really need it. There are always more spots to fill in. The only thing I'll say is that I read a bunch of testimonials of people who were able to go back to work the next day, but after my procedure I looked pretty scary. I wasn't going anywhere looking like that. But I suppose it's different depending on how many grafts you get, and where you get them. I could see someone with fewer grafts having a quicker recovery time."
ANGELITA G. - Austin, TX

"The entire staff at the Houston office is incredible: all professional, courteous, and knowledgable. I would (and have) highly recommend this clinic to other potential clients/patients."
ESTEBAN W. - New Orleans, LA

"I am finally where I want to be. I've had three procedures: the first time, I got a little bit of work done in the front. Then my hair kept thinning there, and so the second time we redid that area. I got a new doctor for the third procedure, and he said we could just go ahead and cover the whole head. I wish I had done that the first time! It really really came out well. It is 100% natural-looking and the scar faded after a few months. The woman who cuts my hair can't believe it. She takes pictures of me and shows all of her clients who are starting to worry about hair loss!"

"Everyone is really great, just really very friendly. It's the friendliest group of people you could ever hope to deal with. Blanca, the manager, she's a real sweetheart, she's been there since my first treatment, and my doctor is fantastic. He moved to Seattle in between my second and third treatments, but by a stroke of luck he was in town during my third treatment and was able to perform my third procedure. After my first treatment, he called me later that night to see how I was doing and to give me his personal cell phone number in case I ever needed to call him about some emergency or other. That really impressed me, really made me feel comfortable. Everyone in that office really makes you feel special, really makes you feel comfortable, and I just love the confidentiality aspect."

"I absolutely wouldn't trust anyone else to do a procedure like this. They do a great job, no one could tell I had had a transplant, and as I said, all the staff are really top-notch. I'm actually going back next week to see whether I might have enough hair in another donor area to go forward with a fourth treatment."

"To be totally honest I haven't shared my procedure with anyone outside my immediate family, however my hairstylist noticed the difference so I told her. Although I will probably return for another procedure in the near future, the results I have had thus far have given me confidence that there is a solution to this problem. I no longer think of my hair loss every hour of the day causing an abundance of stress. If anyone confides in me that they are concerned with their hair loss I would advise them to book an appointment with Bosley. If I would have known how easy and painfree this procedure was I would have done it sooner. As far as cost, well - I think this is why I haven't told many people. I fear being judged for spending this amount of money on this procedure. Many might not understand that what I got in return after this procedure far outweighs the cost of the procedure. Besides I never splurge on myself - I don't have fancy clothes, jewelry, or shoes! This is something I had been wanting to do for a very long time and it was well worth it."

"The staff and the physician were wonderful. They made the procedure very comfortable. I did not feel any pain and was comfortable during the procedure. Was well instructed on the post care after the procedure. The medication provided was well thought out and very much appreciated. This Bosley team worked great together which made the experience great."

"I can not even begin to explain the professionalism the entire team gave me. Starting with the doctor to the nurse to all the assistants. I could not be more pleased on how well I was treated by everyone involved in my procedure. I was treated very good and was made as comfortable as possible. I was a little nervous heading in to the procedure, but the staff helped me ease all the nerves I had. A BIG THANK YOU ALL THE STAFF."

"I feel like a brand new, young looking man."

"Dr. Feldman did an outstanding job describing the procedure to me and exhibiting professionalism. Very pleased with my procedure."

"The entire staff couldn't have been more pleasant to work with. They made the process very comfortable and were very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend them!"

