Hand Rejuvenation with the Radiesse Hand Lift

by Marisa Amorasak

Hand Rejuvenation with the Radiesse Hand Lift

When it comes to anti-aging treatments, we tend to pour all of our energy into smoothing, tightening, and firming our faces. And while it's true that our faces are the first thing people see, that doesn't mean that they don't also notice other parts of our bodies. Hands tend to show age very early, thanks to all of the stress and neglect we put them through. If you're satisfied with the youthfulness of your face and want hands to match, read on! Just like our faces, there are ways to reverse the aging clock on your hands. Hand rejuvenation using Radiesse is an innovative new way to smooth, brighten, and bring back the youth to your hands.

Signs of Aging Hands

Your hands are perhaps more subjected to premature aging than anywhere else on your body. That's because we use our hands regularly, and most people don't take the proper steps to repair them daily. Moisturizer, sunscreen, and other skin treatments can help prevent these signs from showing up too soon. Usually, the first sign of aging hands is in the skin itself. It becomes looser, less elastic, and perhaps less even-toned than it was before. Tendons, joints, and veins can also start to protrude, giving your hands a bumpy and disjointed appearance. Finally, age spots can be a dead-giveaway of age on your hands.

The Radiesse Hand Lift

The Radiesse hand lift is a new procedure that utilizes Radiesse to rejuvenate hands. Radiesse injections are frequently used on the face for long-lasting plumping and resculpting results. Radiesse is made out of calcium and phosphate ions, which are naturally found in human bone. Thus, Radiesse doesn't need to be tested on patients before it's injected: it's 100% non-toxic. Radiesse is most commonly used to fill facial wrinkles, plump lips, and reduce undereye circles. Results last between two to five years. Considering all of the benefits of Radiesse, it makes sense that it's the ideal injectable to use for hand rejuvenation.

In addition to injecting Radiesse into your hands, your specialist can also take even more steps to give you back your youthful hands. If you're concerned about age spots, chemical peels and laser rejuvenation can be a fine option. These procedures can be done in conjuction with the Radiesse hand lift. Talk to your specialist to find out more about combining Radiesse with other anti-aging treatments.

The Radiesse Hand Lift Procedure

Unlike other forms of hand rejuvenation, the Radiesse hand lift does not require any sort of anesthesia. A Radiesse specialist will inject units of Radiesse into parts of your hand. The injections should take between ten and fifteen minutes. The injections will be slightly painful, and may result in minor swelling, redness, and bruising at the site of the injection. Afterwards, it's recommended that you rest your hands for the next day or so as to not increase swelling.

Radiesse Hand Rejuvenation Cost

A Radiesse hand lift will cost around $900. Although the price may seem steep, remember that your results will last you between two and five years. Other injectables that are used for hand rejuvenation, like Sculptra®, may be cheaper but won't last as long. If you're on the fence about getting Radiesse hand lift, your best option is to consult with a skincare specialist regarding your expectations and concerns.

Scheduling Your Radiesse Hand Lift

A Radiesse hand liftcan give you youthful, beautiful hands once again. To learn more about Radiesse hand lift or to schedule a private consultation with a Radiesse specialist in your area, contact us today!

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Hand Rejuvenation with the Radiesse Hand Lift

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