Bicep Implants: Benefits and Risks

by Gary K. Johnson

Bicep Implants: Benefits and Risks

Over the last 50 years, interest in bodybuilding has increased exponentially, and so has cultural focus on the male physique and its cosmetic potential. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons that a man would not be able to achieve his ideal body. Body type and individual genetics can limit the size a muscle can grow to. Even with ideal diet and exercise, a bicep muscle of a genetically-limited individual can never grow as large as its owner may intend. Another reason many seek implants is muscle loss due to injury or accident.

Bicep implants are a safe and effective way of adding bulk and shape to a muscle that has reached its growth limit. If you’re one of many looking to boost the width of your arms, then biceps implants might be for you.

Bicep implants are made from silicone, a material that has been used in implants for years. Over that time, no research has demonstrated that this type of silicone is harmful to the body. Biceps implants are designed to resemble natural muscles, and are not recognizable as implants.

The Procedure

During a bicep implant procedure, first anesthesia is administered to prevent the patient from experiencing pain. The surgeon then makes a miniscule incision in the skin. Once the incision is made, he or she inserts the implant into the bicep and places it in the position that was agreed upon during the consultation. Implants are placed beneath the bicep muscle, so that the actual muscle rests on top of the implant, keeping it in place. This also ensures that the physical attributes of the real muscle can show through the skin.

The total surgery time takes between one to two hours.

The effects of bicep implants are noticeable immediately after the surgery. Patients can expect some soreness along with bruising around the treated area, and pain medication prescribed by the surgeon will help the patient to cope with post-operative pain. Healing normally takes about 6 weeks, though patients can usually restart normal activities after a month.

Bicep implants in no way affect an individual’s ability to weight train. Muscles work the same as before.


There are some risks associated with bicep implant surgery, but most are minimal. Overall, bicep implant surgery is very safe. Since the implant is solid, there is no risk of breakage or leakage. There is a small risk of implant displacement, which is when the bicep muscle over the implant fails to keep the implant in place. Chances of this happening, however, are slim. To lower the risk of this happening, always follow the doctor’s post-operative care guidelines. It is also important to choose a well-qualified plastic surgeon.

You can set up a consultation with a local cosmetic surgeon right here on Plastic Surgery Portal. Our national network of licensed experts are available to meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of bicep augmentation and other cosmetic procedures, so you can be sure about your decision. Contact us today to arrange an appointment in your area.

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