Breast Reduction: Top 5 Reasons for Going Smaller

by Carrie Aker

Breast Reduction: Top 5 Reasons for Going Smaller

While breast augmentation is a common surgery these days, one thing that isn't discussed quite as much is breast reduction surgery. Many women have had breast reduction surgery and many more are considering it. One of the great things about breast reduction surgery is that it is often covered by insurance where as implants often are not.

There are many reasons you may consider having breast reductions surgery. Here are five of the most common:

1. Back pain:
Many women with large breasts suffer from extreme lower back pain. This is caused by the amount of weight they carry in their chest. Lower back pain is very common in women with large breasts and it is up to you and your doctor to determine if the back pain is directly attributed to the size of your breasts. Often your breast size will be the cause of the pain and breast reduction surgery will provide relief.

2. Bra strap grooves:
Woman with larger breasts often develop bra strap grooves in their shoulders. This is caused by the weight of the breast being carried in the bra. It can be quite a bit of weight held up by two straps. Even with wider bra straps you can still develop bra strap grooves over time.

3. Breathing problems:
Some women with large breasts will develop breathing problems from the excessive weight that is placed on the chest cavity.

4. Discomfort and inability to do certain activities:
Large breasts can impede a woman from certain activities. Running and other physical activities can be limited due to the size of your breasts making it uncomfortable to do them. In addition sometimes the size of large breasts can be just plain uncomfortable for the women who have them which can make breast reduction surgery necessary.

5. Dislike of appearance:
Some women with large breasts decide to have breast reduction surgery do to the fact that they don't like their appearance. They can't fit into clothes very easily, they are self conscious of their appearance, etc. Breast reduction for women in the case can be very helpful for their self esteem.

While there are many reasons why women choose to have breast reduction surgery, it is ultimately a very personal decision. Consult with breast reduction surgeon to help make sure that you are making the right decision for you. However, if you are in pain or experiencing any discomfort, then it is time to seriously consider breast reduction surgery.

--Carrie Aker

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