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Featured Testimonial:

"I am happy with the results!"
CIERRA B. - Camp Point, IL

"Very helpful staff!"
CIERRA B. - Camp Point, IL

"Everyone has been fantastic!"
SYLVESTER C. - Elk Grove Village, IL

"You have nothing to lose, everything to gain! "
SYLVESTER C. - Elk Grove Village, IL

"The entire process made me feel comfortable and with assurance that the procedure done would make me satisfied. The entire staff including the physician, were very professional. I feel I made the right decision choosing Bosley. "

"Very happy with the results. I feel like I look my age (36) again. "

"I am very pleased with how my hair has grown in. I have more hair and it's thicker."

"Wonderful experience. Extremely happy."

"This was my 2nd procedure with this Bosley team. What a great group of professionals! I was treated more like a friend than a client and I liked that. They are a very caring team. The entire team follows the demeanor of the doctor which is very calming."
NYAH G. - Bloomington, IL

"I am very happy. Everyone was really great and really friendly."

"Dr Allen Parungao was the best in technique,surgical skill and communication with me. I am a dentist and can really appreciate his calming demeanor his leadership skills,and again his surgical skills. Had this procedure done 23 years prior by Cleveland clinics but this was much better. The team worked together like a well oiled machine all very technical, caring and skilled in making my experience a great one. Thanks to Dr Paurngao and his team."
ANNE B. - Franklin, WI

"Everything was perfect. I actually already had the surgery. "
MOHAMMED B. - Chicago, IL

"He was good. He explained everything in detail to me. "

"I am extremely happy. Couldn't be happier. They were all great"

"I was just with the doctor a few weeks ago and he said everything looked great. I am extremely happy."

"Very pleased. The whole thing pretty much went as expected and the entire staff answered my questions and made me feel at ease."
- Bloomington, IL

"The physician was very reassuring and made me feel very comfortable. The rest of the staff were friendly and fantastic. They continually assured my comfort. I think that the initial consultation should be more explicit about the post-care treatment."
KAELA J. - Chicago, IL

"I am so pleased. I haven't been in for an evaluation because I am so so happy with everything."

"The senior consultant is an excellent consultant. He is very professional and answered all of my questions. He goes into great detail with each procedure and answered my personal questions. He is an asset to your company due to his knowledge and experience in Bosley procedures. I would recommend him to my friends and family. He goes out of his way to make you feel confident with each procedure. "

"I had the procedure done on Monday. The Dr and staff could not be any nicer or more professional. The entire experience was pleasant. I highly recommend Bosley!"
LINWOOD L. - Wilmette, IL

"Dr. Parungao and his team that was performing transplant were 100% professional, very polite and very friendly. They surely are making a whole procedure, pain-free and very comfortable. Thank You Z.M."
JAYDA E. - Chicago, IL

"Could not be happier with my procedure at the Chicago location. The staff was outstanding. Made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure. "
JUDY E. - Cedar Rapids, IA

"I was made to feel very comfortable because the staff was extremely friendly!! Also the doctor and staff were quick to answer questions and they explained everything very thoroughly. This is a big step for anyone. It was important that through communication I was comfortable at all times. I also was pain free for the most part. I'm very pleased with the end result and am enjoying the added confidence it gives me. Prior to I was very self conscious of my practically bald head!"

"All of the medical team and staff were very professional but also very friendly and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. My physician, Dr. Allan Parungao was truly exceptional. Like all of the staff he was also very professional and friendly. Within minutes of meeting and talking to him, he made me feel quite at ease and I knew right away I had made the right decision to undergo the hair transplant especially with him being the physician. It was also very comforting and encouraging to know that he underwent hair replacement as well and his hair looked great with a full head of hair and impossible to see that he had any treatment performed. He was very thorough in explaining the procedure and also on other possible options that I could also do following the surgery in order to maintain my existing hair. I was very impressed that he gave me his personal cell phone in case of emergency or if I had questions. I was also quite impressed that he called me personally to make sure I was doing well following the procedure and to see if I had any questions. I understand that he must be a very busy man with not just his professional life but with his own family life as well, but he still took the time to personally call me after his work hours during his own personal time."
LORA P. - Plainfield, IL

"Dr. Parungao made me feel comfortable and confident in his experience in performing hair transplant surgery."
PARKER B. - Glenview, IL

"I have already had the procedure on Thursday. There happened to be an opening, so I scheduled the procedure. Everyone at the Michigan Ave office was terrific. I look forward to going back to have the stitches removed in two weeks. Dr. Parungao was also terrific. He made me feel at ease and always asked me how I was feeling. He also explained things slowly in easy to understand terms. I would highly recommend this office to others."

