Corrective Plastic Surgery: A Surgical 2nd Chance

by Carrie Aker

Corrective Plastic Surgery: A Surgical 2nd Chance

We’ve all seen those cases of celebrities who either went too far with plastic surgery or put their procedure in the hands of a less than professional surgeon. Olympic standout Bruce Jenner and country singer Kenny Rogers are recent examples of botched plastic surgery, proving that men walk into these situations just as often as the Joan Rivers of the world. The truth is, most failed plastic surgery is simply the result of bad judgment and bad doctors. Which is why celebrities like Jenner and Rogers have recently spoken of coming to their senses and seeking the assistance of a licensed, proven plastic surgeon to correct their earlier cosmetic surgery missteps.

Reputable plastic surgeons not only help first time patients experience outstanding results, but they can also regularly correct previous plastic surgeries that have gone wrong. As in the cases of Bruce Jenner and Kenny Rogers, mistakes by poorly trained surgeons using inferior equipment are very easy to identify, and for a skilled plastic surgeon, relatively easy to fix with a corrective plastic surgery operation.

As victims of bad plastic surgery quickly learn, the best way to approach corrective surgery is to take the extra effort to find a truly proven and experienced to conduct the procedure. It is important to ask for the credentials of any plastic surgeon you are considering working with. It is also important for you to check the surgeon’s portfolio, before and after photos, license, education, board memberships, and overall track record. If there are any potential red flags with a doctor, a licensing board should let you know.

Another lesson of bad plastic surgery is communication. Sometimes, a less experienced surgeon may not ask enough questions or work with a patient enough to understand what his or her exact aesthetic goals may be. It is important that you choose a surgeon you have great communication with. If you feel as though your surgeon is not listening to you or that your surgeon just can’t grasp what you want, take that as a sign that this is not the plastic surgeon for you.

If you are looking to find a plastic surgeon who can correct the mistakes of a past plastic surgery procedure, then it is vital that you take the time to really research your new surgeon and ask them specific questions. Some surgeons are more experienced with corrective surgery than others. Discuss how they plan to correct the previous surgery or surgeries, and what results you’d be happy with. Ask if they can show you any before and after corrections they have already done. This will help you to understand what you can expect and what the new surgeon is capable of.

The right corrective plastic surgeon will take the time to work with you so that they can make sure to correct the first surgery and prevent a need for any further ones. It starts with a personal consultation, so if you’re ready to bounce back from a botched surgery, don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with a corrective surgery specialist in your area today.

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