Exercise Crucial After Liposuction Surgery

by Alex Dunbar

Exercise Crucial After Liposuction Surgery

A patient’s efforts to work off unwanted fat will rarely end with the conclusion of a liposuction procedure. In fact, some recent studies suggest that patients who undergo the subcutaneous fat removal procedure will experience visceral fat increases and potential build up in other parts of the body if post-operation exercise is not regularly performed.

Studies have shown that after at least six months after their surgery, women who receive liposuction in their abdomens- a removal of under-the-skin ‘subcutaneous fat’ - tend to experience an accumulation of abdominal fat cells. Although there is no clear explanation for this occurrence, this growth of abdominal ‘visceral fat’ cells does not tend to occur in women who adopted regular exercise regiments two months following surgery.

How do you keep visceral fat at bay?

Even though that liposuction may have left a few bruise marks and tender abs, be prepared to step back into the gym if you really want the positive effects of your operation to have longstanding results. Visceral fat is widely considered more harmful than subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat cells function in a different manner than subcutaneous fat- especially in the production of harmful cytokines.

Cytokines, inflammatory hormones, are continuously bred from atrophied visceral cells. The sheer size of the visceral cells allow for almost a never-ending production of the cytokines, which, in-turn, lead to a host of negative conditions: increased tumor growth, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, extreme cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease and heart decease to only name a few. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the presence of visceral fat cells and subsequent cytokines can be highly detrimental to your post-surgery health.

What happens if you don’t exercise?

In a study, over thirty women who recently received abdominal liposuction treatments were randomly instructed to not partake in any exercise or participate in strength and aerobic training three times a week for four months.

The amount of subcutaneous fat was, of course, quite low for both groups- given the recent procedure. It was discovered, however, that after the four month experiment period, the amount of visceral fat in those who did not exercise increased by 10 percent throughout the entire body. Those who did exercise experienced an all-over decrease in their total body fat.

Healthy alternatives when your abs are still a bit inactive

If you’re still feeling the surgical hangover from your liposuction and can’t muster the strength to complete a full crunch, there are alternatives to limiting the production of these visceral fat cells. Dietary recommendations include eating fruits and vegetables, antioxidant packed cranberries and blueberries, whole grains and fibrous food; using antioxidant rich oregano, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric spices in and on your food; and drinking plenty of green tea and cranberry juice. Conversely, take a pass on saturated foods like red meat, cheese, and whole milk; and highly suppress your alcohol ingestion- the caloric intake paves an easy road for visceral fat production.

Maintaining your health after any cosmetic surgery is absolutely critical. If you have recently received liposuction or are merely considering the treatment and have questions on how to properly preserve body and mind, contact us and set up your private consultation with a leading, board-certified surgeon near you. Be aware of how your body reacts and work with a doctor to plan out your best path for healthy living.

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