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Featured Testimonial:

"The consultant was absolutely great. Everything was awesome. He made me feel so comfortable and he even took care of me in spite of having a sick daughter at home. Not once did I feel rushed."
- Bristol, TN

"I was very impressed with my counselor. He made me feel very comfortable discussing my hair loss, possible causes, treatment options, and questions regarding hair products and what to expect from using them. He has a great personality and is definitely a people person. I chose to try the hair products and laser comb for 6 months to see if there is any improvement in the amount of new hair coming in. If this doesn't work I will go back and discuss hair replacement. I really like the fact that the hair products are only sold in a 6-month supply, because if after a month or two I didn't see improvement, I would probably discontinue use of the products, but after making the investment in them I will use up all of the products. Overall, a very good experience."
FRITZ S. - Wingate, NC

"Everything was nicely presented. I have a tentative appointment for the procedure and will confirm it by deposit within a few days."
THOMAS R. I. - Belton, SC

"I am still considering the procedure and cost as I only had the consultation yesterday. "
DAVID P. - Ashville, NC

"Initially I looked web boards to see what the dirt was. And what to look out for. My consultant did not fall into any of the derrogatory talk on the web. I was told about and signed a paper saying that the consultant was not a doctor. He never positioned himself as being a medical expert. He recommended that I look into Propecia to perserve the hair I have and supplement it with surgery if I wanted to. He was very upfront on costs. The 800 operator told me about the cost on the phone when asked. My intent is to see what Propecia does over the next 9 months and then get the plugs (sorry I forgot the right term) where I most need them. "
RICK S. - Salisbury, NC

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