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Featured Testimonial:

"The physician was excellent. I have more hair and it's thicker. I am happy."

"Had a great visit. The staff were great! Going ahead with propecia and the hair band and soon going to schedule a transplant. "

"Columbus office explained the procedure in great detail and made me very comfortable, knowing exactly what was going to be performed."

"Procedure was easy and painless. The whole team involved in the process were amazing."
BRENDON T. - Shelbyville, KY

"Everyone was great. They can't do anything more for you. They watch you and take care of you. I have been very pleased and I have no suggestions for improvement which is rare for me."

"I went to Dr. Krenitsky in the Columbus, Ohio location and all of his teammates were absolutely fantastic. They made a very frightening process so comfortable and easy. I can't thank them enough. Very professional, easy to talk to, and actually fun. What a novelty! Thanks again."
BETTY R. - Norwalk, OH

"Dr. Gabe is always friendly and personable. All the staff were helpful and very nice. I felt comfortable and at ease throughout the entire procedure."
CORRINE D. - Vienna, OH

"The doctor and staff are very attentive, friendly, and took plenty of time to make me feel welcome. They kept the atmosphere fun and professional."
MATHILDE E. - Mansfield, OH

"The entire process from preop to postop was done professionally and made me comfortable. The sales rep, physician, and medical staff were all great."
PRESLEY G. - New Castle, PA

"Although, I did not enjoy being in any type of surgery, the doctor and the staff made it an otherwise enjoyable experience. Every team member was extremely nice and helpful. Everyone was very talkative and displayed great personalities. The team made the 12-hour day very bearable. I couldn't have asked for any more from the doctor and surgical team. I would certainly recommend anyone to the Bosley office in Columbus. I look forward to returning for the 8-month follow-up appointment."
DEJA K. - Louisville, KY

"My expectations were met. The staff was very professional and helpful. Can't wait to see my results."
CASIMIR S. - Columbus, IN

"Dr. K and the Bosley staff in Columbus were extremely thorough and professional in all aspects of the procedure. I was very satisfied with the senior counselor and Dr. K upon my consultation. From the start, they were attentive to my goals. I was more than satisfied with the surgery teams dedication and hard work during my procedure as it lasted all day. As I looked in the mirror for the first time post procedure, although there was the expected inflammation, I could already see how my hairline, which had receded substantially in past years, had returned to where it had been 10 years earlier. Although I will have to wait months for it to grow, I am excited to see my hair return. Only mild pain and itching for the past two weeks and most of that has subsided now. I can't thank this group enough for their kindness, understanding and professionalism and would recommend Bosley of Columbus to anyone who is considering the FUE procedure. "
CHESTER R. - Fairborn, OH

"I am a wounded combat veteran. I lost my legs above the knee to an IED in Afghanistan. I tell you this because I was a combat medic and have been surrounded by medical professionals for over 5 years now. The entire Bosley team in Dublin, Ohio were EXTREMELY dedicated and professional. They are the best in the field and their ability to work as a team is a remarkable sight to behold. I have worked in the medical field for over 5 years now and have never seen a group of people so supremely dedicated to true patient care. I could feel that they had my best interests at the forefront of their minds the entire day. I'm ecstatic with my results and feel like my old self again. My self esteem has never been higher. More than anything however I'm happy to say that when I left, I knew that I had made a new group of friends and I look forward to seeing them again. To all of you at the Bosley Dublin, Ohio team, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Keep going and keep doing great things! - Sgt Adam Hartswick, Combat Medic, U.S. Army, Retired."
KELLY B. - State College, PA

"Very happy with it. It has boosted my self-esteem. No real pain after. Everything was great. Very friendly. Super nice. Doctor and I had a lot in common."

"I think they were excellent. I would need a really good reason to switch offices. I did it before and it was after the procedure that was not good. The new spray on treatment is wonderful."

"I am very happy with my results. They were what I expected from the number of grafts I purchased. The process itself was not difficult. No complications and little in the way of pain. The hair I had prior to having the procedure easily covered the grafts so my having had the transplant was not noticeable. The procedure has made me much more comfortable with my appearance and more confident. I am very glad I had the procedure done. "

"Great people. Great physician. I really appreciate everything they have done for me. This was my second visit and it went well."
- Clayton, OH

"I'm expecting a full head of hair and planning on coming in immediately."