"The team members that assisted me are exceptional ambassadors for your company, product and services, each of which were of high importance to me. Also, Dr. P is top-notch in his skill and expertise. This procedure has altered my outlook on life and increased my confidence level on so many planes. I can't imagine my life had I not gone through with it. All I can say is, "Thank you, Bosley!""

"I appreciated that both the counselor and the doctor I met with did not push for any one treatment, but rather encouraged a multiple prong attack to treat my hair loss. I went in expecting a hard sell for hair restoration, but did not get that, which was great! There was no pressure. I'm still only three days post-op and far away from seeing the end result, but so far everything I am experiencing after the procedure is exactly what the staff told me to expect. The team assigned to me the day of my procedure were very friendly and warm and made me feel comfortable. They really did a fantastic job and walked me through everything I needed to do post-op. Now I just need to wait for the results! "
JUDY F. - Chicago, IL

"Very professional and friendly staff. The doctor was very courteous and helpful."
CARMELO K. - Crystal Lake, IL

"My wife described it best, "I LOVE IT!""

"Dr. Alan P. was upbeat, willing to listen and was a positive figure during my procedure. My procedure compared favorably to my expectations. I had a good experience, which I relate to the Chicago staff."
KIRSTIN F. - Crystal Lake, IL

"This was the best decision I ever made. The entire staff and doctor were amazing. I could not have asked for better treatment by the staff and doctor. I actually had a great time talking with everyone and felt very much at ease."
CYNTHIA G. - Chicago, IL

"The staff was absolutely wonderful. Knowledgeable, helpful, made me feel at ease, and hopeful."
CYNTHIA G. - Chicago, IL

"All questions were answered in detail and I was very comfortable with the entire interaction. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! "

"Team was great - The doctor and consultant were awesome. Was really impressed with the entire presentation. The cost is a big issue, though. If the grafts were cheaper, you'd have my business."

"You will go in with questions. but in the end you will get results you will be happy about"

"I was educated with Sean, I knew how the procedure was going to go. I knew what to expect. I may need some more. My barber was shocked at how good it is. Every time the barber cuts my hair he can't believe."
BIRDELL M. - Chicago, IL

"Sean was great. I was never looked at as lower class. Customer service was great. The assistants who helped were wonderful."
BIRDELL M. - Chicago, IL

"I had an excellent experience at the Chicago office. I think Dr. P is great. The staff was very friendly also. This was my second procedure so I already knew what to expect but I feel that Bosley as a whole should be more forthright about recovery time for the patient. Dr. P was good about doing this but Bosley as a whole sugarcoats it a bit. That's my only constructive criticism. I am very happy with Dr. P and the Chicago office and my procedure so far. Thanks."

"Pre-operatively, Dr. Parungao fully explained the details of the procedure and discussed points I hadn't considered. He asked me about my goals and tailored the treatment plans to meet those goals. He listened to all my concerns and addressed each individually. Operatively, everything went great. Surgical area was marked and shown. The whole process was painless, quick, allowed time for food and rest and the whole process was seamless and stress free. Post op care was fully explained and follow up was made."

"This was something that I wanted to do for a long long time and the Bosley team couldn't have made a better job. Starting from the first visit with William to the the time we said goodbye the experience was phenomenal. I am extremely pleased and I will recommend to everyone I can."

"I'm much happier with my head and not having to wear a cap all the time. I like having hair!"

"The doctor and all the assistants were informative, professional and courteous. Each step was explained and they made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure."

"I am happy that my hair grew in rather quickly but it seems that I have lost some since my initial growth. I am not sure why. The procedure went well. I asked for an ice pack as soon as the donor area was completed. That helped reduce the swelling. It has been almost a year and there is no visible scar. All numbness has disappeared. I am satisfied."

"During the whole surgical process I was very comfortable and at ease."

"They are wonderful. The procedure technicians were all really good. It was perfect, I am really happy"

"I wish my new hairline was a little lower but I am happy with it and it's much, much better than before the procedure. My wife loves it. I hope I can afford to do it one more time to get a little more in the front and back."

