Facelift Costs: Variables and Averages

Facelift Costs: Variables and Averages

The cost of a facelift can vary widely, based on the specific procedure that is performed, the location of the surgery and the condition of the patient. It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate of cost until these and other factors are taken into consideration. If you are thinking about a facelift to enhance your appearance, it is important to educate yourself about the many variables that can affect facelift costs, so you can get the most accurate assessment of how much you will pay for your procedure.

Type of Procedure
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimated the average cost of a facelift to be about $6,881 in 2009. However, facelifts come in a range of procedures, from full facelifts that can cost as much as $10,000, to mini facelift treatments that average closer to $5,000. Mid-facelifts, which focus on the lower eyelids and cheeks; and lower facelifts, which concentrate on the lower third of the face, can cost between $5,000 and $7,000. Your cost will be calculated based on the size and area of the face to be treated. It is important to determine which procedure will best address your specific needs, before figuring the cost of the treatment.

In some cases, other procedures may be included at the time of the facelift. The advantage to this approach is that the patient must only pay once for an anesthesiologist and a facility for the surgery. It is also beneficial because the patient does not have to undergo multiple doses of anesthesia to see all of their desired treatments completed. However, the cost of the surgery will increase when other procedures are added to the mix. Common additions include eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), a forehead lift and a neck lift. Each of these procedures will significantly raise the cost of facelift surgery, although it will probably be less expensive to complete the procedures at the same time.

Location of Procedure
A standard facelift is a relatively invasive procedure that requires either an outpatient facility or a hospital stay. Patients who have their surgery in a hospital usually pay more for the procedure overall, particularly if they are required to remain in the hospital overnight after their surgery. However, a surgeon may determine that a hospital is the best choice for a patient, particularly if the patient has certain pre-existing conditions that might make the procedure more complicated.

The demographic location of the facility also makes a difference in facelift costs. Typically New England states boast the highest prices for this procedure, while the Mid Atlantic and north and south central states tended to cost much less. You may also see a difference in urban vs. rural areas, with more densely populated regions costing a bit more.

Surgeon Fees
The cost of a surgeon can also vary considerably to directly impact facelift costs. However, it is not advisable to choose a doctor based solely on his fees. More experienced surgeons may charge more for their services; however, this also ensures you receive the best possible outcome from your procedure. Since a facelift is a relatively invasive and highly visible surgery, it is worth the additional fees to ensure your procedure is as successful as possible. Instead of shopping for a doctor based on how much he charges, look for a professional that is board certified and experienced in the specific procedure you are requesting.

Financing a Facelift
Facelift costs can run quite high, and insurance companies often do not cover the fees of elective cosmetic procedures like these. This means the entire bill is paid directly out of the patient's pocket. Fortunately, many cosmetic surgeons understand the financial challenges of the procedures they offer, and provide financing opportunities right in their office to make treatments more affordable. There are also loans available that are specifically tailored to cosmetic procedures.

Obviously, the best way to budget for a facelift is to speak with your plastic surgeon about your procedure and its associated fees. Contact us today to schedule a private facelift consultation with a board certified specialist in your area.

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