Naperville Park District Offers Nature Programs for All Ages

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

Naperville Park District Offers Nature Programs for All Ages

From Girl Scouts badge labs to geocaching, the Naperville Park District offers nature programs for every age.

Animal Hibernation

Join the Naperville Park District as they learn more about animal hibernation during the long winter months.

Budding Naturalists

Nature has long inspired art, music, medicine, literature and technology. Weather permitting, this outdoor experience features elements of art, science and experiential learning and is designed to help you develop your inner naturalist.


Enjoy a real world outdoor adventure and learn how to use a handheld GPS device to search for a geocache or buried treasure at Naperville’s Seager Park.

Girl Scouts Badge Labs

With Naperville Park District’s Eco-Explorers Program, earn nature-based scout badges at Seager Park with knowledgeable and Youth Protection trained instructors.

Knee-High Naturalists

Develop a love of the natural world in nature-based kids’ programs featuring hands-on activities, stories, crafts and an outdoor experience, weather permitting.

Tiny Tadpoles

Studies have shown that early experiences in nature can help develop the senses, promote motor skills and enhance future academic skills. Each Tiny Tadpoles program features a story, craft and hands-on, holistic learning experiences.

Marine Fossils

Learn how to identify marine fossils in this educational program, in which each student receives five to eight pounds of fossil material for sifting and exploring and a reference guide for collecting and identifying fossil specimens.

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