"The procedure that I had before was with Hair Club for men. It went so much smoother this time. This time the doctor were more experienced and the doctor did a great job doing the procedure and explaining the procedure. He also recommended a higher dose of Propecia and it helped quite a bit. It really made a difference."

"I just wanted to thank the entire staff for everything they had done for me. I am at 11 days after my transplant and everything is looking good."

"My experience was very positive. I was nervous about the whole process, but I wanted to do it for myself. Being bald in areas really bothered my self esteem. I am a very confident person and didn't like the feeling of an esteem issue. The entire team displayed excellent customer service and made me feel comfortable."

"The physician and staff were what I would describe as class all the way!! They were the definition of a sales call and how to treat the customer. Being in sales myself I couldn't of been more impressed. I'm anxious to see the results."

"Very friendly physician and staff. Great day with no real issues. I was pleased how everything went and the staff was very accommodating and caring. From beginning through surgery, very professional and helpful!"
DAVID W. - Thornton, PA

"I felt the staff was very accommodating, knowledgeable, and all around wonderful group of professionals. I believe that Bosley was the right choice for me. I would highly recommend Bosley for this procedure. "

"Maribeth helped me in understanding the procedure. She was very pleasant. Dr Allen Parungao and his staff were great. They made me feel like part of the family. I will probably be the spokesman for Bosley as they see the progress. Thanks again to everyone."

"They were fabulous. They were very good. Very professional. They knew what they were doing. They were just great. "

"My results are awesome, I'm tickled pink. I'm going to do it again. I want another thousand."

"The entire Bosley team is to be commended for having a strong, competent and professional service orientation. Once I received the communiqué in the mail sharing the information about the Bosley procedure, I was convinced that there would be only one way that I would not go through with the treatment, and that was if the staff did not measure up to the literature and CD that I received in the mail. And the phenomenal part of all of this is that they not only measured up they outdid themselves. I left my orientation session knowing that I would be contacting Bosley for a follow up in office procedure."

"My physician was helpful and thoughtful when it came to answering my questions and concerns. He kept me at ease and the I found out why. He not only is a transplant physician but also a recipient of a hair transplant himself. He probably had the same questions and concerns that I was having. Have to mention the staff as well. They all were great and showed not only professionalism in what they do but also had the people skills to keep me as a patient comfortable and perhaps somewhat part of a family. Kudos to the Chicago Bosley team, or should I say, "Bosley family.""

"Everybody was very nice & professional & really put me at ease. I liked that the Dr texted me to see how I was doing. Will highly recommend friends & family to Bosley. Looking forward to seeing my progress in 8 months."

"The process was well worth it. It was something that has been on my mind for years and this year seemed like the perfect time to get the transplantation done. Bosley Medical Group is the leader in this industry. A job well done by all involved."

"From my initial call to the appointment/procedure to the follow afterwards was what I was expecting. The staff was simply professional, knowledgeable and caring."
NIKKO O. - Roslyn, NY

"Everything looks good. My wife likes it and tells me all the time. It filled in all the spots that needed it and it looks very natural. I find it pretty remarkable."

"I thought everyone did a great job. Great customer service, very customer friendly, very accommodating. Everyone seemed to work as a team."

"I couldn't be more pleased with my Bosley experience. I will certainly recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you!"

"I'm glad i did it. My hair filled in enough to make me feel good about myself."


"Everyone was really nice. The consult was good and the office staff was great."

"Wish I would have went to Bosley sooner!!! Got great results from the hair restoration!"

"I very very pleased with the outcome of the hair procedure."

"All members of the staff were great. Dr. Parungao is the absolute best. my mother came by the office I was doing the procedure at and he sat and talked with her while doing the procedure. Overall great experience."

"The surgical team was great and the lunch was good. The doctor was extremely comforting and professional. I like the surgical team. They made me feel valuable and appreciated. I will continue to recommend Bosley as the place to go for hair replacement."

"Everything went better than expected. Everyone was cheerful, positive and professional."

