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Featured Testimonial:

"I'm so very happy. What a difference it has made in my self-confidence. I had a procedure for my eyebrows. My brows are so full and beautiful. Could not be more pleased. Staff there was so nice and professional. Would not change having it done."

"The consultant was very intelligent on the process and was very polite and made me feel at ease. Was not pressured to make a decision right away, which is very important. Very pleasant experience. Thank you and I will be back for restoration treatment soon."

"The staff was very professional and made me feel comfortable."
ROBERTO H. - Taylor, TX

"I couldn't have asked for a better experience. It was phenomenal. I want to have a second procedure; I just can't afford it right now. On a scale of one to ten, the staff was a ten."

"Everyone was friendly and they offered a professional, great experience!"
- Dallas, TX

"I have higher self-esteem, I'm not self-conscious about my hair anymore. I'm just amazed at what you advertise is exactly what happens, I got my hair line back!! I look younger than I did 10 years ago. Everybody was very helpful and friendly."

"I can't say enough about the staff. They were all very pleasant and made this scary/life-changing event very easy. ;-)"
LIA C. - Sachse, TX

"This procedure was more professional and not a cattle call practice like those I've previously experienced. I have already recommended the Dallas site to other people. Gratitude!"
PATIENCE S. - Little Rock, AR

"The staff was very caring and professional. Everyone always had my best interests in mind."
JUVENAL R. - Carrollton, TX

"They made it easy to have it done ASAP... They were excited and I was excited.."

"I want to thanks to all the staff members. They did a great job. Everybody was very professional. Everyone was very nice to me I am very happy and very satisfied and grateful to Mosley members God bless all of you."
VERLA H. - Burleson, TX

"All were very friendly and made it easy for me to understand and be knowledgeable regarding Bosley's system. Well-trained an informative."

"My consultant was really helpful. I learned a lot from my counselor."

"I felt that the staff at Bosley's Dallas site were helpful. I received detailed explanations."

"Counselor was very understanding and helpful. Dr Jones was very friendly, professional, and helpful. "
WALTON S. - Weatherford, TX

"I'm excited and can't wait to get started with the actual procedure. My consultation cemented my decision to move forward."

"Everyone were very professional and detailed, which has been very useful in helping me to make a decision about undergoing a hair restoration procedure."

"I had reservations about my hair looking like doll hair, but after seeing before-and-after photos, I am confident that I'll receive the natural look I'm hoping for."
BERTRAND R. - Dallas, TX

"The counselor was wonderful. She explained everything thoroughly and was also very frank and honest in letting me know that due to the condition of my donor site, I would not be a candidate for implant surgery at this time. While I was deeply disappointed, I really appreciate her being upfront and honest with me. She discussed things that I could possibly strengthen my donor site, so that I might be eligible for a hair transplant down the line. I have ordered the laser helmet and will be getting Rogaine for women as well and am hoping for the best. Cannot say enough about how great she was. "

"My procedure went great. I really like Dr. Jones out of the Dallas office; he is a true professional, and I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in the Bosley treatment. His staff also deserves a lot of praise and credit for the truly wonderful job that they show to their patients. I have nothing but high marks for Dr. Jones and his great staff in the Bosley Dallas office."
VIRGIL C. - West Monroe, LA

"I love going to your office. The team always makes me feel important. I love the process; its simple to understand, especially knowing you're getting your hair back. Thank you to Doctor Jones and the entire staff. "
HERSHEL C. - Euless, TX

"The physician and staff were just wonderful. I felt right at home. They were all very helpful, well-mannered, and professional. I loved my visit. "
- Lubbock, TX

"The entire staff was awesome. They made the experience very stress and pain free. Dr. Jones was great."
SHEA S. - The Colony, TX

"Denise was great and really put me at ease through in the entire process. She went above and beyond. Dr. Jones was top notch as well. "

"I was surprised by how full my hair was once it began filling in."

"From the moment I walked into the consultation room, my counselor made me feel so pleasantly comfortable. A true professional with lots of knowledge. I welcomed her opinions greatly. As I move closer to having this procedure done, I hope to meet with her again."

"Everyone was very helpful and kind"

"I would say just don't wait. I am very satisfied with the overall experience "

"Dr. Jones and his staff were excellent. They did a great job and I really appreciate it."

