Belly Button Surgery or Umbilicoplasty

by Marisa Amorasak

Belly Button Surgery or Umbilicoplasty

Belly button surgery, or umbilicoplasty, is an increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure that can reconstruct the size, shape, and position of the bellybutton. People who are unhappy with the appearance of their belly button can feel self-conscious about wearing swimsuits, being intimate, getting piercings, or wearing tight-fitting clothing. It's commonly performed on patients who have lost a great deal of weight or are also undergoing a tummy tuck. Belly button surgery improves the overall aesthetic of the abdomen, so you can feel comfortable in even the most revealing settings.

Ideal Belly Button Surgery Candidates

The ideal candidate for belly button surgery is someone looking to change the position, size, shape, or contour of their belly button. Some people are born with belly buttons that they view as less attractive-- perhaps it's too big, an outtie, too high, or it's just a little misshapen.

The shape of your belly button at birth is mainly determined by genetics and also the manner in which the doctor cuts the umbilical cord. Short of surgery, little can be done to fix an unsightly belly button. The exception is if you are overweight, particularly in the abdominal area. The presence of a lot of fat in this area can distort the belly button from its original appearance. Once the weight is lost, the belly button may very well return to normal. But if a great deal of weight is lost, the belly button could be permanently stretched and require surgery to return back to normal.

The height of your belly button, on the other hand, is totally up to Mother Nature. Some people find that their belly button sits either too high or low, making their torso look disproportionate. A belly button surgery can reposition your belly button to virtually any position you desire.

The look of your belly button could also change after an umbilical hernia, wrinkles, or scarring from major abdominal surgery or piercings. Your plastic surgeon will customize your procedure based on the type of treatment you need.

Belly Button Surgery Procedure

Belly button surgery is usually performed under a local anesthesia that numbs just your abdominal area. A sedative may also be used, which will make you drowsy but remain awake. The procedure of your belly button surgery will depend on what changes you'd like to make.

If you wish to reduce the overall size of your belly button, it is removed and reshaped before being sewn back onto your torso. If you're looking to make an outtie into an innie, internal sutures are made on the underside of the bellybutton to create the desired contours. If scarring is present, the scarred tissue can be removed and the skin re-sutured. And if you want to change the position of your belly button, a strip of skin is removed from the abdomen so that the belly button is pulled in one direction or another.

Scheduling Your Belly Button Surgery

If you think that belly button surgery may be right for you, contact us today! We can schedule you a private consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. He or she will be your best bet in making an informed decision in your umbilocoplasty or abdominal rejuvenation.

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