"Dr. Parungao and the nursing staff were absolutely fantastic. I felt very comfortable under their professional and hospitable care. "

"Everything was going smooth. Thought my bill was going to be bigger. They waived a late fee, so I'm pretty happy about that. I'm having a more positive attitude towards things. also look in the mirror and smile a bit more"

"I am so thrilled with my results! It is very hard to have thinning hair as a woman. I am so so happy that I came to Bosley. In fact, my college roommate and I got together this week. She said, "are you styling your hair differently or something? It looks really full". I hadn't told her about Bosley before. That was the happiest moment I have had since the procedure. Others notice my great results too! It was so hard to be patient and wait for the hair to grow in. But when it started it was so exciting! I had to keep showing my husband :) I am more confident now and don't have to worry about covering my thinning areas any longer. Thank you Bosley team!!!"

"I had wonderful experiences with Bosley staff. My pre-procedure consultation was helpful and informative. My doctor, Doctor Parungao put me at ease on procedure day. He did an AMAZING job. All staff in the office were very pleasant. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone. I am so happy with my results!"

"Let me start by stating that I am fully satisfied with the procedure, I feel that the team that carried out the procedure were very professional and attended my needs. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure, I had a great lunch, and saw some good movies. Overall it was a great experience and I know I am going to very pleased with my hair transplant and look at myself in a more positive light."

"My overall experience has been great. The staff at Bosley Chicago are very professional and happy I chose them to complete my procedure. I'm excited to see the results of the procedure and will certainly speak positively to anyone interested in doing the same."

"It has changed my life completely. It has given me at least ten years of youth."

"They did a marvelous job. They followed up and followed through. I am thankful for all that stuff."

"Extremely happy to see hair and a hairline back, looks great! Have had positive comments from people 6 months after the procedure, (which is hard to explain why I have hair now:) Feel a lot better about myself, more confident."

"I felt that the entire staff worked well together and were very professional. This atmosphere eased my anxiety immeasurably and made the entire experience as comfortable as possible."

"Increased my self confidence and made me feel and look at least 10 years younger"

"Everything was perfect. From check in to a call a day after. Bill Partin did a great job getting the best deal price wise, setting up a schedule, and financing. Dr Parungao and the girls (all of them) did a great job, from drawing the hairline to splitting and transplanting all the grafts. Thanks Everyone!!"
LILIANA W. - Cedar Rapids, IA

"I have become a lot more confident as a result of this process. My hair is still a little thin in the area of the procedure, but it is a night-and-day difference from when I had a big bald patch on the top of my head. I no longer constantly wear hats everywhere I go- I am surprised at how big of a difference a few months has made."
GUST S. - Milwaukee, WI


"Everything looks natural looking, not one person noticed that I had the procedure done. I feel and look about 10 years younger and I don't have to wear hats anymore."

"I was put at ease as soon as I entered the office. The office staff was wonderful to me and to each other. Very professional! The day went faster than I expected, which was great. I felt cared for and important to each person I came in contact with. I asked for an ice pack after my sutures were in place and thought that this might be a great addition to prevent swelling asap. Also, it would have been nice to bring something for my head to wear after treatment. The cap Bosely supplied was sufficient though. I would like to see more women in the video photos around the office but was happy about how the women who worked with me gave me some tips about washing my hair and what to expect. Overall, a great experience at a crucial time in my life."

"Dr. Parungao and the entire staff did an excellent job preparing me for my procedure, during the procedure, as well as after the procedure. They made me feel very comfortable during times of anxiety and took time to answer all of my questions. I never felt that they were rushing me. I was comfortable during the procedure which is what I was told. I felt everyone was very professional and the customer service was wonderful. I hope I don't have to ever have the procedure done again; however, if it is necessary, I would not hesitate. Thank you Bosley team!!!"

"The entire staff was extremely friendly and really made me feel at ease and comfortable during the entire procedure. I am more than satisfied with my decision to choose Bosley. Thanks for your outstanding professionalism!"

"This is my 4-6th time getting hair implants. I have been extremely pleased with every visit and very pleased with the results as well. The doctors and staff have always been very pleasant and professional. My doctor checked on my progress more than once and called in more pain medicine as I needed. I travel 5 hours one way to get to my appointments and would not think of going anywhere else. Thank you so much for helping increase my self confidence."

"Dr. Paruango was extremely patient and accommodating in regard to my pickiness with adding more hairs to my brows. He made me feel like it was important for me to be happy with the end result, which I am!"

"Dr. O'Hare was extremely reassuring about positive results and that it would be worth it."