"Dr. Krenitsky and his staff were amazing. Everyone and everything was terrific."
KAREEM Z. - Columbus, OH

"I feel the doctor and staff that performed the procedure were professional in making sure that I understood what they were doing throughout the procedure. I was made very comfortable after I explained how self-conscious I was about others seeing what I had been trying to cover up for years."
MIKAYLA C. - Deputy, IN

"Dr. Gabriel Krenitsky was superb in every way."

"I was a bit nervous since it was going to be my second procedure, and I knew I'd transpire. They made me a little more comfortable, though it was still a little rough because of my anxiety. Had I brought someone for a ride home, I'm sure they would've provided additional calming medication. The staff was extremely professional, informative and personable before, during and after the procedure. I actually received a call from the doctor later that evening, inquiring about my condition and asking if I had any concerns or questions. Though I'm not a fan of medical procedures, the doctor and staff members made me feel as comfortable as I could be for the length of my stay. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!"

"My procedure was as excellent as this type of experience could be! From the time I first contacted the senior consultant until my wife and I departed, we were treated with a well-organized, professional, and friendly staff. The consultant was great to work with, promptly returning my phone calls and emails. He explained the process and costs, answering all of my questions. Also, he was able to schedule my appointment at a time convenient for me. Dr. K was very friendly while maintaining a professional attitude. He explained everything and patiently answered all my questions. I felt very confident in his ability as a surgeon. Any discomfort that I felt during the procedure was very minor. The staff and nurses were equally as professional and friendly. My wife stayed during the seven-hour procedure and was made to feel very comfortable and welcome. I would highly recommend Bosley to anyone considering a hair transplant procedure. I only wish I had done it sooner!"
WALTER G. - Lancaster, OH

"My consultation was private and friendly. The counselor was very to-the-point with his answers, so I didn't feel like nothing was hidden."

"Male pattern baldness is a virtual genetic certainty in my family. Some family members accepted the inevitable, while others unsuccessfully used camouflage techniques like the comb-over, which left them feeling self-conscious and undermined their confidence. As a young man, I vowed to either shave my entire head or fight my birthright vigorously! Luckily, I chose the latter at the beginning stages of hair loss. It was clear from the results that Bosley hair replacement procedures were the only real choice! By choosing to reallocate my own hair while still having enough of it left to blend in with the new growth, my hair replacement procedures yielded a gradual metamorphosis of my looks. As a young soul in my 50's with a youthful face, I was able to keep that youthful glow and separate myself from the crowd of my peers that seemingly give up and let themselves go. Even my exercise habits, which have been very consistent throughout my life, have intensified to create results that further separate me from the crowd! Clearly, my Bosley physician (Dr. Krenitsky of Columbus) made me a believer in hair replacement and the multitude of benefits one can derive from the resultant changes! From boosting one's confidence to being a catalyst for other forms of self-improvement to simply turning women's heads, I am thankful for the skills of my Bosley hair replacement team for their expertise in transforming my looks!"
ESTEL F. - Painesville, OH

"Over all my experience was positive, the physician explained what was going to be done and how the procedure was to be done. The Techs were very good and knew what they were doing."
JESSY C. - North East, PA

"My Dr. was quite good at explaining the day's happenings and marking my hair to be replaced. He made me feel comfortable and I liked that he has had a lot of experience doing this procedure. However, the middle part on the top of my head did not get implants on the left side. The right side has quite a few implants, but none really on the left side. This is disappointing. We talked about getting the top done too. The entire staff was professional and polite and I was impressed with everything else."
RUBIE E. - Columbus, OH

"I thought the whole team knew their jobs and they all functioned very well. Everyone did their jobs well."

"It is easy to do and it is very effective."

"All the nurses were really nice and polite. The doctor was very, very nice. He did a really good job on me. Place is very professionally run."

"Staff seemed to really care, and did their best for me to achieve my best results."

"The Bosley team was EXCELLENT. I appreciated all the time they took with me."

"I am generally pleased with the process although the procedure was more intense than I initially thought it would be. The physician and surgical team were fantastic and made me feel comfortable."

"Dr. K and his staff are amazing. Always a pleasure to deal with them."

"I'm very satisfied with the fullness and naturalness of the look. No one knows I've had three procedures over 10 years! It definitely gives me a more youthful appearance than my contemporaries."

