The SIEF Technique: Will Reverse Liposuction Replace Breast Implants?

by Barb Tate

The SIEF Technique: Will Reverse Liposuction Replace Breast Implants?

A new ‘reverse liposuction’ treatment is advancing as a popular alternative to breast implants. The technique, simultaneous implant exchange with fat (SIEF), means liposuctioning fat cells from other regions of the body, removing the implant, and then transplanting the fat to the breasts. For hundreds of women, this practice is proving to be a valid option for replacing foreign implants.


Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages have reported displeasure with the long-term results of their breast augmentation procedures. Often, these women will find satisfaction with their enhanced breasts for years. As time goes on, many problems can occur: bloating, sagging, shifting, and persistent tenderness. Instead of seeking alternatives to implants, many doctors seek new, fresher implants or new incisions and pockets to situate the objects for added comfort. Unfortunately, many women simply don’t react well to the procedure. In the past, giving up on implants has meant giving up on breast augmentation as a whole. Fortunately, this is where the SIEF model comes in.

The SIEF method successfully maintains breast volume while constructing natural contours and fullness after the implant is removed. Fat cells are harvested and fill out the spaces previously occupied by silicone or saline implants.


Prior to the SIEF Surgery, patients are instructed to complete a three week BRAVA expansion process, effectively making room for the incoming fat cells. BRAVA, a breast enhancement and shaping system designed to fight the pull of gravity, places gentle tension and pull on the breasts. Tissue expansion occurs as regular tension is applied. The BRAVA system creates healthy, real growth throughout the entire breast area.

Pairing BRAVA with the SIEF fat cell transplant method constructs patients’ ideal breast augmentation free of implants. On the day of surgery, fat cells from the legs and abdomen of the patient are extracted, contained, and re-inserted shortly after into the spaces above the implants. Utilizing these resources from their own body, the doctors are able to have much more control over the sculpting and shaping of the breast.

The implants are then removed, reducing the previously occupied pocket. A change in pressure within the breast allows for the addition of more transplanted fat cells. This fat is guided into subcutaneous spaces created from the BRAVA pre-expansion process.


The SIEF method is a warm welcome to women across the globe. Patients weary of foreign implants are greatly benefitting from this 2 for 1-style procedure. At the base level, women are happily and successfully removing extra fat from their abdomen and legs. Subsequently, their uncomfortable or faulty silicone/saline implants have been removed and replaced with their body’s own natural resource. The unfavorable implant becomes replaced with a much more natural-looking and controllable enhancement.

Undergoing breast augmentation is an important decision that only you and a doctor can make. If you are interested in replacing your existing implant or would like to speak about the SIEF method and BRAVA expansion, please contact Plastic Surgery Portal or search for a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. Your breasts don’t deserve to be in a state of continuous discomfort! Get in touch with the plastic surgery portal today and take back your body!

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