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Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

A great first step in choosing your plastic surgeon is observing before and after photos of his or her work. Plastic Surgery Portal makes this process easier than ever with this handy Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture Directory. Choose a procedure, city, or state below, and you can scroll through hundreds of exclusive before and after photos, with direct links to the plastic surgeons themselves!

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Factors to Consider When Looking at Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos:

Were the Photos Taken Professionally?
  • Professionally done photography is often a good indication that a plastic surgeon takes their work very seriously and goes the extra mile to showcase the results. A haphazardly taken Polaroid, on the other hand, says something else entirely.

How Does the Lighting Look in the Photos?
  • Abnormal lighting, whether toward the light or dark end of the spectrum, can affect an image and misrepresent its true appearance. If there are shadows or bright spots in the before and after photos, you are probably not going to get an accurate assessment of the surgeon's skills, or lack there of.

Have They Been Edited at All?
  • These days, it's easier than ever to edit or manipulate a photo after it's taken. Most before and after photos are genuine originals, but there are occasions when a surgeon must edit parts of a picture to protect the privacy of a client. In these cases, don't hesitate to verify why certain photos needed to be edited. The answer will usually be satisfactory, but it never hurts to keep an eye out for suspicious editing practices.

What if the Plastic Surgeon Doesn't Have any Before and After Photos?
  • If a surgeon isn't able to provide with you any photo evidence of their work, ask them why. Some surgeons may have legitimate explanations for this, but it's certainly reasonable to ask if any such materials will be available before the date of your procedure.

These are a few tips to help you on your way to becoming a knowledgeable plastic surgery candidate. Think you're ready now? Find out with our plastic surgery readiness quiz.

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