Pippa Butt Lift Becomes Surprise Plastic Surgery Craze

by Colleen O'Donovan

Pippa Butt Lift Becomes Surprise Plastic Surgery Craze

Kate Middleton thrilled the part of the world that watches Royal Weddings with her grace and beauty, but it was her younger sister, Pippa, who stole the show in at least one respect. While Pippa may never be Queen like Kate, she is apparently wowing the world with her royal heinie. And in plastic surgery offices on both sides of the pond, countless patients are requesting the so-called "Pippa Butt Lift."

So what is it that makes the backside of a commoner the object of such fascination? And “fascination” is no exaggeration- there are Facebook pages dedicated to her rump, as well as websites whose names aren’t acceptable for this page- or, one imagines, at High Tea. Pippa's posterior even has its own false Twitter feed, surely today’s easiest signifier of celebrity status.

What Pippa has going for her is a combination of being skinny but with a backside that pops- classic curves with a hint of J-Lo or Kim Kardashian, but without the shelf those two popularized. She splits the middle between having no butt and needing a separate zip code. This was most obvious when she poured herself into Alexander McQueen’s gorgeous dress for the Royal Wedding.

Since then, many women have begun using Miss. Middleton's backside as the new standard for their own buttock lift procedures. One Miami plastic surgeon told Good Morning America that requests for “The Pippa” now make up 20% of his butt lifts, which in and of themselves comprise 80% of his practice. If women if Miami are looking to an until-lately unknown girl from a drizzly North Atlantic island as a booty model, you know she must be on to something!

Of course, one way to achieve "The Pippa" is through padding or clothes designed to shape and power your caboose. These can do wonders, but these methods are only temporary, and the look disappears with your clothes.

A longer-lasting option is a butt lift- specifically, the “Pippa Middleton Lift”. In this procedure, a board-certified plastic surgeon can do a fat transfer to shape the buttocks to look more like Pippa's world renowned backside. Because part of Pippa’s mystique is the combination of a petite frame with an ample booty, fat transfers may also help by removing excess fat deposits from the stomach or thighs to help emphasize the buttocks more. This way, you get slender and "popping" at the same time.

Of course, a buttock lift or any type of cosmetic surgery procedure requires careful consideration, and it is important to consult with a qualified, experienced surgeon. We may not all be next of kin to royalty, but as the Pippa Butt Lift shows, looking the part clearly goes a long way.

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