"I was scheduled to have approx. 2200 grafts done. After transecting my donor site the area yielded 2700 grafts in which the doctor and myself were extremely pleased with. The staff were EXTREMELY polite, professional, and proficient. The first person I spoke to when I walked into the office was Daniela. She immediately made me feel comfortable and offered answers to my nervous questions. Dr. Feldman entered the room and made the drawing and was extremely approachable and enjoyable. He presented himself with confidence and his bedside manner was commendable. I am a Registered Nurse and have been for over 25 years so my critique of the procedure comes with some experience of how the patient is to be made to feel like a human. Aseptic technique was followed exceptionally well throughout the process. Ty, Erika, and Priscilla were the "Technicians" that placed the grafts. I cannot say enough of how these young people worked so well together. They were very quiet and meticulous throughout the process but made sure I was alright and my needs were met CONTINUALLY! SarahJane was the RN on duty and she made sure everything ran like clockwork and that my anxiety and pain were well under control. I was EXTREMELY impressed with the whole arrangement and procedure. I left absolutely SPEECHLESS at how it all went. It was a PHENOMENAL experience. I had alot of reservations due to the stuff that's plastered all over the internet, but this experience was nothing short of a vacation at a resort. They were absolutely amazing. Lastly, Armyn, the senior consultant, and ALL of the staff at the Houston Bosley location have ALWAYS answered my phone calls and/or returned them in a very timely manner. I don't know what else to say except I hope the hair transplant I received does well and the density and grafts placed transform me like I hope they will. A friend of mine that had a hair transplant approx 10yrs ago recommended me to Bosley in Houston and after seeing his results, as he was COMPLETELY bald, I decided to give Bosley the opportunity to fulfill my desires. I even interviewed with another local physician and the Bosley firm was FAR better run and Dr. Feldman seemed far more involved and experienced than the aforementioned. Thank you for the opportunity to have a facility such as the Bosley Medical Center close by and available to people of Southwest Louisiana."

"Dr. Feldman and his staff (Cynthia and Priscilla specifically) were very very professional and took the time to make me feel at ease from the beginning until I left the clinic. The genuine attentiveness and concern from both Cynthia and Priscilla were unmatched... it almost felt as if I was in a first class airplane cabin. I am very pleased with my decision to undergo hair transplant surgery with Bosley. All of the staff members were very accommodating and friendly and I will continue to recommend Bosley to anyone seeking hair transplant surgery. Thank you for the great experience!"

"I am very satisfied it worked. Wish I was able to take more grafts but it was ok. I know it works. Before and after pictures of me are great!"

"My experience was very nice. Everyone was helpful and made me feel at ease. They asked me a lot of questions and did a good job with listening to me. During my first procedure my heart rate fell a tad, but they made sure this time I was feeling good."

"The overall timeline was good. The price of the procedure I thought was very affordable. I really liked the follow ups from the staff members. They kept me well informed. The receptionist/nurse the day of my procedure was friendly and kind. My physician was informative and helpful, it helped that he was a previous patient of Bosley."

"I was nervous but since the beginning Dr and all the staff make me feel much better.. I experience a very professional team and every assistant do an excellent job in treating me and my parents while they wait for me. I strongly will recommend the procedure. Thanks a lot to all the team and I want to refer that they surpassed my expectations. Will wait now to seen the final results after 2 months. Procedure was not painful."

"I'm really pleased with it. I had enough hair where no one really noticed. I can tell where the grafts are. I would have had a serious receding hair line. I'm considering having one more."

"All of the staff are helpful and pleasant. I continue to be very satisfied with the clinical operations and, of course, the results. I have talked about Bosley with my hairdresser and she tells me she has referred several of her clients for more information. Although I have not returned as recommended after a year or several months, it is due to the fact that I don't like having to drive to Houston from Baton Rouge. I hate the traffic. The staff are very solicitous of a client's comfort and I did not find the procedure to be painful/difficult. The 3/13 visit was my third transplant and the one that used the most grafts. It was my first time to see Dr. Feldman. Armyn greeted me by name when I was in the outer office and I met with him in Lafayette, LA prior to my first procedure in December 2008. He is very nice and represents Bosley well."

"I am extremely happy with the restoration and have recently noticed how much more volume I have in the front, which is what I was seeking. I no longer feel self-conscious when speaking to others directly, face to face because I know they are not looking at the thinning area in front that was formerly more apparent. I feel very fortunate that your services are available and that the process is relatively easy. People I have talked with are very interested to hear about what can be done and I have gotten lots of positive feedback on how great it looks. I also know I look as youthful as I can now. There is nothing, I think, that shows a woman's age as much as thinning hair. Thanks!!!"

