Liposuction Extracts Stem Cells for Heart Surgery

by Barb Tate

Liposuction Extracts Stem Cells for Heart Surgery

Oddly enough, you might want to hold on to your extra body fat. Someday, you might be able to make use of it. Researchers have discovered that liposuction may have significantly stronger advantages than merely slimming down your shape and may help push aside commonly used invasive procedures related to heart surgery.

Studies from the University of Oklahoma have successfully proven that adult stem cell extraction and subsequent healthy blood vessel generation can occur from adipose-derived- or fat tissue derived- cells withdrawn during liposuction treatments.

Following the cosmetic procedure, the health vessels can be carefully extracted and utilized in a multitude of procedures involving the replacement or necessary fortification of strong blood flow. This practice will be especially effective for elderly patients in operations like heart bypass surgeries: stem cells produced from fat tissue will help create blood vessels that may replace weak or blocked arteries in the heart.

Problems with current extraction methods

While stem cells have been already been proven to supplement heart bypass patients, the extraction method has always proven to be especially strenuous on stem cell donors. Typically, stem cells for use in these operations have been attained through bone marrow withdrawal procedures. A highly invasive process, bone marrow extraction usually requires at least 24 hours of recovery and the risk of fatal complications is high. Bypass patients are routinely re-hospitalized after marrow extraction because of problems that occur at the donor site. Additionally, patients that might require a combination of stem cells and marrow together require that the immune system be wholly wiped out before reintroduction can take place.

Creating useable tissue from adipose derived cells is a very new practice. Advances have only occurred in the past ten years and it is still not perfected. Researchers believe that a combination of angioplasty (the widening of obstructed arteries) and liposuction will be the new wave of stem cell treatments. Angioplasty would ideally keep patients in critical stages alive while stem cells from the suctioned fat cells are grown over the course of several weeks. This process would ensure that a new and healthy blood vessel would be grown and subsequently implanted. Additionally, marrow just does not offer anywhere near the hundreds of milliliters of useful cells that liposuction fat cells offer.

More problems occur with elderly patients. The typical procedure used to obtain an adequate blood vessel for use in heart bypass surgeries involves removing a vein from the leg or arm to evade the blockage. Unfortunately, patients undergoing cardiac bypass usually have very low quality blood vessels with very limited life spans. Repeat procedures are common because of this. Stem cells utilized from liposuctioned fat would ensure a true homegrown blood vessel that would not require dangerously reorganizing the poor functioning vessels that you already have.

Utilizing what your body has to offer a better way

To put it simply, bone marrow blood vessels are absolutely necessary for your health. Tampering with them on any level is not a comfortable thing. Liposuctioned fat cells are excess tissue that you never really needed in the first place. As a whole, the introduction of liposuction stem cells is a much safer and more welcome alternative for stem cell extraction.

Liposuction treatment suddenly has a new useful purpose. Perhaps fat cell donor banks will pop up in the next decade and the topic of stem cell origins be placed on the shelf. If you are curious about this new advancement or even feel like this procedure might factor into your life in the next few years, consult your doctor or contact us to schedule a liposuction consultation using Plastic Surgery Portal today.

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