Natrelle Breast Implants

by Edie Pastis

Natrelle Breast Implants

Allergan Inc. is renowned as one of the top cosmetic manufacturers in the U.S., and is currently the name behind groundbreaking aesthetic innovations like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvederm, Restylane, Latisse, and Natrelle® Breast Implants.

While Botox, Restylane and Juvederm helped Allergan make its mark in the dermatology world, Natrelle was undoubtedly Allergan’s best contribution to plastic surgery, and to breast enhancement patients in general. Read on to learn more about Natrelle breast implants, and to find out whether or not they’re right for you!

Natrelle Implant Basics

Natrelle is arguably the most popular line of breast implants used in the U.S. today. Available in both saline and silicone, Natrelle breast implants are used in breast augmentation as well as breast reconstruction surgery.

Allergan began manufacturing and distributing Natrelle implants soon after the FDA silicone ban was lifted in 2006. Since then, Natrelle implants have become almost synonymous with breast implants.

Among Natrelle silicone implant styles, patients can choose from either standard silicone or cohesive gel implants (gummy bear implants). Additionally, numerous options exist when it comes to Natrelle implants' shape, size and texture:

  • Natrelle implant sizes (volumes): 80cc to 800cc
  • Natrelle implant sizes (width): 7.4cm to 17.2cm
  • Natrelle implant projections: Moderate, Midrange, and High Profile
  • Natrelle implant textures: Smooth or Textured (BIOCELL®)

Natrelle Implants Risks and Benefits

The risks of Natrelle breast implants are quite similar to the risks associated with other implant types, both silicone and saline.

Natrelle silicone implants can reportedly imitate the feel and texture of natural breast tissue more accurately than saline. In terms of risks, Natrelle silicone implants' thicker consistency can complicate physical breast exams, hinder breast lump detection, and make it virtually impossible to confirm an implant rupture without an MRI scan.

Natrelle saline implants are widely considered to be safer and less risky than silicone implants. However, saline implants can also be associated with a more jiggly, less natural-feeling breast implant. Natrelle saline implant ruptures will be more readily detectable, due to the looser, more fluid consistency of saline.

Natrelle saline implants are also easier to adjust, remove or insert, since saline implants can be filled post insertion and silicone implants cannot. The ability to fill implants post insertion also means smaller surgical incisions, and thus smaller scars post surgery.

Natrelle Implant Side Effects

As mentioned in the "Risks and Benefits" section, potential risks or side effects of Natrelle breast implants will be similar to those of other silicone implant types.

Natrelle breast implants can potentially cause the following side effects:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Capsular contracture
  • Silent rupture
  • Hematomas
  • Calcifications
  • Granulomas
  • Changes in breast and nipple sensitivity
  • Lymphadenopathy or swelling of the lymph nodes
  • Palpability (ability to feel the implant)

A patient can best avoid Natrelle implant side effects by conducting personal research on Natrelle silicone implants prior to surgery, and by consulting with an experienced plastic surgeon to discuss all of their surgical options and personal risk factors in advance.

More About Natrelle Breast Implants

Per official Natrelle site information, Natrelle silicone breast implants are recommended for women who are at least 22 years old. Natrelle breast implants should never be performed on women who are pregnant and/or nursing, or who currently have an infection, autoimmune diseases, or body dysmorphic disorder. Your breast augmentation surgeon can help qualify you as a good or a poor candidate for Natrelle silicone implants, or for breast augmentation in general.

Are Natrelle Silicone Implants Right for Me?

The FDA-approved Natrelle breast implants are popular among a large group of patients for many reasons. In particular, Natrelle's extensive options in terms of implant size, shape and volume enable these versatile implants to accommodate all types of women. Natrelle implants have also been subjected to several past and ongoing clinical trials throughout the years; the results of which have so far proven Natrelle implants' safety, efficacy and overall success.

For help determining whether or not Natrelle breast implants are right for you, it's recommended that you meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation consultation. During the appointment, you will learn more about the pros and cons of Natrelle breast implants, attain accurate Natrelle implant cost information, and can begin planning for your personal Natrelle breast implant surgery!

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