Beach Bums: Buttock Lift Surgery for the Summer

Beach Bums: Buttock Lift Surgery for the Summer

When summer is drawing near, the imminence of bikini weather can be either cause for joy, or a reason to regret skipping on the squat exercises all winter long. Some of the most common bathing suit woes are cellulite and stomach flab, but a less than sculpted behind can be just as much of a bummer.

Stubborn body fat around the hips, thighs and buttocks can be a beach-lover's worst nightmare. Fortunately, today's cosmetic surgery solutions in body contouring can make the difference between sporting a bulky beach cover-up, or a sexy two-piece this season. A popular plastic surgery procedure for enhancing a less-than-stellar butt, just in time for your friend's beach party blowout, is the buttock lift.

How Does a Buttock Lift Work?

A buttock lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to remove excess skin tissue, and possibly fat deposits, from the buttocks. The skin near the top of the buttocks is also tightened to literally create a "lift" in that area. The end result should be a firmer, more toned, shapely butt to hit the beach with.

During the buttock lift procedure, patients are placed under anesthesia and then the plastic or cosmetic surgeon will remove sections of skin and fat from the upper butt cheeks and the junction point at the lower back. When the surgeon closes the incisions back up, the skin is shaped and tightened in the process. This creates an overall lift of the buttock tissue, and changes the overall shape of the buttocks. Incisions from buttock lifts are usually placed so that they can be hidden underneath the underwear or bikini line.

Other Buttock Enhancement Options

Depending on the patient, a buttock lift can be performed on its own, or it can be combined with other buttock enhancement procedures like thigh lifts, liposuction, buttock fat injections, or buttock implants.

Your choice of buttock enhancement procedure will depend on your specific physical conditions, and on your personal preferences and goals. Larger butts may require some fat to be removed with liposuction before the lift procedure can be performed. This will help to create the ideal, svelte results for larger buttocks that couldn't be achieved with a buttock lift alone.

Combining thigh lifts with the buttock lift procedure is helpful for patients who have excess skin and weight in their thighs as well as in their buttocks. This can also be called a thigh-buttock lift.

Another buttock augmentation option is to receive buttock fat injections, also known as the "Brazilian butt lift". This is accomplished by taking donor fat deposits, from the abdomen or elsewhere, and injecting them into the buttocks. Patients will want to make sure they are having their buttock injections administered by a professional, as the best injection results will rely on the injector's skill, and on the correct preparation and purification of the fat cells beforehand.

Buttock implants are recommended for buttock enhancement patients who are very thin, or who don't have much skin and donor fat to work with. In those instances, buttock lifts and buttock injections are difficult to perform successfully. Buttock implants are typically made of silicone, and they can provide a permanent solution to a thin, flat butt.

One additional thing to keep in mind with buttock implants: since buttock implants are only inserted into the upper buttocks (insertion into the bottom portion can cause nerve damage), additional lower buttock injections are often required to create an attractive, well-rounded, more uniform posterior.

Is a Buttock Lift Right for Me?

Buttock lifts are popular for patients seeking a permanent way to naturally enhance their butt. This buttock enhancement procedure can also be the most simple and low-risk buttock augmentation procedure to perform. Buttock lifts can be the perfect way for you to fill out your bikini bottoms this summer!

To find out if a buttock lift, a thigh-buttock lift, or another buttock augmentation procedure is right for you, it's recommended to meet with an experienced plastic surgeon for an initial consultation. At the consultation, prospective patients will have an opportunity to ask a professional all the questions they have about surgery, and even get an informed opinion about the type of butt augmentation procedure that will work best for them. A cosmetic surgeon can explain the pros and cons of buttock enhancement surgery in great detail, will help you select the appropriate procedure, and will work with you to create a personalized plan for your buttock lift surgery and recovery.

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