"I was a little nervous when I went in but they were very professional and made me feel at ease and explained everything in detail about the little needles going on in my head and the vibration really helped to take my mind off the little needles. But everybody was very nice and sunny and friendly and very professional and the doctor gave me his cell phone and I did have to call him once and he promptly got back with me and talked to me and I was very happy with that and I'm very excited. I'm glad I finally did this after 20 years and I can't wait for the months to go by and I will start growing hair. Me and my hairdresser are very happy I told her no more comb-overs! Thank you Bosley, you will be giving me more confidence and new long wanted hairstyles. Luv ya!"

"I can't pick one, because all of the staff was very professional and attentive to detail. They were the best."

"I'm very happy with the results, it certainly makes you look younger."

"All Staff members and physicians were great."

"the procedure was easy, no pain. it has changed my life by making me look younger."

"I did see good results. It was what I expected. The doctor suggested I use Rogaine and Propecia. It has really helped. I see a lot of growth with my hair. I would really go for another surgery for restoration of my hair. I think it looks better and is more dense."

"I'm extremely happy with the results, has made me more confident about my appearance. The actual transplant process was totally painless. Not what I had expected as far as pain goes."

"My hair is now much thicker and I am happy with the results I have achieved."

"The Bosley office and staff members were very nice and professional. My interaction with the physician was also very good."

"The results were great. I have come a long way and would do one more procedure in the future."
JERRELL R. - Gardena, CA

"I felt a lot more comfortable and at ease with myself."

"This procedure has given me a more positive outlook on life. I feel much more confident and I feel good overall."

"The Greatest team of Dr.Feldman-Houston Bosley, along with counselor: Janessa Young Kaiser, receptionist: Daniela Garza, RN: Sarah Jane L. Smith, and Surg Techs: Selina and Shon- Thank you so much for your Care and Courtesy- Everyone made me feel at home. The Best Team Ever!"

"I have experienced a tremendous amount of satisfaction. I wish I had done it 25 years ago. This has been a great difference in my life which has made me feel better about myself."

"Overall the experience was outstanding! The staff members were super friendly and nice. The doctor was great too. I liked how the office made me feel comfortable. "

"I am very happy with the results. I am finally seeing the results and the big difference in my hair. This procedure has made me feel better about myself. I now don't have to worry about my scalp showing. A couple months after the procedure I had to remove a cancer cell, I then got scared I would lose my hair, the office gave me Rogaine and it worked out well, I did not lose any hair!"

"The office and staff was very nice. They did a good job with me, I am satisfied with the procedure. The nurse in particular stood out, she walked me though the procedure and helped me feel calm. She was professional and made me feel relaxed."

"This is my second procedure which I choose to do after getting better than expected results from the first. And in both cases, more than expected grafts occurred. I am extremely pleased with the whole process. Both times."
EDD H. - Houston, TX

"Really nice people from the front desk to the physician and procedure. Blanca has always been there to answer my email in a very prompt manner. Really appreciate her. but all the staff has been outstanding. Great customer service."

"I no longer see the bald spot that was developing on the front of my head. Was really hard to look at in the mirror. Now that area of my head looks great. I feel younger and better about my self. Not a vain person, but I did not want to go bald. Bosley made it work for me."

"I was very pleased with the physician and all of the staff members. They demonstrated professionalism and experience throughout my entire procedure. The only suggestion that I can provide that would have helped in making my decision to have the procedure would be a photo presentation showing the probable results with any given number of grafts. In this time of technology, it should be very easy to produce a personal photo show that can demonstrate the possible appearances with any given number of grafts. This type of presentation is used with braces and other dental procedures, and should be used by Bosley as well. I was very surprised that Bosley was not using this type of marketing approach."

"My hair restoration has eliminated any desire to wear a hat... I'm very proud to display my results! I'm completely satisfied with my procedure, but I was somewhat skeptical about having the procedure because I did not know the number of grafts that would give me the results that I would be COMPLETELY satisfied with. If Bosley could have produced a photo show of my probable results with any given number of grafts it would have definitely given me confidence in choosing Bosley for my hair restoration procedure, and eliminated all doubts. Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words!"

"I am very happy with my results and everything went very smoothly. The whole process was great. There was not a lot of in between time. It was a smooth transition between each phase of my treatment that was handled very professionally. Everyone was very courteous. It was a very humbling experience even though I battled with the whole idea for yrs. But they made me feel at ease about everything."

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