Abdominal Implants: The Six Pack Shortcut

by Trudy Schrieber

Abdominal Implants: The Six Pack Shortcut

Many men (and women) strive for those ever-desirable six-pack abs these days. Yet, tireless stomach crunches and sit-ups often don’t get the job done, no matter how disciplined you are about your regimen. The truth is, it can be very difficult to eliminate the layer of fat around the mid section, particularly if you are not genetically blessed in the abdominal region to begin with. However, there is a secret weapon many men have turned to for defined abs and that legendary six pack look-- abdominal implants.

Ab Implants vs Abdominal Etching

Also known as six-pack implants, abdominal implants are an alternative to another popular procedure known as abdominal etching. Etching is a form of liposuction that gives you a flat, tight stomach with greater muscle definition. The surgeon removes excess fat, and then creates grooves in remaining fat layers to simulate the appearance of toned abs. Abdominal implants, however, are actual implants designed to mimic the look of the six-pack, and they can provide an even more defined appearance than abdominal etching.

How Abdominal Implants Work

The six-pack implant procedure involves an incision at the belly button, through which the surgeon can place six to eight individual implants. The implants lie over your actual musculature, and are designed to conform to the underlying muscle, and be supple and flexible enough to move with your bodily activity, while also feeling natural to the touch. In many cases, the implant surgery is coupled with a tummy tuck procedure to provide better access to your abdominal muscles before the insertion of the implants.

Abdominal Implant Risks

As with any surgery, some risks are involved. Side effects from anesthesia may occur, in addition to risks of infection. Bruising, swelling, and temporary aches will occur, but should subside within a week after surgery. To learn more about the potential risks of abdominal augmentation procedures, including abdominal etching and abdominal implants, you should speak to your surgeon.

Summing Up

If you would like to find out more about cosmetic procedures available for enhancing your abdominal muscles, Plastic Surgery Portal can help you get started today. The most important decision you will make is selecting your plastic surgeon, and PSP can arrange consultations for you with leading, board-certified specialists in your area. Take the next step today and get the six pack solutions you’ve been looking for. Contact us today and arrange a private consult with a abdominal expert practicing near you!

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