"They were very nice and very helpful. I would rate them a 10."
NILSA T. - Lancaster, TX

"They were very professional and knew what they were doing. You will get the results that you want with them."
NILSA T. - Lancaster, TX

"Dr. Roy Jones and his team in Dallas were great. I don't think they could have been any better, professional yet very friendly and caring. They seem to have every step of the procedure down to a science. thank you all - Dr. Jones, Deneice, Amecia (sorry if I spelled your names wrong), Edwin, Kim and Laurie. I would definitely recommend this team."

"Due to bad weather my initially scheduled procedure was delayed for a day but the office staff (KIM) worked very hard to reschedule my procedure the following day. Although I had to absorb the expense of spending an extra day, I do appreciate the staff and Doctor enduring the elements to make my procedure happen. This was my third procedure and the best experience of the three. Ed, who administered my medication did and excellent job and Nancy, Joann and Beth, who placed my grafts did excellent work. All of the staff working with Dr. Jones made the experience as comfortable as possible for me So, many thanks to the staff at the Bosley office in Dallas, Texas."

"Dr. Jones is AWESOME! I am PLEASED with my decision to use Bosley as the choice to restore my hair. The team was professional, courteous, and made sure I was comfortable. In addition to the team being taking every step to ensure I was comfortable and well-informed, they had a GREAT sense of humor which helped calm my nerves. On the day of my surgery, the staff was low which caused my procedure to extend past the projected end time. However; the staff were precise, unrushed, and focused on getting the job completed properly! I was thoroughly impressed by this. I believe the staff are prideful in a job well done and work precisely to ensure Dr. Jones' reputation remains intact. Thanks again Bosely Dallas - I look forward to the final results and seeing you again!"

"I could not have ask for a more gracious and professional staff. Their caring attitude was evident in every action."

"I was most pleased with the surgical team's efforts to address my anxiety by explaining every single thing as it was happening. Their energy was calming for me. Impressed with the massaging technique that made the injections almost painless. It was a bit unnerving when Dr. Jones did not explain each move he performed as the team had but when I asked questions, he was certainly forthcoming and helpful. I'm fairly skilled at masking my emotional state so he probably did not realize what a fragile ball of nerves I was."
TESSIE V. - Judson, TX

"The doctor and the whole staff were exceptional! They made me feel at ease. Professional and attentive! Please pass on the compliments to the whole staff!"

"I'm very happy with the results. They were all very nice, concerned, courteous, and professional."
CRISTIAN S. - Grapevine, TX

"The whole experience was comfortable and they were attentive to my needs. Kept me very comfortable."

"It was my 2nd experience with Bosley, and I will go again next year to have a 3rd procedure. It was well worth the money spent, and I have the utmost respect for Dr. Jones out of the Dallas location, matter of fact, he is the most caring and warmhearted doctors I have ever met and his professional manner is without question at the very top of the list. I also feel that way about his staff, these people couldn't have been any nicer, better, or even more professional than they were with me. God bless them, and yes, I am very satisfied!"
VIRGIL C. - West Monroe, LA

"Everything about my experience with the staff and the surgical team was top notch. They kept me informed every step of the process. always making sure I wasn't in any pain and that I was comfortable, or if I needed to take a break. And what can I say about Dr. Roy Jones he is absolutely one of the best that I have ever come across. A big thank you to all the staff, surgical team, and to Dr. Jones for a fantastic job. God bless you all."

"I just wanted to thank the entire Dallas Bosley staff including Erica, Laurie, Beth, Jill, Dr. Jones, and the rest of the team for making my Bosley experience fantastic! The professionalism, work ethic, and meticulous attention to detail was amazing!!!"

"I have been delighted with the care and professionalism demonstrated by every member and element of the Bosley enterprise. My expectations, at this time, have been realized, at a 150% margin."
JAMES P. - Oklahoma City, OK

"Overall very pleased with my procedure. Dr Jones was professional and explained the procedure clearly before and during procedure. He was always concerned if I had any discomfort, which I did not. Good local anesthesia and pain control. All of his staff made me feel comfortable and cared for, frankly, they spoiled me. :-) Good post-op follow-up by physician, and nursing staff."
JANIYA C. - Dallas, TX

"Dr. Jones was wonderful. This was my second procedure and it was significantly better than the first where I had a different doctor. I will recommend Dr. Jones and Bosley to all of my friends. It has been a wonderful experience that has changed my life for the better."

"I never told anyone i had it done it was painful but worth it. I feel great and look ten years younger. When i see last year pics i see a big change. I didn't really know how much hair loss until after the procedure."
AUGUST F. - Arlington, TX

"I have loved everything about my Bosley experience. The staff and physicians were great and best of all I have hair again!"