"From the beginning, every step of the process has been easy and everyone has been very warm and professional. This is a life changing step for me and the care and kindness of all the staff and doctor has been wonderful and very much appreciated."

"Dr. made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I feel that he was very confident and made me feel confident in my decision to have my 3rd procedure."

"Hair restoration is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Last year at this time I was not confident because of my hair loss. Now my hair seems to be as thick as it was several years ago."
DAX H. - Columbus, OH

"It's been growing back great. A little thicker would be nice, but the meds are helping improve the thickness."

"Very friendly staff and an overall great experience."

"Dr K & his staff were great. During the consultation, they didn't try to oversell me on the procedure or sell me on more grafts than I needed. During the procedure, both he & his staff really made me feel at ease & made sure I was comfortable at all times. This is my second procedure with Dr K & would recommend both he & his staff to anyone interested in hair restoration."

"They were all very friendly. Cooperative and good."

"I walked in the door at 7:30, they lead me back to my room and went over the procedure and started almost immediately. I was very pleased with how nice the staff was and how comfortable they made me feel. I was out by 2:30, and back home earlier than expected which was another plus. So far so good, now as long as my hair grows back i will give this office and Bosley an A+!"

"Staff was excellent. I would do it again, and would recommend friends and relatives."

"They were very nice, very professional. Extremely considerate and attentive."

"Everything went smoothly. Everyone was very warm and made me feel very comfortable considering it was a long procedure. Of course I can't give an answer if it's worked until I see improvement. So hopefully I will be pleased in a few months. Thanks."

"Approximately five years ago, I had my eyebrows tattooed with less than desirable results. Misshaped, uneven, and mistakes that were tattooed over to try to fix/hide them. After consulting another doctor's office and being told the only thing they could do was remove the tattooing with no guarantee it could all be removed, I was VERY reluctant to try anything else. After about three years, I finally started researching other alternatives and came across the Bosley website. After another two years, I finally got up enough nerve to set up a consult with the Cincinnati, Ohio office. From the moment I met with Adam for the consult until the time I walked out of the Columbus office after the procedure, I was treated as though I was their only patient. Adam answered all of my questions, walked me through the process and set up the appointment for me. The Columbus, Ohio staff was very respectful, and very informative and patient answering all of my questions and concerns. Doctor Krenitsky was very confident in his surgical abilities WITHOUT being arrogant or making me feel my opinions/wants were not relevant. I appreciated the fact that the procedure was not rushed and that Dr. K and his staff worked so hard getting the perfect look and placement of each individual follicle. I sincerely cannot say enough great thing about Doctor Krenitsky and his staff!!! I would definitely recommend Bosley and especially Doctor Krenitsky to anyone who is thinking about having a transplant."
GARETT L. - Middletown, OH

"A good experience. Great doc and staff. Made me perfectly comfortable and at ease through the process."

"I was a little nervous, but everyone put me at ease from the moment I walked in the door. The procedure was far easier on me than I thought it would be, while everyone else was busy working hard to give me the best experience possible. Dr. Krenitsky and his staff were extremely professional, but more than anything just very kind, attentive, and comforting. I'm sure they treat everyone that way, but it felt very personal nonetheless. "

"I thought the Physician was very charismatic and confident. I was told he was the BEST before going to the Columbus Office. I am very happy that I had the procedure and feel assured that I will be very happy in the near future. The Lab Techs were very professional, kind, considerate, and concerned with my comfort. They explained the ongoing procedure with me and I felt did an outstanding job! They are definitely the BEST at the hair transplanting procedure..... The ordered lunch for my companion and I was very nice and thoughtful - the Lab Tech set up the lunch on a table and allowed us plenty of time to eat. Great customer service!!!! The only negative I have is that my back was wet when I left (even though they dried with a towel)the constant water sprays left me extremely wet. I think the techs should have a plastic. apron to tie around neck area to keep water from going down your back. They need something to help them even though they constantly dried my back and put new absorbent towels. Overall well worth the procedure."
JARRETT W. - Lawrenceburg, IN

"Great doctor and staff. Everyone was nice and made the experience as enjoyable as it could be!"
JACK S. - Elyria, OH

"Dr. Krenitsky and everyone at the Bosley Columbus office was thoroughly professional, welcoming and friendly. I had minimal discomfort during the procedure and felt taken care of extremely well. I am completely satisfied with my Bosley experience so far and would definitely recommend this office to others. They are top notch!"