"It looks great and has allowed me to keep my youthful hair look!"

"I'm very pleased with the results. The process is easy. The new hair comes in subtly."

"It changed my life and I am happy with the procedure."

"The quality of the physician was fantastic. Dr. Yates was very nice, I was comfortable with him. He is patient, thorough. He listen to ya as to opposed to doing what he wants to do. I highly recommend him."

"Everyone was warm. The procedure was easier & less stressful than expected. My comfort was their primary concern. I am very satisfied with my treatment so far. I will recommend Bosley to anyone who wants to look good."

"This was my second procedure with Bosley. Since I was very much pleased with the first procedure I flew all the way from Switzerland to have my second procedure done at the Chicago Office again. I am a physician myself and therefore know how important it is to give the patient the full comfort and trust necessary. I also understand that several patients have to be treated at the same time and therefore do not expect the doctor to be around with me all the time. So all together I am very pleased and would highly recommend Bosley and would come again - although I hope that it will not be necessary anymore."

"Dr Parungao did a fantastic job! He is a top notch surgeon. He went out of his way to make certain we were on the same page with what I was trying to accomplish during the procedure. I would highly recommend him."

"My expectations were for a lot of tedium, but I got to eat lunch and watch a movie and talk, so the time flew by. The procedure was almost painless, as one would hope but can hardly expect. Dr. Parungao inspires confidence, as do Christine and Christina, who cut and placed the grafts, and Leda, the anesthesiologist. They all made me feel very comfortable. But it was Sean Paul Amos, the senior counselor and representative, who first convinced me that I had come to the right place. He is very knowledgeable and understanding, and conveys that he believes in and is dedicated to what he does. I will certainly recommend this team to my friends and family (as soon as my grafts grow and I have something to show them)."

"I look younger and feel more attractive. People used to tell me I looked 33-36 when I was 28/29. I'm now 30 and people guess I'm 27-29. I'm a photographer so I feel that when people are more attracted and comfortable with my appearance it boosts their confidence and results in my work."

"I'm happy to say that I did not feel pressured into this procedure. The staff that I met with were all very comforting and helpful. I would have enjoyed gaining more knowledge and experience about the post-procedure expectations. Particularly in the first month as it was a major shift in habits and daily preparation. All of the staff were very friendly and professional on the day of my procedure. The only thing that was not as expected was when I took a bathroom break and noticed that no grafts had been placed in the crown area of my scalp. I was expecting to fill mostly the front and also some in the back. When I came back to the room and asked about this they brought my physician back in and he explained that he made a judgement call to put more in the front to more densely pack that area. I told him I still wanted to stick to our original plan and he agreed and placed grafts there as well. While I feel putting more in the front would have helped make it a little more dense, I'm happy with my results and having additional hair in the crown area. The first couple of nights at home were the most difficult—mostly in regards to sleeping. The one thing I'd recommend is advising patients to use a neck / airplane pillow to keep the head up more comfortably. I woke up the first night with some blood spotting on my pillow next to a couple small grafts. I was really alarmed and this happened because I was not able to keep my head from tilting. The neck pillow really helped for the remaining few days when the grafts were setting. I know that most of the videos say you can get back to work in a couple days and that's mostly true. I'd recommend patients take at least 4-5 days of just staying at home so the healing can advance further. This will also aid in confidence of your appearance post procedure. The most painful part of the whole process is having your sutures removed 10-12 days after the procedure. I was very dedicated to applying the gels and cleaning this area which really helped. The associate who removed them was really great and told me it looked good. But also told me it almost always is very painful. 10 minutes after the removal I was fine and continued to care for the area as instructed. It's been about a year now and the results are really natural looking. People I've shared the news with are all impressed. The scar on the back of my head is noticeable but only if you really look for it in good lighting and close up. No one would ever know it's there and it doesn't bug me whatsoever. Many days I forget I even had major surgery like this. In this regard, my physician was seriously incredible. The texture of the new hair will be a little different at first, but over time will become more similar the to rest of the hair. Some of my hair is a little wiry so I occasionally trim those individually. I've noticed the thickness increasing. If you grow your hair out some you can even see the difference from ends to scalp. I think the post-op visit should be a bigger deal than it is. I was happy to see a counselor and my physician but was really hoping to make a bigger deal with better before and after photos. While I was sent my before photos for comparison, it didn't feel like there was an emphasis on this. And really, since this is cosmetic, that's a very important part to me. Perhaps when I go back next time it will be made a bigger deal and example. I was also told at my post-op that results should continue to increase and I look forward to see that happen. I'm happy I chose to do this. I do sometimes consider a second procedure to increase the density but don't think it's really needed. "

"I like how he explained procedure & professional manner. His experience made me feel comfortable."