"I recommend this procedure to all of my friends! It has helped me to gain so much confidence that had slipped away over the years. I am in sales and am face to face with people all the time. This procedure has helped be more confident at work and in turn has helped me earn more money."

"All Bosley members were first class in my experience. I was very nervous prior to the first procedure and quite self conscious after; Bosley members helped tremendously to reduce my anxiety throughout my first procedure and second."
JARVIS V. - Fort Worth, TX

"I'm extremely pleased with the results from two procedures thus far. The process was informal and helped to reduce my pre-appointment stress. My self-esteem is much higher in that I'm much less self-conscious and look more like my age."
JARVIS V. - Fort Worth, TX

"I want to thank the entire Bosley Staff and especially Dr. Roy Jones for making me feel relaxed and comfortable. They answered all my questions before and during the entire procedure. I was impressed with the professionalism that everyone exhibited. I was surprised how smooth everything went from beginning to end.They exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Bosley to anyone losing their hair. Keep up the good work guys and dolls. My only regret is that I didn't have this done sooner."

"Dr. Jones and his team were great. Very professional and nice. They made me feel at ease before, during and after the procedure. Dr. jones was very kind and he called me at home that very same night. I can not forget my counselor Dennis Kelly in the OKC office. He was very reassuring that everything would go smoothly and he call me a couple of times after consultation and also the day of to make sure I had hotel reservation and that i was on my way. My husband and I felt very well about all the good care I received. Thanks to monika, susana and all of the girls at the Dallas office. Can't wait to see my results!!!"
KARLIE B. - Amarillo, TX

"I could write a novel about how awesome the experience was. I am 25 years old. I felt like I was 50. Now I'm on my way back to 25. The team was not only professional, but made me feel like we had known each other for years. I was treated like I was the only patient in the world. It was an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. Denise was so sweet and very informative. I couldn't be happier and it's only the first week. I just want to thank the Dallas office team for changing my life. Once again thank you for the opportunity, it's the best decision I've made for myself..."

"I was really impressed when I went to the 10 month review. I had one spot on the head, I was concerned with more hair at the front then the back. They told me they are going to make the spot right. The doctor was really nice, he worked with me. I was impressed. I wanted to my forehead to have more hair and they are going to go back 400 more grafts there."

"The Bosley staff members were very nice and helpful! The Physician I had was fantastic. I couldn't have asked to work with such a lovely group of people."
MICHELE K. - Grapevine, TX

"The process was easy and it really was a self esteem booster. I plan on coming back and having a procedure in the future"

"I am pleased with the results given the small number of grafts available to me."

"I am really happy. They did a very good job. I am in no pain. It's nice and full and it looks great."

"The decision to have hair restoration is a difficult one to make. Customers just need a little more encouragement and patience. I did not not experience any setbacks because I have been through three surgeries and I knew what to expect. I was encouraged by my wife and then my first consultant on my first surgery in 2009. On this same note - we are self-encouraged as we are going through the procedure because of the benefit we will receive as the end result: compliments and satisfaction that you made the right decision. I have received more compliments and positive comments from all the folks who knew of my hair looks before. Thanks to Bosley. They have changed my (life) and my "looks" for the better and I hope to live to age 100. Nothing is fake or artificial - everything is real, natural and professional. I will recommend Bosley to my brother in Kansas, City. I felt discomfort because the chairs are too hard to sit for 7-8 hours. Dr. Jones did call me the evening of the surgery to make sure everything was alright. I am glad I did not have to travel to get my surgeries."

"In my case, I still had a lot of hair left, my hair was receding to the point that I wound up trying to cover it up by combing it differently. Now, my hair line looks natural, I don't spend 5 minutes combing it. The process was simple and painless. The only thing I would tell people to get ready for is, it feels like a mild sunburn for a few days. I am in front of a lot of people all of the time and nobody has said or asked about my hair. It just looks nice."

"The procedure added something extra physically to life. I have a great life and family but having the procedure has made me feel great about myself. All my friends have told me I look great."

"I had a better experience with Bosley. The staff was great. I actually went to different company as well for a consultation but they were rude and Bosley staff was great."

" It would have been nice if the lady who scheduled my appointment would have told me about the parking (where and that I needed to expect to pay for parking). I appreciate C.J. and his kindness to me. I posted on Facebook to all of my friends how helpful you all were!"
KACI L. - Colleyville, TX

"it was good got a lot of good info felt relaxed and happy with meeting"

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