An Introduction to Tricep Implants

by Gary K. Johnson

An Introduction to Tricep Implants

In the last half century, bodybuilding has become an increasingly popular pursuit. More and more importance has been placed on the male physique than ever before. Unfortunately, many men are finding that their genetic limitations prevent them from gaining the body they desire. Other men may suffer from asymmetry due to muscle loss from an injury or accident. For these individuals, triceps implants may be a solution worth pursuing. Triceps implants are not only for bulk, they can be used to achieve a desired shape for the muscle.

While many men turn to steroid use, steroids have been proven to have negative effects on the human body. Triceps implants provide a safe alternative to bulking up through harmful, illegal drugs.

Triceps implants are made of silicone, although it is a much more firm and stiff than the silicone used for breast implants. Furthermore, there is no silicone gel inside, so males with implants do not have to worry about silicone gel leakage. The triceps implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can be sure of finding one that matches your physique. The type of silicone used in triceps implants have been used for years in other procedures, such as joint replacement or pacemakers. There have been no studies to indicate that this form of silicone is harmful to the body.

The Procedure

The actual surgery consists of multiple steps. The first is administering the anesthesia. The second is making a small incision into the skin. Implants are generally placed underneath the muscle, so that the threads of the actual muscle under the skin are still visible. The overlying muscle holds the implant in place. Tricep implant surgery is normally done with general anesthesia.

Patients who have tricep implant surgery will experience moderate pain in the days following the procedure. Pain medication is prescribed by the surgeon. Soreness should be expected. Healing may take as long as six weeks, but many men can resume activities in the following months.

Tricep implants do not hinder a person from weight training. On the contrary, maintaining a strong muscle over the implant is advised.


Like any cosmetic surgery, there are risks involved. One such risk of tricep implant surgery is implant shifting, where the implant migrates from its original position. This occurrence, however, is rare. In general, implants are an extremely safe procedure, and surgeons have had many years to perfect and develop the procedure. Risks can be lowered by choosing a plastic surgeon who is experienced and qualified to do your surgery.

Plastic Surgery Portal provides you with a national network of qualified plastic surgeons. The best way to learn more about triceps implants is to set up a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons. He or she can help you better understand the risks and rewards of tricep implant surgery for men.

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