"Dr. Krenitsky and his staff were excellent. I have nothing but good things to say about my procedure. I plan on going back at a later date to have an old scar from a previous hair transplant procedure removed. I am very satisfied with Dr. Krenitsky and his staff."

"I was extremely satisfied with the whole experience at the Columbus, OH Bosley office. The entire staff from front office, technicians, nursing staff, counselor and Dr Krenitsky were all wonderful. I was a little apprehensive early but everyone played a role in allying my fears. The complete plan for the day was clearly explained in advance. Dr. Krenitsky did a wonderful job discussing some of the technicalities of the procedure (I have a medical background). The pain level experienced was very minimal and made for a comfortable procedure. I will highly recommend his office to anyone who would ask me. I had driven 2.5 hours from the Indianapolis area because of the high reputation of this office. I had 3058 grafts done, returned the next day for hair cleaning and will go back for suture removal next week. I have already scheduled my 8 month follow up and am excited to see how well it has worked out. Thank You Dr. Krenitsky and staff for a wonderful experience."
DAN E. - Middletown, IN

"I am most pleased with the results and I'm pleased with the number of compliments I've received from friends and colleagues."

"Physician remembered previous conversations about family and hobbies. That made me feel very much in the care of someone who cares about his patients."

"This was my third procedure with Bosley. I am impressed with how your procedures have advanced since my first experience in 1999."

"I am very pleased with everything. This was my third and final procedure with Bosley. My results are even better that I hoped for. My surgeon was the best and seem genuinely pleased for me with the results I have obtained. I have to drive almost six hours to get to his office but it is completely worth it! I did a lot of research and Bosley is known to be the best and since I only had once change to get it right, I was willing to make the trip."

"The entire office is extremely professional. Everyone appears to be cross-trained and is will to pick up and take over at a moments notice. Their ability(ies) put you at ease and make for an enjoyable experience."

"The lady that styles my hair has been very impressed. Along with my input, she has sent three (3) individuals to you for procedures. There has been enough hair to cut mine into 5 different style since my procedure without any worry of bare scalp showing."

"I'm very grateful how great everything turned out and how supportive everyone was"

"I couldn't have been more satisfied. Dr. and nurses were very pleasant which in turn made it a pleasant experience for me. I would recommend the procedure without hesitation and would suggest doing it earlier rather than later. I'm anxious to see how it looks in a few months."

"I was incredibly nervous going into the procedure. Dr. Krenitzky, Heather, Kanesha, and Angela really made me feel at ease and stress-free about the procedure. They all were very supportive. The Dr. even contacted me that night and responded a week later with questions I had. I would recommend the team in Dublin for anyone."

"My Bosley physician who performed my procedure was very friendly and knowledgeable in the art of hair restoration.The staff there was also very professional as well as friendly and made sure i was comfortable during the procedure."

"Turned out better than expected. Had procedure done 20 years prior. What a difference in the after procedure pain level. Much better outcome from 500 grafts to over 2200. Looks great and often get compliments from my wife."

"The procedure really filled my hair out, especially in front. I also bought the Bosley comb, and I've noticed improved hair growth even in areas where I didn't get grafts. It looks really great."

"I was excited and impressed with everything. I continue to feel no pain, this is my second day. I am following the instructions. I am looking forward for my results. The Bosley team was perfect, they made me comfortable and answered my questions."
GABRIELLA G. - Attleboro, MA

"Truly the best money I have ever spent. The fullness I love it. No complaints."

"The team i had were great. I felt at ease. If i had discomfort they helped me anyway they could."

"The consultation was great. The doctor was fantastic, with a great staff. It was a more relaxed atmosphere than I expected. At 8 months, my follow up was good. The Doctor walked me through what to expect. Overall great experience."

