Want the Perfect Belfie? The Bottom Line on Safe Butt Implants

by Angela Santoriello

Want the Perfect Belfie? The Bottom Line on Safe Butt Implants

British 23-year-old Joy Williams lost her life to an infection caused by a $2,000 buttock augmentation procedure she traveled to Thailand to have earlier this month, since she could not afford the $7,000 UK price for the same procedure.

With price comes safety, according to British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons member Douglas Harrison. The practitioner told The Daily Mail that less expensive surgeries come with higher risks.

“Buttock augmentation is perfectly safe if done properly, with a pretty low complication rate,” the practitioner commented to The Daily Mail. “But if you do it in the backstreets for a cheaper rate, you are taking a big gamble.”

It is a risk women are taking to achieve a Hollywood bottom like that of Nikki Minaj or Rihanna. Using silicone for a shapelier backside or one’s own fat for a fuller bum, has become one of the top plastic surgery procedures, with Harrison citing 70:30 ratios in favor of the procedure.

However, the doctor strictly warned against liquid silicone injections, an alternative yet very risky way to add to the rear. Silicone injections are illegal in the UK and US but still being performed in poorer countries – at a huge cost, with 17 Venezuelan women dead from the toxic injections between 2012 and 2013, according to The Daily Mail.

Another recent Daily Mail report points directly to Kim Kardashian, stating the rise in UK bottom augmentations is due to the sex symbol.

“Almost half of all British women who enquired about improving their bottom with the help of cosmetic surgery cited Kim as their role model for a perfect posterior,” The Daily Mail reported. Kardashian furthers the rage by stamping her signature backside with the slogan “belfie,” showing her rear rather than her face in selfie snapshots.

Plastic surgeon Fuat Yuksel, who conducted the study, said the stats on the celebrity are high.

“Kim has risen from just outside the top ten to the number one position in record time and is a firm favourite among women in the UK and elsewhere around the world,” Yuksel explained to The Daily Mail. “Kim says she wants an eye-popping booty that everyone notices. It's part of her brand.”

The bottom line is that no matter what size or celebrity women want to become with their bums, safety must come first. Saving money and seeking out a reputable plastic surgeon guarantees remarkable rear side results without risking one’s life.

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