Innovative New Lower Eye Lifts

by Gregory S

Innovative New Lower Eye Lifts

Deep in the heart of Texas, Professor, and Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, is innovating the way people can receive blepharoplasty.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a kind of plastic surgery operation used for correcting defects or disfigurations of the eyelids. The same surgery is also employed to aesthetically modify the eye region. Dr. Rohrich’s state of the art procedure goes beyond mere removal and repositioning of surplus tissues. Using new technology and innovation, the Dallas doctor has developed a five step lower blepharoplasty and cheek blending technique. This all-inclusive surgical demonstration includes tear trough correction, fat compartment volume restoration, both upper and lower blepharoplasty, and periorbital rejuvenation which blends the eyelid-cheek junction.

Eye-Opening Innovation

In the past, lower blepharoplasty, the part of the procedure specifically addressing the area under the eyes, has been a source of challenge for many plastic surgeons. Risks of long-term complications and possibilities of less then perfect aesthetic outcome had dissuaded some surgeons from offering the technical operations required for ideal periorbital restoration. But that’s all changing.

A Revolutionary Eye-dea

In a September feature by PRWeb, Dr. Rohrich expressed his enthusiasm for the new developments: “Addressing the eyelid-check junction is a very important part of achieving great results when performing blepharoplasty, but is often treated as a separate procedure than blepharoplasty.” According to Dr. Rohrich, “I believe the best approach to eye lifts should routinely include treating this area as well so you can truly blend the eyelid-cheek junction and reproduce a youthful eye and cheek. I hope this instructional video will encourage more widespread use of this technique.” recently outlined the five-step approach to this new style of procedure:

  1. Augmentation of the supportive deep malar fat compartment
  2. Preservation of the lower lid orbicularis oculi muscle with minimal, if any, transconjunctival fat removal
  3. Selective release of the orbicularis retaining ligament
  4. Establishment of the strengthening of the lateral canthal support (lateral retinacular suspension
  5. Minimal skin removal using a skin pinch technique

Keeping an Eye on the Prize

If you are interested in this kind of blepharoplasty or other similar eyelid surgery options, contact one of our representatives. We can help you schedule a complimentary consultation with a professional plastic surgeon or specialist in your area. We want you to get the service you want and the treatment you deserve. Why delay? Call or contact to get started right now!

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