"It was outstanding they did a really good job. The physician was outstanding a ten!"
AURELIO S. - Dublin, OH

"My experience was great! I was told what was going on and what to expect. The dr. did not explain the reason for the 8 month follow up yet--however the staff person told me about the 10 day and 8 month follow up without any details. I presumed any procedure would have follow ups to review how things were going. I am to have my 10 day follow up shortly and presume I will be told how things are going and why the 8 month period has been chosen. If someone were to go thru this detail the day of the procedure, it would be just something else I would have to pay attention to -- I was focused on what I needed to do post op -- and there is a lot with all the things that have to be done, that the follow up was not even on my mind. I think the 10-15 day follow up to remove stitches is reasonable and more detail about the 8 month will be given then. Please remember there is a lot going on during the procedure including estimating amount of donor hair etc. I did not have one thought about why the 10 day and 8 month. That will be taken care of at the 10 day. Dr. Gabe is a very attentive physician and responded to my calls about facial swelling and promptly answered my phone message. At my consultation, your representative told me about the 2 follow up appointments and the hair growth cycle so I expected a follow up soon after the surgery and another some time later. I would not hesitate to recommend Bosley in Columbus to anyone. I'm waiting for the healing process to take place and what my friends may or may not notice--it can only be good! I do have one comment about the billing statement. The section in the bottom right hand corner where cost and payments are displayed. It is self evident that a $500 deposit was made and that amount was credited to amount due. I had to call the office for an explanation and I understand what was done but the credit of the $500 deposit is not self evident just by looking at the summary corner. Both the dr and medical staff that assisted in my procedure were wonderful. Not only professional but attentive and checking on how I was doing, ensuring the procedure was pain free and could not have been better. The support staff, Cheryl especially, were very helpful and made everything flow smoothly, and answered all my billing questions. My experience was wonderful and I am looking forward to the completed end result!"

"Physician was professional and made me feel comfortable and at ease. The staff was awesome. Very friendly and professional. The procedure went quicker than expected with no problems."

"After the procedure I felt much more confident and less self conscious."

"This was my third procedure. My results have given me more self confidence. My results have been done in such a way that others don't know that I have had the procedure done. It's great to have hair again!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at your Dublin, Ohio office. The staff and Doctor went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and confident about my procedure. Dr. Krenitsky was both personable and professional. Looking forward to great results in the coming months!"
CORRINE D. - Vienna, OH

"The physician and team were excellent! They were understanding, friendly, professional and kind. The procedure was very well managed and completely done in a way minimizing pain or discomfort. As of now, I would recommend this procedure to anyone and everyone needing it!"

"The whole Dublin, Ohio staff is great, dr. Ken Washenik contacted me that night and provided an email with more post surgery tips, and popular questions and answers that usually come up. Greg was great to talk to and explain when I was thinking about first doing it with many good pictures of before and after photos of other people. The whole support staff was professional and fun to talk to keep me at ease before and during my procedure they all are very good at their jobs and should should have raises at the next opportunity thank you for your time."

"I was initially very skeptical and nervous about doing this procedure. I have heard horrible stories and some good stories about these procedures. Over about 10 years I researched it many times online. I finally code bosley went to the Dublin Ohio office where dr. K is the physician. It was cost wise more than other companies but I wanted the best to do this because it will last forever and everybody will see it cause its on my head. So price was a minor concern but I wanted the best outcome. I would go back again and may do it. Pain level was 2/10; everything was perfect now I have hair long thick hair in places that I had nothing. Has really changed my life and my confidence once again and I have a full thick hairline that a year ago just wasn't there. Please go to Dublin oh office it was wonderful. The worse part of the whole procedure and I was there for 9 hours was just the discomfort of laying in a chair for that long. But that's a small price to pay for such a Change. I have no more a receding hairline and its such a huge difference. People pay 30,000 for a new car that last 10 years and is worth 2000 after that time. I will end up spending 22,000 and I have a super full head of hair because of it that will last forever. My hair is worth more than a car to me. So satisfied."

"Went to Dublin Ohio. Dr K and his staff were some of the nicest most professional and knowledgeable people I have ever met. They made me so comfortable and were so professional and everything has turned out perfect and I can tell a huge difference. Will refer anyone to this office as I have great results and am going back to get a 2nd procedure more than likely."

"While you're always nervous about a procedure you've never undergone before, once I met the Dr and his staff my fears were quickly alleviated. The procedure was nothing like I had imagined. I had only minor discomfort during the anesthesia portion of the surgery and the rest was very uneventful. The surgical staff kept me entertained and the time flew bye. I'm now 5 days post-op and I am very pleased with the results so far. I would not hesitate to have a follow-up procedure."

"Having experienced procedures from other companies over the years, my experience at Columbus was by far the most thorough, accommodating, comfortable and satisfying."

"no comments Thank you Larry"
LARRY S. - Findlay, OH

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