"I would say my results were really good. I liked my experience here."

"My experience overall was really good! My time with the physician went well too."

"I am very happy that I had this done. I think it looks more of a natural transition, nobody can tell that I had it done. I also had my hair line brought up. "

"It took a year to see the difference in my hair line. I see a big change and I am very happy, I got what I paid for!"

"I want to thank everyone there they are the best i can't wait till my next treatment thumbs-up to everyone and the staff."

"I feel like it has brought more confidence into my life. I personally feel good, and my wife loves it. I will be coming back for more in the near future."

"I feel more confident and it's one less thing that I have to worry about. I will probably be back to have another procedure in about 6 months or so."

"It's changed my life and I am so happy with it. I am satisfied 100 percent. "

"Everyone that I came into contact with exceeded expectations. The best part was that the experience was never pushy, especially during the consultation. And also Dr. Parangao had a great demeanor that was unmatched by any doctor I have _ever_ visited. I wish he could be my family's general physician!"

"The result of the procedure was a great. I understand that science and the donor area has its limits but I often wonder if it could be better. I think an explanation of limitations would be good during a consultation. It's not that the results were over-promised, but setting some expectations would be good and would NOT have turned me away. My family says the results are great and I think they are too. My thanks to the Bosley team."

"First off, Dr. OHare is simply THE best!! I like everything about him. He is professional, kind, informative, gentle, AWESOME at his profession & Has a fun but relaxing personality to make his clients feel at ease & very comfortable. All the medical assistants were very kind & professional also, making sure that I was always Comfortable & well hydrated. I have no complaints whatsoever. & am very pleased with my Second procedure."

"My hair and hair line is not the same as it was when I was 20 years old, but now it is close. And, that is just what I wanted. Yes, it does make me look younger and noticeably so. I am 67 years old and I look more like 47 years, maybe even younger."

"This is my second procedure and there have been some mark improvements. You've added a moist dressing, hydrating gel for donor area and spray GraftCyte to help the healing process to prevent scabbing, scarring and better hair growth. Both Doctors O'hare and Parungao provided excellent surgical hair transplant and placement design skills. The hairline looks natural for now. I will know how well it worked in a few years. The hair transplant team were excellent and took care of everything from food, drink, movies and most of all processing the hair and placing it in with expert skills with on pain. Wow! they are the best! I hope this time I will have more hairs to take on the right side hairline than before and less black dotes in the front of my forehead. The new steps by adding more moisture to prevent scabbing should help reduce the black dotes effect or the doll look on my forehead. Lastly, I appreciate the great services your staff provided on both procedures and I like the results so far. I would recommend any of my friend that need your service. Like any organization you need to continue to improve the process to stay competitive and you have raised the bar of care. You have a very professional staff and your organization respects the customers privacy. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns or suggestions to help me maintain my hair for life. Keep me informed on ANY new treatments or breakthroughs."

"I am extremely happy. It has definitely improved my confidence and how I feel about myself. I get to carry a comb with me now, never had to before. I am very glad I had the procedures done."

"There is not a person in the world can tell I had this done. It looks great. For anyone who is every having a doubt about this procedure they should do it. The results are worth every penny. I shouldn't have waited the 4 years I did but I'm happy I finally did it."

"I was quite pleased with the dr he was very professional, did an excellant job , he seemed like he inserted the hair at the right angle.When he did the incision for each hair I was impressed that he counted each hair,and I was very impressed with all the staff, his skill was very impressive"

"I love my hair restoration results. I have had 3 different procedures. I am in my last 3 months to finish out my full year. I have seen great results. It has improved my mental health significantly."

"I loved everything about Bosley. Everything went smoothly. I had the best of services before and after my surgery. Everything was relaxed."

"Overall, I am very happy with my decision to have this done again. The whole process was very easy and although there was some minor discomfort during my recovery, that was to be expected. If necessary I would do this again, it has allowed me to stop wearing wigs and enjoy my natural hair."

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