Top 10 Plastic Surgery Financing Companies

by Vanessa Day

Top 10 Plastic Surgery Financing Companies

If you are planning on having elective surgery, the cost of plastic surgery is one of the biggest obstacles you will face. Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic treatments, so many people cannot afford to undergo surgery. Luckily, there are financial institutions that can help patients pay for their medical expenses. Patient financing providers allow people to have the surgery they want so they can get the look they deserve. Of course, it's best to go with a nationally respected financing group to ensure you're in the best hands. With this in mind, Plastic Surgery Portal has put together a list of the Top Ten Plastic Surgery Financing Companies in America (in no particular order).

American Benefit Credit: This financing company helps alleviate healthcare expenses for elective procedures. They also correspond with major medical finance investors to make sure patients are receiving the most affordable loans and efficient programs. It is an ideal option for deductibles, co-pays and treatments that insurance will not cover, and it is accepted at over 160,000 practices.

Chase Health Advance:A practical, affordable way to get the procedures you want, Chase Health Advance offers no interest payment plans for up to 24 months. They will even extend plans to 48 months for patients who need more time. They have revolving lines of credit up to $5,000 and no down payments. So whether patients want a facelift or liposuction or breast augmentation, Chase can provide the means to have it done.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing: Through their special programs, patients can get loans to cover all plastic and cosmetic surgery with any doctor of their choice. Cosmetic Surgery Financing has convenient monthly payments as well as creative financing for all types of credit profiles. So even if customers have had credit problems before, this company can make a plan that fits their specific needs and circumstances.

Health One Financial: A respected name in the medical financing industry, Health One believes strongly in letting patients get the surgery they want. They offer low interest rate plans and offer one percent cash back on purchases. There is no annual fee and they provide customers with 24-hour service. Health One will work individually with each patient to find a program and a payment plan that is right for them.

Surgery Loans: Customers will love Surgery Loans’ convenient, unique installment programs that help improve their credit ratings. The company makes it easy to apply and provides a quick response to all requests. Surgery Loans offers low rates starting at 5.9%, and they also allow people to sign up for a 60-month payment plan.

CosmetiCredit: With this company, patients can use any doctor they choose, since CosmetiCredit works personally with all clinics to make sure surgery is covered. Their revolving credit limits are perfect for people interested in multiple elective procedures. They will gladly help each customer find the perfect payment plan.

MedChoice Financial: A leading provider of medical financing, MedChoice has a large selection of enrolled doctors in their network. Customers are offered instant credit decision, special promotional financing, convenient monthly payments and a connection to the procedures they really want. MedChoice covers all types of cosmetic procedures, so there is no limit to what patients can get.

Care Credit: This is a personal line of credit for healthcare treatments with no up-front costs and no pre-payment penalties. Care Credit is accepted by over 100,000 providers, making it one of the leading patient financing programs in the country. They offer customers special financing programs to cover everything from Botox® to breast augmentation.

MedLoan Finance: Even for customers with previous credit issues, MedLoan is a great plastic surgery financing provider. With their unique programs for “credit challenged” applicants, they can give more to the people who really need it. They have various loan lengths, so patients can sign up for the ones that work for them. Their low rates and six to nine month interest-free loans make it easy for customers to pay off their fees on time.

MyMedicalLoan: A small, yet efficient company that provides excellent customer care to all who apply for cosmetic surgery financing. They offer customers easy and affordable options to cover medical expenses. They guarantee programs for every applicant with their No Patient Left Behind™ promise, which gets patients approved even if they have never been approved for traditional financing, they have a low credit score or they do not have a co-signer. MyMedicalLoan has low interest rates and deffered interest, which makes paying off fees even easier.

Whether you are interested in liposuction to improve your body contour or breast augmentation to give you a more flattering bust, medical costs should not prevent you from getting the treatment you want. The first thing to do is find a certified plastic surgeon in your area and get an accurate cost estimate for your desired procedure. Then you can discuss financing options with your doctor, who can give you contact information for many of these aforementioned providers. If you want to learn more about plastic surgery financing providers, or you would like to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic specialist, contact us today.

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