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Featured Testimonial:

"The experience was amazing, the staff was friendly and very helpful. I would definitely go back and spread the word for anyone instead in any services to go here. Very satisfied."
DESIREE D. - Vinton, TX

"I am really looking forward to my procedure. I was excited but after sitting with Adela, I am really looking forward to it now."
ASHLEY S. - El Paso, TX

"Parking is tough in the small area, but I wanted to get the procedure started and ongoing so I can live with this. Anxious for the next session for the hair removal (hurry up August), they explained what they were doing and asked if I was feeling any pain or discomfort, which I felt none. Highly recommended thus far. I was ready to have this done and want the hair removed so I was able to get the 1st treatment immediately after the consultation, thanks :)"
DAVID W. - El Paso, TX

"I found that the staff and the consultant were very helpful and very professional. I look forward to my appointment."
DIANA G. - El Paso, TX

"I was delighted when my technician got me in for the first treatment on the same day of the consultation!"
DEBORAH C. - Las Cruces, NM

"no commenst "
MARIA A. - El Paso, TX

"Liked the staff and my first treatment was already done. The tech really explained everything and made me feel very comfortable."
JEANNE B. - El Paso, TX

"Thank you for your services they (your staff) were a great help."
JESSICA M. - El Paso, TX

"Very good understanding of everything how it works etc. Will have done in the near future."
CHRISTY H. - El Paso, TX

"I am really enthusiastic about the procedures that I bought and I already started."
ROSA M. - El Paso, TX

"Very nice :)"

"Adela, the office Manager, was very inclusive with the information. Angelina and Xotchil who have provided the treatments have been very accommodating. The treatment seems to be working..."

"My consultant was very nice."
AILEEN M. - El Paso, TX

"Great staff very polite and professional."
ADRIAN A. - El Paso, TX

"Adela made me feel extremely comfortable and I look forward to my next appt. next wed. for velasmooth treatment!"
NORMA W. - Las Cruces, NM

"I loved the environment and felt very comfortable at the laser center. I will definitely be going back there again!"
JACQUE I. - El Paso, TX

"The workers are great, fun, and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone."
VINCE M. - El Paso, TX

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